MORGAN COUNTY MARRIAGES FROM CIVIL WAR PENSION RECORDSMorgan County’s  Marriage records were destroyed by Confederate troops during the Civil War. However, in many Civil War Pension applications, marriage dates are also included.The marriage dates that appear here are from those pension records on file in theGenealogy files in the Wartburg Library, Wartburg, Tennessee, and isin no way a complete record of marriages of the time. 

*James Adcock to Mary J. Ferguson – 19 Apr 1853, by Thomas E. Davis, J.P.James W. Allen to Mary L. Hicks- 3 May 1853, By Thomas H. Davis, J.P.Josiah Ashley to Sarah Ann Langley- 15 Sept 1851, by Lewis VenableArchibald Adcock to Martha Jackson (no date)*

*Pointer Barger, to Mary Byrd,  5 Jan 1834, by _____Jack, J.P.Isaac Bingham to Sarah Buckston-3 Dec 1857, by N.B. HendersonSamuel M Byrd to Phoebe Laymance-15 July 1842, by Julian F. ScottGeorge W. Babcock to Cevalla Wright, 12/24/1866Wiley W. Barger to Mary Byrd (could be Pointer Barger above?)*Eli Blake to Katie Summers (1st wife)Eli Blake to Rosa Kittrell, 8/11/1872Allen M. Bledsoe to Aima C. Barnett (no date)George W. Berry to Annie M. Tilley, 9/14/1861Jeremiah Berry to Nancy Jenkins, 9/18/1868*Thomas C. Blevens to Louisa J. Delozier, 8/11/1867Samuel C. Bradshaw to Elizabeth Fairchilds, 4/18/1878Gustave R. Brandau to Charlotte Roehl, 5/1/1866Levi Brasel to Malinda Kelly (no date)James M. Briest to Sarah E. Tyler (no date)*Henry W. Burns to Permelia May, 9/20/1860 (1st marriage)Henry W. Burns to Margaret Erwin Webb, 10/12/1869 (2nd marriage)John W. Byrd to Mary Lavender, 1/10/1867Samuel M. Byrd to Phoebe Laymance, 7/15/1842*

*Wm. B. Crenshaw to Agnes Duncan- 13 Dec 1858, by W. H. Jones J.P.Franklin Cross to Virginia Florence Laymance-18 Nov 1859, by Richard Hutson, J.P.John W. Cheek to Lizzie Peters, 6/15/1900Pleasant H. Childs, to Amanda Jane Rector 4/3/1857Lindsay Cooper to Mary Taylor, 12/21/1856*Charles Cox to Nancy Melton, 10/4/1866John A. Cox to Anna Howard, 12/8/1864James W. Cross to Jane Hall, 12/27/1866William L. Cross to Emily K. Shoopman (no date)Noah L. Davis to Sarah Hall, 1/4/1867 (divorced)*Noah L. Davis to Elizabeth Cromwell, 12/2/1878 (divorced)Noah L. Davis to Francis D. Bingham, 10/12/1896Henry C. Dawn to Lydia Scott Duncan, 12/1/1870Jessee Dawn to Catherine Buxton, 2/20/1840Craven Duncan to Parthena Wright Butler, 12/29/1865Craven Duncan to Louisa Hamby, 6/28/1920*George W. Duncan to Emily Roark,  5/28/1840Wiley A. Duncan to Abigail Wilson, 5/17/1849Thomas Duncan to Rainey Lane, 8/8/1844Russell S. Dagley to Emily Stanley, 5/4/1884 (1st)Russell S. Dagley to Roena Coile, 9/22/1888 (2nd)*James Davidson to Hannah Peters, (no date)Joseph Davidson to Jane Hurst (no date)Charles H. Delius to Margaret Shannon, 11/1/1860Alexander Dunnington to Susannah ??? (no date)Calvin Daniel to Caztherine Lane, 1850*John L. Davis to Martha Stonecipher- 18 Nov 1841James S. Duncan to Emily Roark, -28 May 1840, by James B. JonesWilliam C. Davis to Rebecca A. Stalcup- 16 Sept, 1852 , by Rev. Thos. GilesRueben A. Davis to Lucunda (Summers?)- 9 July 1857*

*Eli Eastridge to Margaret Langley, 8/1/1858William Eastridge to Nancy Calhoun, 1851 (1st)William Eastridge to Nancy Langley, 5/14/1852(2nd)John England to Jane Peters,  (1st marr.)John England, to Anna M. Davis, 9/8/1881Peter Ester to Jane Justes, 1/30/1844*Pharo C. Everett to Catherine Paty, 6/13/1872 (3rd marr?)Charles S. Francis to Elizabeth D. Myers, 6/9/1842William D. Francis to Nancy ???William D. Francis to Elizabeth Matilda Taylor, 11/16/1876John Futrell to Elizabeth Walls, 12/24/1865John Futrell to Nellie Walls, 9/27/1914 (2nd)Noah Futrell to Mary Robins Walls -(1st marr for Mary -see Robt Walls.)*

*Edward R. Green to Rebecca Roark- 5 April 1840, by Thomas JackFrancis M. Goddard to Celia Langley, 10/8/1865Benjamin F Greer to Talitha Peters, 1/10/1866John M. Garrett to Sarah Hamilton, 12/31/1885Daniel Garrett  to Margaret Cromwell, 3/15/1858Tandy Gallimore to Susan Murphy (1st)Tandy Gallimore to Nancy ?? (2nd)Tandy Gallimore to Lizzie Miller*

Elisha A. Hawn to Nancy M. Buxton -21 Feb 1854, by James B. JonesJohn Hall to Sarah Cromwell- 15 Apr 1859Garrett Hall to Patterson Walker- before, 1 Jan 1861John (Jehu) Howard to Elizabeth Honeycutt- 19 Sept 1852 by Julian F. ScottNathan Howard to Margaret Hamby-  27 Feb 1856*William Howard to Sarah Williams- 1 April 1859George D. Howard to Mary Hall- 28 Jan 1847William Hall to Nancy J. Palmer-3 Feb 1842- by Hiram Jones, J.P.Elisha A. Hawn to Nancy M. Buxton -21 Feb 1854- by James B. JonesA. J. Honeycutt to Myria Bowner -6 Mar 1856-by Moses Cox, J.P.*William Hall to Nancy Palmer, 1825Garrett Hall, Sr. to Diana McGuffyGarrett Hall to Susan Byrd WalkerAllen H. Hall to Sis Norris, 12/29/1870Elisha Hall to Martha Moses (1st)*Elisha Hall to Rebecca Scott, 12/2/1888Robert Henderson to Lydia California Scott, 3/23/1865Samuel C. Honeycutt to Martha Ann Stephens, 11/17/1864George Washington Honeycutt to Mary AkinsPreston O. Holloway to Martha Langley, 3/4/1867*William Howard to Sarah Williams, 4/1/1859Nathan Howard to Margaret Hamby, 2/27/1856George D. Howard to Mary Hall, 1/28/1847James Halecock to Margaret A. Walls Wilson, 12/23/1864Lewis S.C. Howard to Elizabeth Honeycutt (1st)*Lewis S.C. Howard to Martha Goad, 2/22/1880(2nd)Peter Henry to Augusta KreisPeter Henry to Cynthia Jones Kreis, 6/18/1894Caleb J. Hudson to Eliza Russell, 9/22/1858Edward F. Human to Nancy Adeline Hamby, 3/26/1868Basil H. Human to Parthenia England, to 12/31/1866Jefferson M. Human to Lydia Davis, 12/1863Jefferson M. Human to Fanny Strader, 9/25/1913*

*Benjamin S. Jacks to Lucinda ??, 9/11/1845W. D. Jones to Margaret Garrett Cromwell, 6/24/1869W. D. Jones to Lillie Williams, (2nd wife-divorced)W. M. Jones to Elizabeth C. Grant, 4/22/1869Lewis J. Jones to Amnna GreenRichard Jones to Mary Young , 2/20/1859*William H. Jones to Elizabeth Hines Durrett?William H. Jones to Elizabeth J. HallWilliam H. Jones to Lucretia Davis, 8/8/1892Rufus Jones to Patience Davidson, 2/7/1867Rufus Jones to Mary Jane Forrester Galloway, 6/8/1890David C. Jackson to Elizabeth Hudson, 3/22/1866Calvin G. Joyner to Rachael Kelly, 2/1/1866*

*George W. Keith to Ruth Jane Hendrix, (div)George W. Keith to Sarah Matilda  Love, 1/6/1881James M. Kittrell to Sarah E. Burton, 8/10/1865*

*Ephriam B. Langley to Mary Murphy, 1/4/1841Ephriam B. Langley to Sarah Garner to 1/8/1876James O. Langley to Margaret (Peggy) HallWilliam B. Langley to Lydia F. Taylor(Mathew) Henry Langley to Mariah ??James Langley to Eliza Kelly  9/6/1865John Wesley Langford to Eliza E. Sharp, 6/17/1843John (or Jehu) Lavender to Martha Howard, 8/10/1863Andrew J. Lavender to Elizabeth HowardAbner C. Liles to Martha Ann HackerMajor L. Liles to Nancy DavisMajor L. Liles to Elizabeth J. Allen, 4/30/1896Livingston Lavender to Margaret Nicholas, 12/18/1866William Lawson to Mahala Perdue, 8/1845John W. Lea to Nancy Potter, 2/10/1865Eugene Lynch to Catherine Lyons, 12/28/1864John Lyons to Mary Jane Wood, 10/24/1867Martin Lyons to Malinda Davidson, 1/3/1867Nicholas Lyons to Mary ???Thomas Lyons Sr. to Ann ???*

*Lewis H. Mosier to Elizabeth Bryant, 9/4/1849Andrew J. Martin to Susan Price, 12/16/1862Charles Miller to (no name listed)Jessee Mitchell to Jerusha ?? , 9/20/1851John Morgan to Eliza Norman, 4/29/1865Joseph S. Morris to Elizabeth Mallory, 8/31/1864Joseph S. Morris to Harriet L. Brandon (a widow)*Willis McCann to Elizabeth Potter, 9/4/1857Henry McCartt to Elizabeth Day, 1866Henry McCartt to Millie Ann Maden, 12/24/1868John H. McCartt to Margaret Ann Hall, 7/12/1849John H. McCartt to Amanda Oney, 3/29/1906William McCartt to Pharibe E. Fairchilds, 11/3/1842David A. McCormac to Sarah Lyles, 12/25/1852Thomas McCoy to Hannah Webb, 1865Thomas McCoy to Minerva MyattWilliam McGill to Martha J. Phillips, 12/22/1864Jessee McGuffie to Mary J. Webb, 10/1867 (2nd marr)Elda H. McKethan to Anna Elizabeth ???Inman McPeters to Mary Ann Stephens- 5/ 2/1858, by Alfred Agee*

*Lewis A. Nitzschke to  Emily Beneke, 11/18/1851Meldy Neel to Manerva Sharp, 12/26/1858*

Absalom Potter to Nancy Howard -20 Dec 1840Tobias Peters to  Louise Henderson, (1st marr)Tobias Peters to Martha Marinda Mayes,  12/9/1852James W. Peters to Elizabeth Eastridge, 10/9/1872James W. Peters to Mary E. Eastridge, 8/26/1883*Leander J. Peters to Nancy Carpenter, 8/27/1857Elijah F. Peters to Jane Kesiah Potter, 9/2/1888Walker B. Paul to Sarah A. C. Wright, 11/24/1859John B. Petitt to Nancy Summers, 11/28/1872John B. Petitt to Malinda Honeycutt, 6/19/1904*Gustavus H. Petitt to Malina J. Williams, 10/190/1872Solomon Potter to Louisa Lee, 2/13/1853Joseph Powell to Mary Summers, 10/27/1870Willis G. Price to Margaret SilcoxWillis G. Price to Jennie Brady, 12/26/1897*

*Martin F. Redmon to Sarah J. KeithMartin F. Redmon to Ida M. Boehm, 5/8/1878William Redmon to Malinda Catherine Wilson, 8/12/1865Isaac Riseden to Mary Jane ShoopmanLaban Riseden to Louvernia Pyle*Berry Roach to Sarah White (1st)Berry Roach to Jennie Nickles, 12/1885  (2nd)Berry Roach to Mary Williams, (3rd)Thomas J. Roberts to Henrietta ???Christian A. Ruffner to Nancy Raby, 12/29/1856*Peter A. Ruffner to Nancy Elizabeth Chiles, 1/10/1865Andrew J. Russell to Malinda Patterson, 7/17/1871Samuel Russel to Martha F. Kearney, 9/14/1856Thomas Russell to Anna L. Davis, 1/5/1854John M. Staples to Dilila Rutha Duncan, 5/29/1870*

*Martin Stonecipher to Nancy Melton-  24 Nov 1853, by Wm. JacksonThomas Stonecipher to Ellen Goddard____1829 by Joseph EnglandWayne Stonecipher to Melvina Morgan- 19 Nov 1850, by Alfred AgeeCurtis Stonecipher to Mary Polly Lewallen – 15 August 1872Curtis Stonecipher to Mary Ann Brown- before 1868 (2nd marr.)*William A Spurling to Nancy CainDaniel E. Spurling to Mary Dekhart – 21 March 1861Nathan Spurling to Mary Wallace  10 November 1859Nathan Spurling to Rebecca Childress – 25 March 1904 (2nd marr.)Joseph Snow to Margaret E. Laymance – 15 January 1867*Thomas Snow to Mary Ellen Morgan – 6 March 1873Benj. T. Staples to Milia ??Abner F. Staples to Melinda  ???Joseph Stonecipher to Nancy M. Parker – 21 Novemv\ber 1867Ezra Stonecipher to Elizabeth Blake – 22 January 1865*Jacob Stonecipher to Margaret FellersJohn Stonecipher to Martha Jane Sherrill – 3 August 1854William Riley Shannon to Pernia Jane McCartt – 13 September 1869Sampson Stephens to Matilda Beaty – 9 March 1866William J. Scott to Martha Jones – 28 June 1866*

*Henry Trenton to Agnes Duncan – 19 November 1864James B. Taylor to Elizabeth McGuffy – 5 April 1865George W. Todd to Salena D. Morris – 21 December 1866George W. Todd to Louise Miller – 11 November 1884*

*George W. Underwood to Polly UnderwoodGeorge W. Underwood to Elizabeth Peters  ( 2nd)George W. Underwood to Jane Hatfield – 20 December 1890 (3rd)*

*Robert A. Walls to Mary Robins, -24 January 1892 (1st Marr-2nd to Noah Futrell)James Ward to Cynthia R. ??John Weatherford to Susannah Snow -18 April 1869Willis Webb to Margaret Stewart – 6 January 1841Allen Woods to Kesiak Adcock (Kizar Adcox ?)*John Webb to Louisa McCartt  –  5 April 1841Welcom Webb to Charlotte Garrett  ( Div.)Welcome Webb to Nancy Hamby –  23 May 1886Samuel Webb to Mary Jane Haney –  25 December 1866*Richard T. Williams to Elizabeth Stalcup – 6 January 1856William H. Williams to Malinda Stonecipher – 2 February 1959David R. Williams to Susan Rogers – 7 April 1856Thomas S. White to Minerva ???  – 16 April 1871Edmond H. Walker to Nancy Ann ??  -(first wife)Edmond H. Walker to Martha A. Needham – 24 May-1895*

*Frederick Zumstein to Margaret Isabella Alley – 10 March 1859 *

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