The Alexander School in Jackson, TN, was found in 1909 [1]. Thanks to Anthony Cresap, we are pleased to share this 1922 class photo. Anthony’s grandfather, Warren Willis, was a student there. Click on the photo to enlarge.

The back of the photo contains a list of student names.  Best as we can determine (may not be perfect), the transcription of names appears below (one of the boys appears to be unamed?):

Warren Williss
Alexander School
February 1, 1922
Miss Harris, Teacher

  • Carl Pogue
  • Warren Williss (boy with arrow above his head)
  • Has Kly (sp) Perkins
  • Howard Taylor
  • George Lynch
  • Earl Stutusm (sp)
  • Howard Master
  • Tucker Rather
  • [unknown]
  • Ella Ween McCuthers
  • Dorothy Cade
  • Elizabeth Carson
  • Wanda (sp) Owen
  • Annie Bell Terry
  • Hudson Brooks
  • Jerry Curtiss
  • Hattie Bell Linsey
  • Emma Johnston
  • Mary Louise
  • Ruth Wallace

If you can help us better identify the students in the picture, please do comment below!

[1] Williams, Emma I. Historic Madison: The Story of Jackson and Madison County, Tennessee, from the Prehistoric Moundbuilders to 1917. Jackson, Tenn: Madison County Historical Society, 1946.


  1. Looking at the picture and the list of names, it appears that they are listed in order from top left to right (not including the teacher’s name), then 2nd row left to right and finally front row left to right.