Sarah Galbraith & James Waterson

Sarah Galbraith {1230}, the daughter of John Galbraith
{1197} and his wife Martha Larkins {1214} was born 7 December 1800 and died in Hawkins County in 1876. She married James Waterson {1240} on the 21st of August 1823, James was born 7 January 1799, the son of Edward Waterson
{2843} and Margaret Cooper {2865}.

When the father of Sarah (John Galbraith {1197}) died, he left the family farm to his son Arthur W. Galbraith. Apparently Arthur was ill with a fatal illness, as he died lacking 4 months of reaching age 21. He had a will in which he left his land to his brother Andrew. At that time Tennessee had a law requiring that a person dying before age 21 could not will land to another person. This Will was successfully challenged by Robert Wright et al. On 9 December 1840 Robert Wright and the other parties to the law suit sold their interests to James and Sarah Waterson.


1. Edward Waterson {2866}, b. 25 July 1824, m Minerva E. (Minnie) Carmack {2867} in 1845 1. James Waterson {2868}, b 1845 2. Cornelius Waterson {2869}, b 1847.

2. Orena Waterson {2824}, b. 1827.

3. Horace Waterson {2825}, b. 1834.

4. John Waterson {2826}, b. 1837.

5. Matilda Waterson {2827}, b. 1838.

This family was reconstructed from the 1850 Hawkins County, Tennessee, Census Schedule.

Submitted by W. W. Watkins.

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