Transcription submitted by:  Anita Powell, New Mexico, E-mail Anita

Through the courtesy of Mrs. E.M. Doyle, we have been handed a copy of the Boliver Bulletin of May 12, 1933, containing pictures and names of 80 Confederate soldiers of Hardeman County who attended a reunion held at Cheshier Springs, three miles south of Bolivar, on September 14th and 15th, 1900, at which 5,000 people were present.

The principal speaker of the occasion was Hon. M.R. Patterson, of Memphis.  Capt. John W. Morton, of Nashville, was also among the speakers.

The above picture, taken on the grounds by H.C. Calahan, a former photographer of Boliver, shows the old soldiers who attended that reunion.

The late J.W. Jacobs supplied the names underneath the picture. Not a single one of these old soldiers is living today.

There are numerous descendants of these gallant man still living in Hardeman County, who will look upon this picture with pride and reverence and will carefully preserve it.  The record of the Confederate soldier is one of the brightest pages of American history.

 Top Row (left to right:)  William McKinnie, Ed Durrett, Mike McKinnie, George Pirtle, Jim Hackney, Dr. Jim Neely, Mr. Richards, Joe Ervin, Stanton Blaylock, Jim Cheshier, Pete Mashburn, Sam Clinton.

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