Local & Personal News (March 10, 1911)

Select items from the Local & Personal news column of the Fayette Falcon

  • Junious HOBSON and Jno. WETZLER attended the Thirty Second Convocation, Ancient and accepted Scottish Rite of Free Masonry, several days last week in Memphis.
  • H.W. LIPSKY spent a few days in Memphis last week where he was carried through the mysteries of Scottish Rite Masonry.
  • W.C. EDMONDSON, of Memphis, visited his sister, Mrs. Will RHEA Tuesday of this week.
  • W.H. REAMES, of Oakland, was looking after business in Somerville last Friday.
  • S.F. LEWIS and J.S. GAITHER, both of the Williston neighborhood, were in Somerville Friday and called on The Falcon.
  • Will FOWLER, of Batesville, Mississippi, spent several days last week in Fayette county with his father, R.M. FOLWER who lives in the fourth district.
  • Mrs. Ora BURTON has as her guests this week, her daughters Mrs. C.B. PERRIN, of Memphis, and Mrs. Sam CASEY, of Batesville, Arkansas, and her little grandson Jack CASEY.
  • L.B. FARRIS of Whiteville, was in Somerville last Monday.  Mr. FARRIS was a resident of the fifteenth district of this county until a few years ago, when he moved to Whiteville. 
  • Mrs. Mattie DICKINSON returned to her home in Memphis last week, after a visit to her brother, W.E. CRAWFORD and family at their home in this city.
  • H.W. DAY, several years ago manager in this city for the Cumberland Telephone Company, was in town a part of the present week. He is now travelling inspector for the same company, and was here looking over the company’s lines and office.  Mr. DAY was very popular here, and his friends would be glad if his visits were more frequent. 
  • J.V. ALEXANDER, Esq., from the fourth district, was in town Monday, and was nursing a broken finger as the result of a fall sustained at his home a few days before.  While walking near the woodpile at his home one evening last week he fell and broke the forefinger of his left hand.  With characteristic forethought and nerve, he at once reset the broken finger, and without further medical aid, it is doing nicely. 

Source: Fayette Falcon, March 10, 1911