Dekalb County Photos

Photographs of Families, Homes, Individuals, and scenes of events in the county. If anyone has old photos made in Dekalb county or of people from this County and you would like to see them on the page, contact us.

DescriptionLink to Photo
Allen Vandagriff FamilyView photo
John C. Vandagriff FamilyView photo
Henry C. EasthamView photo
Beckwith InnView photo
Jim ChristianView photo
Pearl BoatView photo
Charlie Moss FamilyView photo
Columbus Stacy FamilyView photo
Erby Oakley Garage (Alexandria, Tennessee)View photo
Swinging BridgeView photo
James and Hannah TurnerView photo
William Merritt FamilyView photo
William E. BluhmView photo
Ernest Bluhm and Frances CopeView photo
William T. BryantView photo
Robert C. Willoughby ChildrenView photo
Francis Lafayette Foutch FamilyView photo
The Webb FamilyView photo
Sammie Phillips and Omagh TubbView photo
Sanders & Foster NurseryView photo
Kelly DriverView photo
Lawrence SchoolView photo
Abraham Patterson CantrellView photo
Civil War Vetrans reunionView photo
James Wesley CrookView photo
Step-Mother of James Wesley CrookView photo
Joe DavisView photos
Pea Ridge School class of 1908View photos
Henry Levi SteeleView photos
Oma Green Smith SteeleView photos
James Lawson SteeleView photos
Amanda Helen Starnes IsbelleView photos
1st Grade Class 1938-1939View photos
Leroy BraswellView photos
George CathcartView photos
Cripps MillView photos
Dattie ParkerView photos
Les CrippsView photos
Zene CrippsView photos
B.W. MagnessView photos
Mail Carrier PartyView photos
Nathaniel Hayes GrandstaffView photos
Martha Jane PotterView photos
Martha Jane PotterView photos
Perry Green PotterView photos
Elizabeth Ann Trapp FittsView photos
James Fantly TrappView photos
James Fantly "Fant" TrappView photos
Richard McGinnis TrappView photos
William Denton TrappView photos
William Grundy CrowleyView photos
Pleasant C. CrowleyView photos
Richard Washington BanksView photos
John CreachView photos
Lillie Mae CreachView photos
Bethel Tillman CreachView photos
Christopher C. VandagriffView photos
George W. DentonView photos
Joseph N. ParkerView photos
William and Mary Jane Wooldridge familyView photos

January 20, 2021