Pleasant Crowley

Pleasant Crowley

Pleasant Crowley

1. Robert Field 11. Carl Crowley
2. Frances Swann (Patton) 12. Monte Crowley Field
3. Frances Field (Anderson) 13. Esther Crowley Ratliff
4. Carolyn Stormer (Van Hooser) 14. Rebecca Crowley Reeside
5. James Alva NeSmith Crowley 15. Jean Crowley Stormer
6. James Worthington Crowley 16. Jean Ratliff Davis
7. Pleasant Campbell Crowley 17. Vance Swann
8. David Swann 18. Jessie Officer Crowley
9. Frances Crowley Swann 19. Robert Victor Stormer
10. Harold Ratliff 20. Worth Crowley

NOTE: # 10. Harold Ratliff became a movie star. His screen name was “James Holden”. He played in the Movie “Sands of Iwo Jima” with John Wayne. In one scene in the movie, He points out Smithville saying that he was from there. He was also in the TV series “McHales Navy”. Harold was the Grandson of Pleasant C. Crowley.

Photo submitted by: Carl Crowley



  1. pam

    Harold was also in the TV series Adventures In Paradise.

  2. Taneya (Post author)

    Hi Pam – I’m just now seeing your comment. Thanks for the additional information about Harold.

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September 27, 2017