TNGenWeb Legacy Websites

“Legacy, something handed down from an ancestor or a predecessor or from the past.”

The following is a list of county websites given* to TNGenNet, TNGenWeb Project, Inc.

Note: All TNGenWeb Special Projects are Legacy Websites

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TNGenWeb Project Legacy Websites 

* Given, gifted, and assigned in perpetuity, to TNGenNet, TNGenWeb Project Inc.

From our County Guidelines ::

Our County Coordinators may give (gift) their personal TNGenNet (TNGenWeb) county websites to TNGenNet, Inc. The TNGenNet webmaster shall have the option of keeping the website on the TNGenNet ( domain; if the website is on an outside server, move the website contents to TNGenNet ( domain; or move the county data to the Tennessee Records Repository. Once the county website is given and is online at or the data is placed in the Tennessee Records Repository, that website or data shall remain on and not be moved to another ISP, server, or domain. (Paragraph added 8 Oct 2006 by direction of TNGenNet Inc Executive Board.)