The Decatur County TNGenWeb site is dedicated to the on line presentation of historical and genealogical information related to Decatur County, Tennessee. As part of the TNGenWeb project, we are committed to providing free access to this information to current and future researchers.

Contributions from all sources are welcomed to build on the base of material that is currently available. This web site exists only through the generosity of contributors to this effort.

Much of the initial material for this site has been migrated from www.tnyesterday.com. Thanks to David Donahue and Brenda Fiddler for providing a strong foundation for the Decatur Co. TNGenWeb.

Please visit our memorial page honoring David Donahue who dedicated a good bit of his short life amassing much of the information on this web site.

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  1. I would like to be a speaker: 2 programs available: “Civil War Medicine” and Civil War Feuds”
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  2. My aunt was Dorothy Louise Christensen who married Martin Albert Small Jr. Both are buried in Albuquerque, New Mexico. “M.A.” (as he was called) died in 2005, and my aunt died in 2006.

  3. I am the grandaughter of Ralph Hays and great grandaughter of Granville Hays. Your article says Bob Hays was married in Burton Missouri, Scott county, I don’t know of Burton but there is a Benton Missouri Scott county where Ralph Hays lived.Aunt Hazel and Aunt lillian lived in California. I would like to talk to someone about some of these relatives,

  4. I am researching the Houston family of Decatur County and when reading some old deeds (c1850) I find reference to a Graham Creek. I can find no current day reference to a Graham Creek. I believe it to have been located in Range 8, Section 9 in the vicinity of today’s Johnson’s Creek and Bear Creek – I’m guessing it is close to the Barnett Cemetery. I’m hoping someone knows where Graham Creek is/was.

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  6. I am a descendant of the Myracle, Sykes, Culp, and Jackson families. I would like to how know to update the genealogy information. LOVE the information that is there!! Great work!

    Thank you,

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