Cumberland County and the Civil War

Cumberland County was divided in the Civil War. It has been said that brother even fought against brother and neighbor against neighbor as members of the same family and neighborhood fought for the Confederate and Union sides.

No figures exist to show how many people in Cumberland County supported the Confederate or Union side.



The Crossville Times on March 21, 1889 discusses the organizational meeting of the Grand Army of the Republic John R. Swan Post No. 55. These individuals were men who fought for the Union in the Civil War. The charter members were: J.H Beadle, John B. Haley, Azariah Dorton, Walter Dickson, M.L. Mitchell, J.W. Lowe, Wm. Whitlock, I.N. Watson, James Miller, B.T. Monday, Philip Beyer, R.C. Swan, A.B. Lowe, W.C. Campbell, James Music, J.P. Anderson, and W.C. Hogue. The second meeting admitted the following men: Calvin Kearley, Benj. F. Kearley, E.P. Akin, S.H. Hall, John J. Brewer,and G.W. Weaver.

Please note: These people listed below may have received pensions from earlier wars such as the War of 1812, Indian Wars, etc. Some may have received pensions for service in the Civil War as well. 

On November 7, 1889 the Crossville Times identifies the following partial list of those receiving pensions in Cumberland County:Eliza R. Lisk, Walter Dickson, Richard R. Miller, Orion N. Wilcox, Martin L. Mitchell, Eunice C. Winnie, William C. Barron, Joseph Stevens, Cyntha Woody, Mary Renfro, Philip Beyer, J.H. Beadle,Joseph Fitzgibbons, Robert C. Swan, James Mitchell, Edward Good, John Hedgecoth, W.C. Campbell, John Brewer, Benjamin Brewer, and James McCullough.



The following names were taken from the Index to Tennessee Confederate Pension Applications. It lists individuals from Cumberland County filing a Confederate pension application. It gives their names, pension application number and regiment. The applications are on file at the Tennessee State Library and Archives in Nashville.




Name Pension # Regiment
Brown, J.S. 11730 1st TN Cav. Co. D
Brown, L.B. 5625 28th Inf.
Chastain, L.B. 2584 2nd Ga. Inf.
Cox, David 13365 45th Inf.
Cox, Hardie 9910 16th Bn (Neal’s) Cav.
Dixon, Daniel H. 12945 4th (Murray’s) Cav.
Elmore, Alfred 13310 28th Inf.
Frost, White 2305 28th Inf.
Glass, Alexander 748 22nd N.C. Inf.
Graham, William 4510 40th Ala. Inf.
Hamby, William A. 12074 28th Inf.
Harris, W.H.H. 8991 1st (Carter’s) Cav.
Horn, Sherard 8503 28th Inf.
Hughes, J.B. 7978 12th Bn. Cav
Hyder, Jasper 2573 16th Bn. (Neal’s)Cav.
Jones, B.F.M. 2125 28th Inf.
Knox, Arch 9651 8th (Dibrell’s) Cav.
Linder, George W. 2861 4th Cav.
Loden, James 10107 16th Cav.
Matthews, James W. 2129 1st Cav.
Myatt, J.C. 1099 28th Inf.
Parson, W.F. 15218 37th N.C. Inf.
Smith, Alexander 13844 16th Bn. (Neal’s) Cav.
Sparks, Nicholas 3853 25th Inf.
Woody, Alexander 2312 16th Bn. Cav.
Woody, Harrison 16285 28th Inf.

In 1891 the state of Tennessee passed legislation to establish a Board of Pension Examiners. This board had the authority to decide if a Confederate Veteran applying for a pension was incapable of “making a support” and if his service was honorable. Veterans must have been a resident of Tennessee for one year before making application. Pension applications contain information related to soldier’s descendants, veterans place of enlistment, unit, period of service, battles participated in, and whether he was wounded or place of capturing. It also gives birth, number of children, and value of personal and real property owned by the veteran. Pensions for Soldiers’ widows were first issued in 1905. Their applications show place of birth for both widow and husband and names and ages of children. Some marriage certificates may also found in widow applications.

The following were taken from the indexes of Confederate Pension Applications of Soldiers’ Widows in Cumberland County:

Widow: Pension#: Husband’s Name:
Adams, Nancy 11024 R. Thomas Adams
Agee, Francis 8062 I.N. Agee
Baker, Mary E. 1102 Samuel Baker
Bandy, Margaret 2465 T.E. Bandy
Brady, Ellen 4129 S.H. Brady
Brown, Abbie 4175 Jackson VanBuren Brown
Copeland, Sarah A. 3658 S.A. Copeland
Cox, Mary Ann 8627 David Cox
Eldridge, Francis 4622 John Eldridge
Gist, Nancy 1944 John Gist
Hamby, Nancy F. 7221 William Hamby Anderson
Hyder, Martha 4151 Jasper Hyder
Jones, Mary A. 4926 B.F.M. Jones
Linder, Mary L. 5956 George Washington Linder
Myatt, Elizabeth 1346 John C. Myatt
Rains, Mary Ann 8112 James M. Rains
Turner, Armilda 3032 D.C. Turner
Woody, Polly Ann 2134 Preston Alexander Woody

Information provided by Beverly Aytes-Bowhall indicates the following Cumberland County individuals were also in the civil war:

Aytes, Alfred C. – Capt. E Co., 1st Inf.; Federal

Aytes, Julius – Capt. E Co., 1st Inf.’ Federal

Aytes, Hugh – Pvt. E. Co., 1st Inf.; Federal

(Source: Tennesseans in the Civil War, Published by the Civil War Centennial Commission, Nashville, Tennessee)

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