These individuals have volunteered to do look-ups in reference books related to Cumberland County. If you have a family, genealogical or local history book and would be willing to do look-ups, please contact us. Volunteers are welcomed.

Reference Book Author Helper/E-mail
Marriage Records of Cumberland County 1905-1962 Davis & Reed mwboniol@gmail.com
Cumberland County’s First 100 Years Bullard & Krechniak mwboniol@gmail.com
Facts, Folks, & Photos of Cumberland County Cumberland Co. Historical & Gen. Society mwboniol@gmail.com
Cumberland Co., TN Journal B 1856-1860 WPA Records mwboniol@gmail.com
Cumberland Co., TN Entry Takers Bk. 2 1856-1891 WPA Records mwboniol@gmail.com
Genealogical & Historical Notes From Crossville, TN Newspapers, Vol I, 1878-1899 Boniol mwboniol@gmail.com
Antioch Church Record Book 1850-1905 Hedgecoth AbbysNana@aol.com
1860 Cumberland County Census AbbysNana@aol.com
1870 Cumberland County Census AbbysNana@aol.com
1880 Cumberland County Census AbbysNana@aol.com
Tennessee Post Office and Postmaster Appointments 1789-1984 AbbysNana@aol.com
1900 Cumberland County Census1910 Cumberland County Census1920 Cumberland County Census AbbysNana@aol.com