Will of John Hood

LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT OF JOHN WOOD, deceased which was proven at November Sessions 1832 and was ordered by the court to be recorded and is in the words and figures following to wit, State of Tennessee, Rhea County, September 22, 1832. Settlement made by JOHN WOOD deceased to JOHN COZBY and KENNEDY COOPER on the 14th day of aforesaid. Inst. question by the said COZBY to the said WOOD. Are you in proper senses? the answer was I think I am. Question 2nd by COZBY What disposition do you wish to be made of your worldly affairs? The answer was, first my debts be paid out of my property the remainder if any given to my wife. Question by the said COOPER to the said WOOD- Do you wish any part of your property to be given to your sisters? The answer was I do not want any person to have any of it but my wife, these statements were made on Friday the 14th day of Spetember and the said WOOD deceased on Sunday the 16th of the same hereunto we set our names the date mentioned above as witnesses.

Submitted by: Laura Horton

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