Rhea County, TN Private Acts: 1828-1829

Compiled by the County Technical Assistance Service

NOTE: The CTAS compilation includes many acts which are not necessarily of interest to the family history researcher. Therefore, this page will list only those acts which involve county boundaries, boundary changes and acts which pertain to individuals.

ACTS OF 1828-1829

Chapter 114, Page 90, released Sally Mapes, of Rhea County, from the payment of any sum due and owing to the State on the southwest quarter of Section 22 in fractional township #2, and the register of the Hiwassie District shall issue to her a grant for the quarter section mentioned.

Chapter 159, Page 127, declared that it had been represented to the General Assembly that a certain parcel of land in Rhea County in the Hiwassie District was unappropriated, and there was no known provision where the said land might be entered, or disposed of. This Act made it the duty of the Surveyor of Rhea county to ascertain by actual survey the quantity of the land involved, and to divide the same into two equal portions between the occupants, Jesse Matthews, and Ezekiel Bates, so as to include the separate improvements on the lot of each one, and they would each pay the regular rates for entering upon land of this sort.

Chapter 277, Page 250, was the authority for the Treasurer of East Tennessee to employ Hugh L. White to attend to and prosecute a lawsuit instituted by sundry citizens of Rhea County against an Indian Reserve for the recovery and possession of the 16th Section of land in the Hiwassee District which was located in Rhea County and which was surveyed and designated as a school section. White was to be given full power to prosecute and manage the suit.

Chapter 6, Page 6, Section 4, named George Dawson of Bledsoe County, and James Preston, of Rhea County, as the commissioners for a turn-pike road which would be built and maintained by Randolph Ross and Reuben Ross, with George Gordon.

Chapter 40, Page 38, named William T Gillingwater, of Rhea County, as an additional Commissioner on the turnpike road leading from the foot of Walden’s Ridge in Bledsoe County to the foot of the said Ridge in Rhea County, commonly called Beattie’s Turnpike.

Chapter 209, Page 170, appointed John Ayers and Herman Collins, of Bledsoe County, as Commissioners for the Turnpike Road running from Acquilla Johnson’s and running thence near Sam Cathey’s mill, Bledsoe County, crossing Walden’s Ridge in the most direct line to Washington in Rhea County, at or near Orvill Paine’s.

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