Rhea County, TN Private Acts: 1811

Compiled by the County Technical Assistance Service

NOTE: The CTAS compilation includes many acts which are not necessarily of interest to the family history researcher. Therefore, this page will list only those acts which involve county boundaries, boundary changes and acts which pertain to individuals. 

ACTS of 1811

Chapter 65, Page 58, stated that the Act passed in Knoxville in 1809, Item one, above, which appointed Commissioners to lay out the town of Washington in Rhea County is hereby suspended until further provision is made by law.

Chapter 106, Page 122, nominated James Campbell, Jesse Roddy, Alexander Ferfuson, Azariah David, Daniel Rawlings, David Murphey, Daniel Walker and John Luck as Commissioners, to select a seat of justice as near the center of Rhea County as possible, to be called Washington, to secure at least 40 acres to lay out a town, to sell and convey lots, reserving sufficient ground for a public square, and to build or contract to build, a courthouse, prison, and stocks. All the Courts of Rhea County would continue to meet as before and all Acts enacted on this subject prior to this one is repealed.

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