Financial Records of the Old Friendship Church

The following was in the contents of a small deposit and withdrawal book from the FirstNational Bank, Rockwood,Tenn., in account with W.R. Clack. A pre-printed notice on the front of the book states:

 Always bring your book with deposits. See that the entries agree with your tickets. Please leave your book once a month for balancing.

Paid to Church Treasurer since Apr 20, 1907 this Nov. 16,

J.P.  Brady .75
D.J.   Stinecipher .50
A.J.  Stinecipher 1.00
Isaac  Jolley 1.25
W.D.  Smith 1.50
E.B. Patterson 1.75
S.B. Moulton 2.50
Harriet Brady & Family 5.50
W.R. Clack & Family 6.40
A.C. Ewing 7.00
By former Treasurer 4.60
Total 32.75
Total Disbursements 22.90
Bal  on hand Nov.16, 1907   9.85

Disbursements from Apr to Nov., 1907

to  J.R. Smith pastor 16.00
to  J.D. Tanner 2.50
to Rebecca Caldwell 2.00
Contributions to assoc. 2.00
2  plates & 2 glasses Com. Table .40
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