NEWSPORT, Elder Asa (1877)

Elder Asa Newport Dies

The following obit was printed in the “Signs of the Times” Vol. 45 Middletown, N.Y., April 15, 1877 – No.8

ELDER ASA NEWPORT, an aged Baptist minister, died at his residence in Rhea County, Tenn. He was born Oct. 7, 1802, professed religion in 1829, and joined the church on the second Saturday in November, the same year. On the third Saturday in November, 1832, he was liberated by the church to exercise his gift in public; on the 4th of July, 1833, was appointed assistant clerk; on July 5th., 1833, was given a written license to preach and exhort wherever the Lord in his providence might call him; Jan. 6th, 1834, was chosen clerk; at the July meeting, 1838, was ordained to the full work of the ministry, by brethren C. Galloway, Wm. Green, J.J. Monger, and Briggs; was called to the pastoral care of the church at Hind’s Valley, October 1840, and in February, 1849, by request, too the care of the church at Mt. Pleasant, Grassy Cove, Tenn., and at the same time was also petitioned to attend the church at Little Emery.

The subject of this sketch was a man with whom I have long been acquainted, and very intimately. He was taken very bad about 3 o’clock a.m. Dec. 15, 1876, and died in about twelve hours. My residence and his being about one mile apart, the family sent for me and I went at once. When I arrived I found him almost speechless. He grasped my hand, fully recognizing me, and tried to call me Brother Johnson. While suffering great agony, his very countenance showed love to God and love to man. From my long and intimate acquaintance with him, socially and religiously, as a neighbor and a brother, (and may I not say as a father in the gospel?) how could I doubt but his soul is now in heaven? For Christianity means something. I speak with reference to scripture. It means to follow the Lord Jesus Christ, to live soberly, righteously and godly in the world. By their works ye shall know them. And when I attended brother Newport in his dying moments, I was led to no other conclusion but that he lived and died a Christian. He left behind an aged widow and several children, besides a large number of neighbors and friends, to mourn their loss.
(Signed) James Johnson

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