Chronology of Rhea County

1783First settlers claim North Carolina land grants.
1796Tennessee becomes the 16th state.
1801Roane County, which contained most of Rhea is created.
1805Tellico Treaty - Cherokee Nation surrenders claims to additional land.
1806Return J. Meigs lays out the site of the Hiwassee Garrison and Indian Agency.
1807Rhea County established.
1808John McClellan surveys land for 72 individuals. 112 are listed on tax list.
1811Land is laid off for the town of Washington. Courthouse and jail planned.
1812WAR OF 1812
1814Stocks and pillory built.
1830New Courthouse is built.
1836Meigs County created from Rhea.
1847Flood devastates town of Washington.
1861CIVIL WAR. Rhea County forms home guard. Tennessee secedes from the Union, and joins the Confederate States of America.
1866Tennessee re-admitted to the Union. Many Rhea citizens relocate.
1899County seat moved to Dayton.

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