Hancock County, Tennessee















This index covers the years 1879-1894, Surnames A-Z

This is all the information I have at the moment. The index was transcribed from the index on microfilm that I purchased from The Tennessee State Archives. I haven't figured out what all the columns mean so the year may not be exact (give or take a year or two) but the index is a great starting point if you are looking for your ancestors in Hancock County, TN.



Hancock County Deed Index

It is alphabetized by Grantor (seller).

The Grantee is buyer and the Grantor is seller.




YEAR   Grantee     Grantor    
1883 Thomas, Jasper   Yeary, Adam(had him indexed
      under his first name)  
1883 Yeary, A.T.   Yeary, Adam(had him indexed
      under his first name)  
1883 Yeary, T.J.   Yeary, Adam(had him indexed
      under his first name)  
1883 Trent, Ivein?   Trent, A    
1883 Testerman, Jas   Levisay, A.J  
1894 Alder, Lewis   Akerd, Katherine  
1879 Alder, Elizabeth   Alder, Jessee  
1890 Campbell, Isaac   Alder, Mary ETAL  
1883 Allen, Jemima   Allen, B.F    
1883 Allen, Jemima   Allen, John  
1886 Allen, Grant   Allen, Peter  
1879 Allen, John   Allen, Walter & Wife  
1883 Winkler, John   Cope, Amanda  
1886 Taylor, Sean, Catron, Catherine AN Agreement  
1883 Dinges, J.W.   Anderson, A.J.  
1886 Moneyhum, N.M   Anderson, Bishop  
1879 Edtors, Curtis    Anderson, D.D  
1879 Combs, Wm   Anderson, DD D.D  
1879 Snapps, E.D.   Anderson, D.D  
1879 Brown, Wm   Anderson, D.D  
1894 Edens, Ison   Anderson, Eppes  
1894 Baker, A.A   Anderson, H  
1894 Anderson, Thomas   Anderson, F.R.  
1894 Collins, Elin?   Anderson, F.R. Etal  
1894 Collins, Geo.   Anderson, J.   
1879 Parkey, Isaac & Hugh Anderson, J.B  
1886 Parkey, Hugh & Isaac Anderson, J.B  
1886 Lawson, Hyatt   Anderson, J.B  
1894 Willis, A.J     Anderson, L  
1886 Bradley, James   Anderson, Lucinda  
1890 Bradley, James   Anderson, Lucinda  
1879 Kyle, Robt. Jr   Anderson, Moses  
1894 Alder, Jessee   Anderson, N.P  
1894 Burchett, Thomas   Anderson, Morgan  
1894 Livesay, Rufus   Anderson, Morgan  
1886 Testerman, M.A. & W.T Anderson, Patton  
1890 Fields, Ellis   Anderson, PM P.M  
1890 Vaughn, Robt.   Anderson, P.M  
1894 Hickman, G.W   Anderson, P.M  
1890 Vaughn, Carter   Anderson, P.M  
1890 Herd, Carter D   Anderson, P.M ETUX  
1883 Overton, J.C & M   Anderson, S.D  
1879 Mitlock, Thelma   Anderson, Snida?  
1890 Anderson, Thomas   Anderson, Thomas A  
1886 Gibson, Hilery   Anderson, Thos. ETUX
1883 Gallahar, Hugh   Anderson, T.A  
1890 Odom, George, W   Anderson, William  
1886 Williams, Henry, Trustee Andrekin? William ETUX
1883 Wooten, Mary   Edens, Andrew  
      (had him indexed under his first name)
1886 Mannon, Wm   Andrikin, Wm ETUX  
1886 Cook, Wiley   Andrikin, Wm ETUX  
1879 Sutton, Isom   Anterican, Wm  
1890 Kyle, Mary A   Arney, G.W ETUX  
1886 Fairchild, Wayne   Arney, John  



1886 Flanery, Robert   Babb, Jessee  
1886 Greer, J.M. & Co   Baker, A. & I.S. Parkey
1886 Greer, J.M. & Co   Baker, A. & I.S. Parkey
1890 Sumpter, Louisanna   Baker, A. Etux  
1886 Neil, James   Baker, A. L. Etux  
1879 Bloomer, Susan   Baker, Anderson  
1890 Baker, John W.   Baker, Anderson  
1886 Baker, Joseph, R.   Baker, Andrew  
1879 Wallen, A     Baker, C.C  
1886 Jaynes, James, Trustee Baker, Geo. Etux  
1879 Baker, A.L   Baker, G. W.  
1894 McClure, Thos   Baker, Hiram R.  
1883 Livesay, A.J.   Baker, J.W  
1883 Campbell, I.W   Baker, J.W  
1879 Baker, Andrew   Baker, J.W. Etal  
1894 Heirs at law   Baker, John Etal  
1894 Herd, Hiram   Baker, John R.  
1894 Baker, Chaney   Baker, John R.  
1879 Testerman, W.P.   Baker, Joseph  
1890 Lucus, W.L   Baker, Permilia Etal  
1894 Willis, David   Baker, T.J    
1890 Givens, Wm. J   Baker, W.F Etux  
1883 Baker, C.W   Baker, Wm  
1883 Lawson, Geo. H   Baldwin, A.N  
1886 Bowen, Wm Etal   Baldwin, A.Y Etux  
1894 More, N.H. Etal   Baldwin, E.K  
1894 Livesay, Wm D   Baldwin, E.K. Etal  
1879 Baker, Joe   Baldwin, Elizabeth  
1883 Barett, S.E   Baldwin, Elizabeth  
1883 Sizemore, Elizabeth   Baldwin, Enoch  
1890 Partition, E.K & J.D   Baldwin, John D  
1879 Trent, David A   Baldwin, Nicholas M  
1883 Lawson, G.H   Baldwin, R.M  
1879 Short, J.M.A   Baldwin, W. J  
1894 Busic, Levina   Bales, F.C  
1879 Baldwin, Nicholas   Baldwin, J.D  
1879 Collins, H     Baptist Church  
1883 Testerman, Wm P   Barett, John  
1886 Trent, Lewis, Trustee   Barker, Joel  
1886 Debord, Theopolus   Barker, Joel  
1886 Nicholes, J.P   Barker, John E  
1886 Livesay, A.J.   Barmer, Wm H  
1890 Hatfield, George   Barnard, H.P. Etal  
1894 Idol, Willis   Barnard, John H  
1886 Mills, Wm R, Trustee   Barnard, P.B  
1890 Davis, Brownlow Etal   Barnard, Prior Etal  
1890 Turnmire, James   Barnard, Prior Etux  
1890 Tyler, A. J Etal   Barnard, Robert Etux  
1890 Seals, G.H   Barnard, Samuel, W Etux
1894 Perky, Wilson   Barnard, Wash  
1890 Barnard, John H   Barnard, Wm A  
1886 Shaw, James Etux   Barner, Wm C  
1883 Anderson, D D   Barrath, James  
1879 Baldwin, Elizabeth   Barrett, J C  
1890 Pridemore, Wiley   Barrett, John Etux  
1883 Bartey, John   Bartey, James  
1883 Wolfe, Elijah   Bartley, James  
1883 Ball, J     Bartley, James  
1879 Lawson, J W   Bartley, John  
1883 Edds, School House   Bartley, John  
1894 Bartley, H. T   Bartley, John  
1894 Bales, Arch   Bartley, John  
1883 Bartly, James   Bartly, Eli John  
1894 Collins, George   Bashens, Wm  
1890 Begley, Partition Deed Begley, George  
1886 Vanoy, Oliver   Begley, Geo. R Etux  
1886 Percell, James Trustee Begley, James Etux  
1894 Horton, H J   Begley, WM  
1894 Begley, James   Begley, Wm Etal  
1890 Neely, William E   Begley, James Etux  
1894 Miser, Thos   Bell, Geo. Etal  
1886 Arthur, Alex A Trustee Bell, H & M Etal  
1890 Thomas, Leander   Bell, Milton Etal  
1883 Davis, Wm   Bell, Thomas  
1894 Campbell, Adeline   Berry, Eliza  
1886 Baldwin, Jno D   Berry, Hannah  
1879 Anderson, P. M   Berry, Wm  
1879 Collins, Ervin   Biggs, Charly  
1879 Parky, Wm   Bishop, Eli Hugh  
1879 Breeding & Parky   Bishop, Elisha  
1879 Zian, Francis   Bishop, Elisha  
1883 Louthen, D N   Bishop, Elisha  
1894 Lucus, J M   Bishop, Elisha  
1886 Breeding & Parky   Bishop, Elisha Etux  
1890 Crombley, WM   Bishop, Elizabeth  
1886 Coleman, C H   Bishop, James M Etux
1894 Parkey, Rebecca Jane Bishop, W P  
1886 Wolfe & Barrett   Blankenbeckler, W P  
1886 Wolfe & Barrett   Blankenbeckler, W P  
1886 Jorden, James   Blankenbeckler, W P Etux
1890 Beckler, Ira   Blankinbeckler, Wm Etux
1886 Bloomer, C G   Bloomer, Amanda  
1883 Bolen, Wiley   Bolen, Jane  
1883 Drinnon, G N   Bolin, Fedy?  
1883 Bolin, Frederick   Bolin, James  
1883 Wolfe, George, A   Bolin, Lutsha  
1883 Trust, Mat     Bolin, Wiley  
1883 Drinnon, Geo   Bolin, Wiley  
1890 Edens, Hiram   Bolton, Jas Etux  
1890 Bostic, Henry J   Bostic, John W  
1879 Cope, Taylor   Botin, Jane  
1886 Edens, W J   Bolton, Jos Etal  
1886 Bowlin, Latisha   Bowlin, Alfred & Wife  
1879 Lawson, Wm J   Bray, C M    
1886 Lawson, L L   Bray, Ewing L  
1879 Campbell, I W   Bray, F A    
1879 Kyle, Robt J   Bray, F.L Etux  
1886 Carpenter, William   Bray, McHenry Sr  
1883 Allen, Buddy   Bray, Mc.H  
1883 Bray, McHenry Jr   Bray, Mc.H  
1894 Parky, Wm L   Breeding, J. L  
1879 Parkey, Hugh   Breeding, Patterson  
1890 Clark, Aaron, Etux   Breeding, Patterson Etux
1890 Yeary, L F   Breeding, Patton  
1890 Devenport, J R   Breeding, Patton Etal
1890 Williams, Wm Etux   Breeding, Patton Etux
1886 Parkey, H Etux   Breeding, P Etux  
1890 Breeding, L M   Breeding P Etux  
1890 Breeding J L   Breeding P Etux  
1883 Coleman, S   Breeding, W.J  
1886 Shaw, Robert Etux   Brewer, Alexander  
1886 Brewer, Joab   Brewer, Braxton  
1886 Williams, Sampson   Brewer, Braxton Etux, Etal
1886 Brewer, Joab H   Brewer, Isham  
1886 Montgomery, G. W   Brewer, John  
1886 Greene, Thomas   Brewer, John Etux  
1879 Campbell, I W   Brewer, Moab  
1886 Greene, D A. Trustee   Brewer, Moab Etux  
1886 Tyler, A.J, Trustee   Brewer, Moab Etux  
1886 Burton, T.J   Brewer, Moab Etux  
1886 Burk, John R Etux   Brewer, Richard  
1886 Cantwell, T.J   Brewer, William H Etux
1886 Trent, J.W   Brewer, Wm Etux  
1886 Wolfe, Woodson   Brewer, Wm H Etux  
1886 Wolfe, Woodson   Brewer, Wm H Etux  
1886 Moles, Gabriel   Brock, Amanda M  
1883 Tyler, Henry   Brook, Joseph  
1890 Green, Samuel A   Brooks, Charity Etal  
1890 Brooks, Thomas J   Brooks, James H  
1890 Brooks, Thomas J   Brooks, James H Etux
1894 Russell, Geo   Brooks, J    
1879 Trent, Wm   Brooks, J.D  
1894 Daugherty, Wm C   Brooks, J J  
1883 Tyler, A.J.    Brooks, Joseph  
1886 McClung, Cowan & Co Brooks, Joseph Etux  
1890 Trent, Mary J   Brooks, Thomas J Etux
1894 Buttry, Pleasant   Brooks, T.J  
1894 Greene, Samuel   Brooks, T.J  
1886 Robinett, J.H   Brotherton, Baxton  
1879 Brotherton, Joab   Brotherton, J.A.M  
1879 Brotherton, WM   Brotherton, J.M.B  
1879 Brotherton, Jacob   Brotheton, Wm  
1879 Carter, Pheoba   Brower, Baxter  
1879 Carter, Frances   Brower, Baxter  
1879 Williams, John   Brower, Baxter  
1883 Carter,Elbert   Brower, Baxter  
1883 Seal, Harry   Brower, G.N  
1883 Tyler, Henry   Brower, Houston  
1894 Keeton, G.T   Brower, Isham  
1883 Garland D.S   Brower, J.H  
1894 Green, J.C   Brower, J.H  
1890 Williams, Samps    Brower, Joab Etux  
1890 Bunk, W.S   Brower, Joab Etux  
1890 Brower, J.H   Brower, John H  
1890 Brewer, D.M   Brower, L.E  
1890 Green, D A   Brower, Martha  
1894 Wilder, James   Brower, Martha  
1879 Jarvis, L.M   Brower, Moab  
1890 Jarvis, L.M   Brower, Moab  
1894 Brower, Wm   Brower, Moab  
1894 Brower, Huston   Brower, Moab  
1894 Brower, Wiley   Brower, Moab  
1894 Brower, Geo   Brower, Moab  
1894 Burton, Loranz   Brower, Moab  
1894 Brower, E.O   Brower, Moab  
1894 Brower, Huston   Brower, Moab  
1883 Taylor, Mfg Co   Brower, N H  
1894 Davis, S Green   Brower, Wiley  
1883 Oclom?, Ans   Brower, Wm  
1894 Conditional Line   Browerm Wm H  
1886 Edds, G W   Browing, A P Etux  
1879 Ferguson, Robt.   Brown, J A  
1890 Perry, Isaac   Brown, Wm B Etux  
1886 Flannery, Robert   Brown, Wm Bradey, Josiah
1879 Brewer, James A   Brows, Baxter  
1883 Goins, B M   Bunch, Lively  
1883 Glass, T.N   Burchett, Edward  
1894 Cunningham, M.M F   Burchett, Jas  
1894 Cunningham, T.J   Burchett, Jas M  
1894 Burchett, E.B   Burchett, J M  
1883 Rhea, John   Burchett, John  
1886 Seal, Jas, A B Anderson Burchett, John  
1890 Fairchild, Jacob   Burchett, John  
1894 Rhea, Sterling   Burchett, John  
1886 Horner, Wm B   Burchett, John Trustee Etux
1894 Partition deed   Burchett, Nancy Etal  
1890 Brower, L E   Burchett, Thomas  
1894 Burchett, Harvey   Burchett, T.J  
1894 Burchett, J M   Burchett, T.J  
1894 Burchett, J.S   Burchett, T.J  
1890 Fugate, J.L   Burk, Geo    
1894 Burk, Mat     Burk, John  
1886 Jarvis, L.C. Trustee   Burk, John Etal  
1883 Hatfield, Geo.   Burk, John R  
1886 Furgerson?, John C   Burton, Elizabeth Ann
1886 Greene, Thos Etux   Burton, Francis  
1890 Wolfe, Hannagan   Burton, George N  
1886 Brewer, Moab Etux   Burton, R. Etux  
1890 Collins, Henderson Etal Burton, T.J  
1890 Fields, Robt. Etal   Burton, T.J Etux  
1894 Wolfe, Hannagan   Burton, Wm  
1894 Gorden, Mary J   Bus, David  
1883 Coverton, James   Busic, Lania  
1879 Green, Thos. J   Buttry, Joab  
1886 Seals, Frederick   Buttry, Joab  
1894 Davis, Elizam?   Buttry, Joab  
1894 Buttry, Elbert   Buttry, Joab  
1894 Buttry, Elbert   Buttry, Joab  
1894 Haynes, J.P   Buttry, M.B Sheriff  
1883 Rogers, A.L   Buttry, M.R  
1883 Green, Robt A   Buttry, M.R  
1886 Debord, James   Buttry, M R Etux  
1886 Mullins, Ruben   Buttry, M.R Sheriff  
1894 Campbell, I.W   Buttry, M.R Sheriff  
1894 Seal, W G   Buttry, M.R Sheriff  
1894 Royston, R A   Buttry, M.R Sheriff  
1890 Seal, T.H     Buttry, Pleas.  
1894 Brook, J. Thomas   Buttry, Pleasant Etux
1886 Trent, Jesse   Buttry, Pleasant Etux
1886 Fairchilds, Wayne   Byrd, Henry  
1886 Fairchilds, Wayne   Byrd, Henry  
1894 Mahan, David   Byrd, L.M    
1894 Livesay, D    Byrd, Sallie  
1886 Trent, Louis, Trustee   Byrd, Solomon Etux  
1894 Minter, L.C   Byrd, W.C  
1883 Greene, R.D   Byrd, Wm E  
1886 Greene, Robert D   Byrd, Wm E Etux  



1879 Vaughn, I.S   Caldwell, James R  
1886 Barnard, Pryor   Caldwell, James R  
1886 McCoy, William   Caldwell, James R. & Sarah
1879 Jordan, Thos & Jas   Caldwell, J.R  
1886 Falen, William   Calvin, Catherine  
1879 Alder, Germina   Calwell, J R  
1879 Campbell, Lanis   Campbell, Absolom  
1886 Seal, Wm H   Campbell, A A  
1890 Harrison, T. J   Campbell, A A  
1886 Trent, James A   Campbell, A A etux  
1890 Campbell, Louis G   Campbell, A A etux  
1890 Seal, Alfred   Campbell, A A etux  
1894 Testerman, W T   Campbell, A B  
1894 Testerman, W T & Jno Campbell, A B  
1894 Berry, A F   Campbell, A B  
1894 Comer, Charity   Campbell, A B  
1890 Testerman, W T Etal   Campbell, A B etal  
1894 Berry, A F   Campbell, A D  
1883 Campbell, J C   Campbell, A J  
1886 Mills, Wm B   Campbell, A J etal  
1890 Collins, Carter   Campbell, Alex  
1890 Collins, Carter   Campbell, Alex  
1886 Odell, Jeremiah   Campbell, Alexander  
1886 Campbell, Robert etal Campbell, Alexander Sr. estate
1890 Givens, Jesse   Campbell, Benjamin, etuz etux
1886 Royston, R A   Campbell, B F  
1883 Coleman, M F   Campbell, I W  
1886 Seal, Wm H etux   Campbell, I W  
1890 Sutton, Kittie   Campbell, I W  
1894 Hobbs, Nathan   Campbell, I W  
1886 John & Quiellen   Campbell, I W & son  
1886 Testerman, W J & Son Campbell, I W etux  
1886 Campbell, A B & H J   Campbell, I W etux  
1886 Drinnon, B J etux   Campbell, I W etux  
1886 Amyx, Riley   Campbell, I W etux  
1886 Seal, David etux   Campbell, I W & Won
1879 Mathis, J C   Campbell, J F  
1879 Nicholas, J P   Campbell, J W  
1879 Miser, Peter   Campbell, Joe  
1879 Pridens, Wm   Campbell, Joseph  
1883 Seal, James   Campbell, Joseph  
1883 Wolfe, Wily   Campbell, Joseph  
1886 Harrison, George W   Campbell, Joseph  
1886 Campbell, A A   Campbell, Joseph  
1886 Campbell, Lewis G   Campbell, Joseph  
1886 Campbell, Andrew J Etal Campbell, Joseph  
1879 Anderson, Morgan   Campbell, Jos   
1886 Turner, Robert etal   Campbell, Jos  
1894 Royston, R A   Campbell, L G  
1886 Parrott, Alpha   Campbell, R S & S R  
1886 Campbell, Joseph   Campbell, Robert   
1890 Seal, Ellen   Campbell, Robert   
1879 Campbell, Wm Y   Campbell, Robt   
1879 Harrison, Geo W   Campbell, Robt   
1883 Gray, Jackson   Campbell, Robt   
1879 McNeil, J F   Campbell, W Y  
1883 Campbell, Lizzie   Campbell, Wm Y  
1879 Compton, Nancy   Campton, A  
1886 Cantwell, Thomas   Cantwell, David etux  
1894 Ogan, Melisse   Cantwell, D A  
1886 Cantwell, C P   Cantwell, D C  
1894 Jones, Mary E   Cantwell, John  
1894 Seal, Matilda   Cantwell, John  
1886 Seal, Alfred etux   Cantwell, Wiley  
1894 Jaynes, James    Cantwell, Wiley  
1894 Campbell, L G   Cantwell, Wiley  
1890 Seal, Alfred   Cantwell, Wiley etux  
1886 Perry, James   Carpenter, C F  
1883 Henry, Wm   Carpenter, Eli M  
1886 Parker, E S   Carpenter, Eli M  
1886 Wolfe, Gideon   Carpenter, John  
1886 Bray, Mchenry    Carpenter, William  
1890 Holt, Henry   Carpenter, Wm H  
1894 Williams, Eliza   Carr, James  
1890 Bell, Hiton, Etal   Carr, James etux  
1879 Young, J     Carr J    
1883 Young, Jerry   Carr J    
1883 Brower, Baxter, Etal   Carter, Elbert  
1883 Fergerson, Jerry   Carter, Elbert  
1883 Fergerson, Jerry   Carter, Elbert  
1879 Tigner, J H   Catran, L J  
1886 Dean, John W   Catron, E A etal  
1886 Dean, John W   Catron, E A etux  
1890 Tignor, E E   Catron, E A etux  
1894 Catron, E H   Catron, E P  
1894 Catron, E H   Catron, Eliza  
1886 Falin, William   Catron,  James B  
1890 Peters, James P   Catron, James B Etux
1883 Fields, Wilbourn   Catron, J A  
1890 Tignor, E E   Catron, S P etux  
1890 Campbell, I W & Son   Chambers, Wm M  
1886 Mills, W R   Chandler, Jno A etux  
1890 Ledger, Newton   Chandler, John A etux
1886 McCormick Harvesting Mach Co Charter    
1886 Fuller, C B   Church, Enoch & Mary
1886 Midlock, David   Church, Enoch & Mary
1883 Church, Wm   Church, Hiram  
1886 Vaughn, C A, Trustee Church, Hiram  
1886 Vaughn, C A, Trustee Church, Hiram  
1894 Church, John   Church, Hiram  
1894 Church, Thos   Church, Hiram  
1886 Purcell, M V Trustee   Church, Hiram Etux  
1886 Vaughn, C A   Church, Hiram Etux  
1886 Vaughn, C A   Church, Hiram Etux  
1886 Palmer, Isaac   Church, John  
1883 Anderson, D D   Church, M M  
1890 Church, David   Church, Thomas  
1890 Church, Laura E   Church, Thomas  
1883 Wallen, R B   Snapp, C A  
indexed under his first name        
1883 Tyler, A J     Coleman, C H  
indexed under his first name        
1879 Jones, John   Clance, Ephraim  
1886 Carpenter, C T   Clarance, Ephrem  
1886 Carpenter, H etux   Clarance, Ephrem etux
1886 McGinis, Mary E   Clarence, John Etux  
1883 Moncy, K C   Clark, E W M  
1894 Overton, James   Clarks, Fernanda  
1883 Mannon, Williams   Clarkson, E H  
1890 Snodgrass, Martha   Clarkson, E H  
1890 Martin, John   Clarkson, E H etux  
1886 Overton, M F & bros   Clarkson, Elizabeth  
1890 Owens, Wm   Clarkson, Elizabeth  
1883 Lundy, W L   Clarkson, F  
1886 Day, John Trustee   Claunce, Eprem  
1879 Frazier, Weighenon   Clearner, E  
1879 Davis, Joshua   Clemant, N G  
1879 Hamilton, G B   Clement, N G  
1894 Church, John   Click, A Y    
1883 Overton, R R   Click, W N  
1886 Gillenwaters, I S   Click, W N etux  
1886 Jarvis, John D   Clipper, F M etal  
1886 Clous, Wm   Cloud, Polly ann  
1894 Burchett, Jas M   Clouse, A H  
1886 Pridemore, Hiram   Cobb, Amanda  
1886 Johnson, William   Cobb, Jesse  
1886 Seal, R R etux   Cobb, Jesse  
1879 Seal, W G   Cody, Frederick   
1894 Fleenor, Eli   Cody, James etal  
1890 Russell, George   Cody, James etux  
1894 Edens, Francis   Cody, J R    
1886 Fulkerson, F M   Cody, J R & Z  
1890 Leman, John M   Cody, John Etux  
1883 Fletcher, Zeddy   Cody, Mahala  
1879 Cody, Frederick   Cody, Thomas  
1886 Ross, Columbus   Coffee, Carroll  
1883 Mills, W R   Coffee, W C  
1879 Louthen, Rachel l   Coleman, C H  
1879 Livingston, John etux, etal Coleman, C H  
1883 Tyler, A J     Coleman, C H  
1894 Coleman, H F   Coleman, C H  
1879 Louthen, Martha Jane Coleman, C H etux  
1890 Ramsey, Wm & J   Coleman, C H D Surrey
1886 Dunemore, H C   Coleman, G W etux  
1879 Parkey, Wm   Coleman, H F  
1879 Jones, I G     Coleman, H F  
1883 McNeil, J F   Coleman, H F  
1886 Seal, W H etux   Coleman, H F  
1894 Hobbs, J S   Coleman, H F  
1886 Trent, John W   Coleman, H T  
1879 Parkey, Hugh   Coleman, S G  
1886 Parkey & Parkey   Coleman, S G  
1894 Marriom, W B   Coleman, S T  
1894 Collins, Noah   Collins, Baty  
1894 Presbysterian Church Collins, Baty  
1886 Tyler, A J Trustee   Collins, Baty etux  
1879 Collins, Lewis   Collins, Burtam  
1890 Gibson, Kelly   Collins, Caloway  
1886 Coleman, H F   Collins, Caney & Dorthela
1886 Anderson, Jesse   Collins, C M  
1879 Gilbert, John   Collins, Elkins  
1886 Coleman, W T Trustee Collins, Ervin etux  
1886 McNeil, J T Trustee   Collins, Ervin etux  
1886 Bowen, E D Trustee   Collins, Evan  
1890 Trent, Mary Jane   Collins, Evan  
1886 Testerman, John W   Collins, Evan Etux  
1886 Bowen, E D    Collins, Evan Etux  
1886 Dingus, James W   Collins, Evan Etux  
1886 Wyatt, Loyd   Collins, Evan Etux  
1890 Bowen, E D   Collins, Evan Etux  
1879 Goodman, Manson   Collins, Ervin  
1890 Johnson, Geo W   Collins, Ervin  
1894 Pridemore, S    Collins, Ervin  
1890 Baptist Church B W   Collins, Ervin etux  
1886 Gibson, Preston   Collins, Franklin  
1886 Cody, Jas R   Collins, Ged etux  
1886 Mullins, Jeremiah etux Collins,Howard  
1886 Tyler, A J Trustee   Collins, Howard etux  
1886 Collin, Lucus   Collins, Howard etux  
1890 Mullins, Sarah   Collins, Howard etux  
1886 Fairchild, J N   Collins, Jacob  
1894 Davis, Wm B   Collins, Jerry  
1894 Collins, Larkin   Collins, Jerry  
1886 Trent, Lewis   Collins, Leadford etux etal
1894 Collins, Geo   Collins, Lee  
1879 Collins, Milam   Collins, Lefey  
1886 Gibson, Wm T   Collins, Lewis Etux  
1890 Collins, Irdill   Collins, L K  
1886 Arthur, Alex A   Collins, L K etux  
1890 Collins, Lucus   Collins, L K etux  
1890 Campbell, I W   Collins, L M etux etal  
1890 Burton, T J etux   Collins, Louis etal  
1890 Kesterson, A B   Collins, Louis etal  
1886 Collins, Howard   Collins, Lucus etux  
1886 Greene, D A Trustee   Collins, Noah  
1894 Collins, Geo   Collins, Rebecca  
1890 Jarvis, L M   Collins, Reynolds, Etux
1886 Church, Geo Trustee   Collins, Robert etux  
1886 Palmer, John for Geo Church Collins, Robert etux  
1886 Edins, George   Collins, Robert etux  
1883 Jarvis, L M   Collins, Roda   
1886 Coleman, H F   Collins, Stephen etux
1886 Goodman, Madison   Collins, Stephen etux
1890 Chambers, Wm   Collins, Stephen etux
1886 Gollyher, Vol & Anderson Collins, Vardy Etux  
1886 Greene, D A Trustee   Collins, Wheeler  
1886 Coleman, H F   Collins, Wheeler & Lewis
1886 Coleman, H F   Collins, Wheeler & Lewis
1886 Trent, Lewis Trustee   Collins, Wheeler & Lucinda
1879 Antekin, Wm   Collins, Wm  
1886 Coleman, A F & Drinnon Collins, Wm  
1886 Coleman, A F & Drinnon Collins, Wm  
1886 Tyler, William H   Colyer, John H  
1886 Margraves, G W   Comb A E  
1886 Edens, Wm J   Combs, Asa Etux  
1879 Edens, Curtis   Combs, Wm  
1886 Edin,Curtis   Combs, Wm etux  
1894 Comes, Mary Ann   Comes, Lum  
1886 Clark, John   Cook, Wiley  
1879 Rusc?, Jackson   Cook, Wm  
1886 Cope, William A   Cope, Alfred etal  
1890 Blankenbroken, W P   Cope, Allen  
1883 Winkler, John   Cope, Amanda  
1894 Trent, Geo C   Cope, G A  
1890 Johnson, Jarvis   Cope, Harman L etux etal
1890 Davis, Joshua   Cope, Harmon etux  
1886 Cope, Anderson   Cope, James Etal  
1886 Cope, Woodson   Cope, James Etal  
1879 Davis, Brownlow   Cope, John  
1879 Creek War Church   Cope, John Etal  
1894 Holt, Henry   Cope, Maletta  
1879 Greene, J F T   Cope, Pleasant  
1890 Drinnon, J D   Cope, Pleasant etux etal
1886 Greene, Thomas   Cope, Pleasant, W A  
1890 Johnson, James   Cope, Roberson  
1886 Johnson, P M   Cope, Robt. & Elizabeth
1879 Jones, John   Cope, Taylor  
1890 Wolfe, Geo A   Cope, Taylor  
1886 Jones, John   Cope, Taylor etux  
1890 Trent, Elbert   Cope, Taylor etux  
1883 Cope, Pleasant   Cope, W    
1883 Jones, Wiley etal   Cope, W A  
1886 Short, John & Jane   Cope, Woodson  
1886 Davis, Joshua   Cope,Woodson  
1894 Agreement   Coteney, W R  
1886 Testerman, W J & Son Courtney, D J etux  
1886 Nicholes, J P   Courtney, E C  
1886 Campbell, A B   Courtney, Mrs. S E M
1886 Dingus, James H   Courtney, S E M  
1886 Anderson, Carter   Courtney, S E M  
1886 Nicholes, Jesse P   Courtney, W p  
1886 Bowen, E D   Courtney, Wm R etux
1879 Balls, Jonathan   Cropdale, H F  
1879 Eddins, Wm J   Cruch, S B  
1894 Burchett, B J   Cunningham, Hesakiah
1894 Vandevinter, J A    Cunningham, M M F  
1890 Trent, Jesse   Currey, John etux  
1886 Jarvis, L M   Curry, Nancy & John  


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