Hancock County, Tennessee














This index covers the years 1879-1894, Surnames A-Z

This is all the information I have at the moment. The index was transcribed from the index on microfilm that I purchased from The Tennessee State Archives. I haven't figured out what all the columns mean so the year may not be exact (give or take a year or two) but the index is a great starting point if you are looking for your ancestors in Hancock County, TN.






            Hancock County Deed Index

                It is alphabetized by Grantor (seller).

             The Grantee is buyer and the Grantor is seller.



1879   Minor, G.F   Gains, G.W    
1886   Sandford, Mary A   Gains, Zachariah    
1886   Hopkins, Adam H. Etux Gallahorn, George    
1879   Gallhorn, Wm   Gallahorn, N.A    
1879   Trent, D.R     Garland, Eliza    
1886   Harrison, George M   Garland, Joseph    
1879   Purkey, Wm   Gaunes, T.J    
1883   Seal, Fred   Drinnon, George (Indexed by first name?
1883   Winkler, J.D   Winkler, Geo.  (indexed by first name?
1883   Winkler, J.N   Winkler, Geo. (indexed by first name?
1883   Wilder, Geo   Wilder,GeorgeW (indexedbyfirstname?
1883   Wilder, Thos   Wilder,George W (indexed by first name?
1894   Williams, B.H   Gibson, Burdin    
1886   Campbell, Harrions & Co. Gibson, ?      
1890   Mullins, Treaney?   Gibson, Jarvis    
1886   Drinnon, R.J. Trustee   Gibson, Jarvis etux    
1890   Campbell, Harrions & Co. Gibson, Jarvis, etux    
1894   Gibson, P     Gibson, Kindrick    
1886   Coleman, Drinnon   Gibson, Patton    
1879   Collins, Jimmie   Gibson, Richard    
1894   Gibson, Melvin    Gibson, Richard    
1886   Drinnon, R.J. Trustee   Gibson, Richard etux    
1886   Sexton, Baley etux, etal Gibson, Wm.T    
1890   Trent, Alex   Gigory? Nelly    
1883   Williams, Jas S   Gilbert, John    
1886   Davis, Wm.B, E.M Quillen, A.J Taylor Gilbert, John, J.C etux
1886   Brewer, WmH   Gilbert, Lewis    
1886   Collins, Elizabeth   Gilbert, William    
1886   Maxey, Franklin   Gilbert, W.W    
1883   Mathis, Jas   Gill, Jas      
1886   Bartly, John   Gill, Jas T      
1890   Overton, R.R   Gillenwaters, J.C    
1894   Ramsey, J.C   Gillenwaters, J.C    
1894   Overton, Leonard   Gillenwaters, J.C    
1890   Drinnon, Thomas J   Gillenwaters, J.C. etux  
1879   Vaughn, R.F.J   Gilliam, H.G    
1886   Snapp, C.A Etux   Gilliam, Jacob    
1890   Williams, T.P   Gilliam, Jacob    
1894   Baker, Hiram   Gilliam, Wm.H Etal    
1879   Combs, Wm   Gillian, H.C    
1890   Wolfe, Hannigan   Givens, J.W exe    
1886   Keeton, Jefferson   Givens, John etux    
1886   Noblin, John   Givens, John etux    
1879   Givens, J.W   Givens, T.B    
1879   Givens, Joshua W   Givins, John    
1890   Givins, Thomas B   Givins, John E    
1886   Keeton, Jefferson   Givins, John Etux    
1883   Seal, Harry?   G.N Brower (indexed by first name?
1883   Dean, Miller   Goines, Zackariah    
1886   Campbell, I.W & Son   Goins, Oma    
1890   Lawson, C.C   Goins, Oma    
1886   Testerman, Bros   Goins, Zac etux    
1890   Gibson, Tandy   Goins, Zacariah    
1886   Fisher, William   Goins, Zack, Miller Dean etux  
1890   Smith, James H   Gollahorn, John etux    
1886   Wallen, R.B   Gollihor, Hugh Etux    
1894   Gollyhorn, Wilson   Gollyhorn, N    
1894   Gollyhorn, Anderson   Gollyhorn, Valentine    
1890   Short, W.B   Gollyhorn, W.H    
1879   Lawson, John   Gonce?, Geo    
1883   Maxey, Jesse   Goodman, Jesse    
1883   Trent, Lewis   Goodman, Jesse    
1890   Collins, Hillery C   Goodman, Jesse    
1886   Miller, P.J     Gowen, W.G Etux    
1879   Harrison, G.W   Granite, Wm    
1886   Ridenhour, Henry   Gray, Elinora    
1883   Wolfe, Hannagan   Gray, Jackson    
1886   Coleman, H.F Lein   Gray, John & Henry Redener  
1883   Givens, Joshua   Gray, John F    
1894   Livesay, M.D   Green, C.H    
1894   Testerman, T.J   Green, C.H    
1890   Drinnon, J.D   Green, David etux    
1890   Drinnon, James D   Green, David etux    
1879   Jones, John   Green, David J    
1890   Livesay, A.J   Green, David J etux    
1890   Nicholas, Johuah   Green, L      
1879   Green, Harrison   Green, D.H    
1890   Green, David L   Green, Fannie    
1890   Green, Jesse B   Green, Grant etux    
1879   Purky, Jesse   Green, Hampton    
1883   Lawson, W<   Green, Isaac    
1883   Green, Joel   Green, Isaac    
1886   Purkey, Asa   Green, Isaac    
1886   Dodson, Thos etal   Green, Isaac    
1890   Drinnon, Wm B   Green, Jane    
1890   Green, David    Green, Jas & Richard  
1890   Green, David   Green, Jasper per etal    
1894   Green, Robt   Green, Jesse B    
1894   Green, Geo   Green, Jesse B    
1890   Drinnon, Amos etux   Green, Jesse B etux    
1890   Green, Martha   Green, Jesse D    
1894   Trent, Robt A   Green, Jesse D    
1890   Green, Wm B   Green, Jesse J    
1894   Green, Robt   Green, J.B    
1894   Green, Grant   Green, J.B    
1883   Green, J.J     Green, Joel    
1883   Green, David   Green, Joel    
1894   Barnard, John H   Green, John C    
1890   Green, David   Green, John etux    
1890   Green, Jesse B   Green, John J etux    
1879   Edds, G.W   Green, Joseph    
1883   Greene, Jesse B   Green, Marshal    
1894   Green, J.B   Green, Nancy    
1890   Winkler, Jacob   Green, Perry Etux    
1890   Green, James D   Green, Richard    
1883   ?     Green, R.D    
1883   Baker, John   Green, R.D    
1883   Martin, Thos   Green, R.D    
1883   Yeary, W.N   Green, R.D. Clerk    
1883   Young, Wm.N   Green, R.D Clerk    
1890   Cantwell, Barnett   Green, Robert D    
1883   Campbell, I.W   Green, Robt    
1894   Green, Wm   Green, Robt    
1890   Trent, Elizabeth   Green, Robt D    
1890   Green, James T   Green, Robt D    
1890   Green, David J   Green, Robt D    
1890   Brooks, James H   Green,Samuel A Etux  
1886   Greene, Hamilton   Green, Seabent?    
1883   Green, Martha   Green, Susan    
1890   Gillenwaters, J.C   Green, Thomas    
1890   Green, David L   Green, Thomas etux    
1886   Greene, David A   Green, Thomas J etux  
1883   Green, Robt A   Green, Thos    
1890   Livesay, Wilbourn   Green, Wm    
1890   Green, Grant   Green, Wm B    
1890   Green, Grant   Green, Wm B etux    
1890   Green, Jesse D   Green, Wm T    
1890   Green, Jesse D   Green, WM T etux    
1890   Green, Jesse D   Green, WM T etux    
1886   Tyler, W.H   Greene, A.F? etux    
1886   Royston, R.A trustee   Greene, AJ Etux    
1886   Greene, Wm & C.H   Green, David    
1886   Greene, William B   Greene, David L etux    
1886   Greene, Cornelius   Greene, Eliza J    
1886   Tyler, Henry Trustee   Greene, Hampton    
1886   Lawson, Wm, J.K   Greene, Isaac    
1886   Purkey, Jesse   Greene, Isaac    
1886   Jefferson, John   Greene, Isaac    
1883   Ferguson, jerry    Greene, Jesse B    
1886   Seals, Pleasant etux, etal Greene, Jesse B    
1886   Purkey, E, L etux   Greene,Joel Etux    
1879   Green A F   Greene, Murph?    
1879   Baker, John R   Greene, R.D clerk    
1886   Montgomery, Manila   Greene, R.D clerk    
1886   Brooks, Joseph   Greene, R.D clerk    
1886   Buttry, Joab   Greene, R.D Clk    
1886   Mills, Wm. R   Greene, Thomas    
1886   Livesay, James   Greene, Thomas    
1886   Greene, Eliza J   Greene, William    
1894   Greene, J.D   Greene, WM    
1879   ?     Greenlee, S.P    
1886   McPherson, Thos   Gully, Martha    





1886   Hale, R.L power Atty   Hale, Sarah F etal
1894   Click, J.C     Hall, Jesse L
1890   Tyler, A.J & D. A Green Hall, J.H  
1890   Rogers, Thomas H   Hall, John H etux
1886   Margraves, G.W   Hall, John L
1886   Hopkins, Louise   Hancock County
1890   Marten, James M   Harold, Henry etal
1886   Jaynes, James Trustee Harris, James etux
1890   Green, David L   Harris, James etux
1890   Harris, James Jr   Harris, James etux
1886   Trent, James A   Harris, John
1886   Trent, James A   Harris, John
1886   Trent, James A   Harrison, George W
1883   Daughtery, J.C   Harrison, G.W
1894   Campbell, Lizzie   Harrison, T,J
1879   Rogers, Thos H   Hatfield, Geo N
1886   Shaw, John etux   Hatfield, George
1879   Greene, J.B   Hatfield, Henry
1886   Louther, Thos etux   Hatfield, Henry
1886   Louther, Thos etux   Hatfield, Henry
1890   Louther, Thos Etux   Hatfield, Henry etux
1883   Sutton, Peter   Hatfield, Hiram
1883   Purky, James A   Hatfield, H
1879   Partin, Cm?   Hatfield, Martha
1879   Hatfield, Henry   Hatfield, Mary F
1879   Williams, Simpson   Hatfield, Malinda
1883   Hatfield, Harmon   Hatfield, Nathan
1886   Leger, Clinton   Hatfield, Nathan, Harmon etux
1886   Royston, robert A   Hays, R.C
1886   Royston, robert A   Hays, Robertson C & Lydda
1883   Purcell, M.V   Heabalin? T.J
1886   Cobb, Thomas W   Heck, L.F  
1890   Jones, Lyda   Heck, Robert Etux
1886   Carson, S.L trustee   Helton, Calvin
1886   Carson, S.L trustee   Helton, C.S etux
1886   Mills, Wm R   Henry, B.F etux
1886   Depew, John W   Henry, Eli  
1879   Jordan, Jas & Thos   Henry, James
1883   Willis, W.W   Henry, Tyler
1883   Wynn, Alex   Henry, Tyler
1883   Tyler. A.J      Henry, Tyler
1890   Rogers, Thomas   Herd, Calaway
1879   Fulds? Shadrick   Herd,C D  
1883   Edens, Wm   Herd, C D  
1886   Herd, J.M & C A Vaughn Herd, C. D
1894   Spears, C.M   Herd, C D  
1886   Palmer, John Trustee   Herd, C D, James etux, etal
1894   Baldwin, E.W   Herd C S  
1894   Vaughn, H C   Herd C S  
1890   Lackey, J.H   Herd , Cline
1879   Herd, Daniel   Herd, Geo G
1879   Bowen, John C   Herd, G.L  
1879   Herd, Jesse   Herd, Hiram
1886   Vaughn, N, rebecca J, Robert J Herd, Hiram
1886   Anderson, Peter M   Herd, Hiram
1886   Western, James Etal   Herd, Hiram
1894   Herd, C S     Herd, Hiram
1894   Kyle, Thos R   Herd, H P  
1894   Kyle, Mary A    Herd, H P  
1879   Bowen, John C   Herd, John C
1879   Bowen, John P   Herd, John D
1894   Gilliam, Samuel   Herd, Wm C
1883   Mannon, Wm   Herrell, A F
1886   Edins, William   Herrell, Nancy 
?   Carpenter, Geo   Hicks, John
1886   Flanery, robert   Hickman, Daniel
1890   Williams, Thos P   Hickman, David Etux'
1886   Hickman, Nancy   Hickman, George Etal
1886   Mitchell, Robert   Hicks, David
1894   Mannon, A    Hill, Clerissa
1883   Hill, Margaret   hill, Henly  
1883   Mannon, Wm   Hill, Henry
1883   Pitton, Jacob   Hill, H  
1883   Sutton, Peter   Hiram, Hatfield? 
1886   Colier, John H   Hobbs, Nathan
1879   Jarvis, H C   Hobb, J A  
1879   McNeil, J F   Hobbs,J A
1883   McNeil, J F   Hobb, J A  
1883   Seal, R R     Hobb, J A  
1883   Collins, Jackson   Hobb, J A  
1886   Coleman, H F   Hobbs, J A lein
1886   Tyler, A J     Hobbs, J H
1886   Tyler, A J     Hobbs, John A
1886   Davis, Wm B & A J Tyler Hobbs, John A
1886   Davis, William B   Hobbs, John A & Wm N
1879   Campbell, Wm Jr   Hobbs, Nathan
1879   Hopkins, W J   Hobbs, Nathan
1886   Hobb, Manerva   Holt, Henry
1894   Yount, Henry   Holt, Henry
1886   Winkler, T J Trustee   Holt, Henry etux
1898   Green, D A trustee   Holt, Henry etux
1886   Royston, R A   Holt, Manerva
1886   Royston, R A   Holt, Manila
1879   Wynn, Wm   Hopkins,  Adam & Manila
1886   Gillenwaters, J C   Hopkins, Adam & Manila
1886   Collins, L K   Hopkins, Adam Etux
1890   Quillen, Logan   Hopkins, Adam Etux
1886   Gallahorn, George   Hopkins, Adam H etux
1883   Ramsey, Josiah   Hopkins, A A
1886   Coleman, H F   Hopkins, Andrew etux
1886   Burton, Richard M   Hopkins, Andrew etux
1890   Quillen, W S   Hopkins, Arthur
1890   Burk, Hulda   Hopkins, Arthur
1879   Parky, john   Hopkins, Eligha?
1890   Jorden, Thos & James Hopkins, Elijah etux
1886   Brown, Wesley   Hopkins, Hyatt etux
1886   Jarvis, Landen L   Hopkins, Thos Etux
1879   Maxey, Easley   Hopkins, W J
1886   Campbell, A A    Horner, W B etux
1890   Collins, Conway   Horner, Wm B
1886   Anderson, P M   Horten, Martin etux
1883   Kilgore, Jas   Horton, Hiram
1883   Horton, R J   Horton, Hiram
1883   Falin, John   Horton, Rachel
1890   Fuller, F M   Horton, Rachel
1883   Fields, Shadrick   Horton, R  
1886   Jarvis, H C   Horton, T L lien
1883   Tyler, Henry   Houston, Brower?
1894   Green, D A   Huddlestone, L




1886   Givens, J W & T B   In severality?
1886   Burton, Elizabeth etal Isay, Jackson
1886   Medlock, David   Isham, L  C H etux







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