Hancock County, Tennessee















This index covers the years 1879-1894, Surnames A-Z

This is all the information I have at the moment. The index was transcribed from the index on microfilm that I purchased from The Tennessee State Archives. I haven't figured out what all the columns mean so the year may not be exact (give or take a year or two) but the index is a great starting point if you are looking for your ancestors in Hancock County, TN.





                Hancock County Deed Index

          It is alphabetized by Grantor (seller).

            The Grantee is buyer and the Grantor is seller.










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1894 Livesay, Carter   Lackey, J.H
1894 Bowen, E.D   Lackey, J.H
1886 Herd, H.K.R Trustee   Lackey, John H etux
1894 Trent, Charly   Lamb, M A
1886 Jaynes, John   Lawson, Alfred
1886 Jaynes, John   Lawson, Alfred
1890 Brooks, T. J   Lawson, Caloway C etux
1883 Lawson, Richard   Lawson, D P
1886 Mitchel, J B trustee   Lawson, D P
1894 Lawson, Warren   Lawson, D P
1894 Mitchel, J B   Lawson, D P
1890 Cody, John   Lawson, D P etux
1886 Lawson, Francis & Virginia Lawson, Drewery
1886 Lawson, M.V   Lawson, Drewery
1886 Lawson, Martha & Victoria Lawson, Drewery etux
1886 Campbell, I.W & son   Lawson, Emanuel
1886 Campbell, I.W & son   Lawson, Emanuel
1894 More,N.H     Lawson, J W
1890 Lawson, James   Lawson, John
1886 Fugate, James   Lawson, John etux
1890 Ryley?, Etal   Lawson, Johnson
1886 Davis, Mary Ann   Lawson, Matilda
1883 Lawson, W J   Lawson, M S
1886 Lawson, J W   Lawson, M S
1886 Tyler,  A J trustee   Lawson, Perry etux
1890 Drinnon, Eliza   Lawson, Perry etux
1886 Campbell, I W & Son   Lawson, Perry Mortgage
1886 Rhea, Martha J   Lawson, P D
1890 Lawson, David P   Lawson, Richard W etux
1886 Seal, G W   Lawson, Tivis?
1883 Lawson, Eliza   Lawson, W J
1883 Trent, Wm   Lawson, W J
1886 Mobe, David   Lawson, W J
1886 Mobe, Hezekiah   Lawson, W J etux
1879 Lawson, Wm M   Lawson, W J K
1879 Sutton, Thos   Lawson, W J K
1886 Royston, R A   Lawson, W J K
1890 Lawson, Francis   Lawson, W L etux
1879 Davis, Joshua   Lawson, Wm & J K
1890 Mitchell, G B   Lawson, Wm & J K
1890 Overton, Robt   Lawson, Wm J.K trustee
1879 Hatfield, Nathan   Ledger, Arch 
1879 Hatfield, Harmon   Ledger, Arch 
1894 Purkey, Asa   Ledger, C H
1890 Arnold, John   Ledger, Elizabeth
1890 Jorden, James & Thomas Ledger, Newton
1894 Ledger, Archabal   Ledger, Peter
1890 Green, William   Ledger, W F
1886 Ledger, Archabald   Ledger, Peter
1894 Legere, Marien   Legere, C H
1886 Trent, James A   Leman, J H
1886 Davis, M H Trustee   Leman, J H etux
1890 Green, Robt A   Leman, J H etux
1890 Fletcher, Zacariah   Leman, J H etux
1894 Lemar, Sarah   Lemar, S P
1886 Montgomery, J T   Lemarr, S P etux
1879 Baker, J W   Lesterman, ? Etal
1886 Anderson, F R   Lesterman, W J etal
1883 Baker A A   Livesay, A J
1890 Livesay, G G   Livesay, A J
1894 Livesay, L W   Livesay, A J
1896 Roberts, Joseph   Livesay, Andrew
1886 Davis, M H   Livesay, Bros
1886 Beverly, J F   Livesay, Debra
1890 Livesay, John   Livesay, James
1886 Testerman, W J & M A Livesay, J J, L L, etux
1894 Testerman, John W   Livesay, L W etal
1879 Livesay, S W   Livesay, L W etal
1883 Livesay, Wm   Livesay, L W etal
1886 Tyler, Wm H trustee   Livesay, M D etux
1894 Burchett, Thos   Livesay, Rufus
1894 Livesay, F A   Livesay, S M
1886 Trent, S D     Livesay, Wilbourn
1883 Evens, Walter   Livingston, John etal
1879 Coleman, C H   Livingston, John etux, etal
1894 Mondy, U C   Long, Columbus
1879 Lawson, J W   Lawson, M
1890 Tyler, A J     Louthen, D N
1894 Huffman, Chas   Louthen, James
1879 Rice, J B Etux   Louthen, J B etux
1883 Louthen, D N   Louthen, Thomas 
1890 Lovin, Wm   Lovin, Nancy
1894 Anderson, H C   Lucas, J M
1890 Jones, Warren Etux   Lucas, William Etux
1886 McDowell, J R   Lucus, J M etal
1890 Hopkins, Arthur   Lucus, Wm L
1883 Wolfe, Geo A   Lutsha, Bolin F N
1879 Lawson, John   Lyan, Anderson
1886 Percell, N V   Lyon, F M  
1886 Parcell, M V trustee   Lyon, F M etux
1886 Purcell, James L   Lyon, F M etux
1894 Neely, A H   Lyon, L M  
1879 Vickers, Samuel   Lyon, Samuel








1894 Macklain, H   Macklain, Stephen    
1883 Fuller, F M   Maddock, David    
1890 Mahan, J H   Mahan, Charly    
1890 Mahan, Sophia   Mahan, Chas C    
1886 Mahan, Henry Trustee Mahan David    
1886 Jarvis, H C Trustee   Mahan, James    
1890 Mahan, W P etux   Mahan, James H etal    
1894 Mahan, Jacob   Mahan, Jas H    
1890 Mahan, James H   Mahan, W  P etal    
1890 Mahan, Charlee T   Mahan, W  P etal    
1886 Mahon, Henry trustee Mahon, David    
1890 Mahon, Charley   Mahon, James etux    
1890 Mahon, Charley   Mahon, James H    
1890 Mahon, Charley   Mahon, J H etux    
1890 Mahon, Charley   Mahon, Martha    
1890 Mahon, Charley   Mahon, William P    
1886 Tyler, Henry trustee   Mahon, WM D etux    
1894 Brooks, W C   Maloney, Malinda    
1886 Greene, D A trustee   Maness, Howard    
1879 Willis, Leonard   Maness, ?    
1883 Lyon, Mason M   Marcom, Alfred    
1886 Pridemore, A.L   Marcom, Alfred    
1883 Campbell, I.W   Margraves, G W    
1894 Royston, Robt A   Margraves, G W    
1886 Trent, Thos R   Margraves, G W etal    
1886 Tyler, A J Trustee   Margraves, G W etux    
1886 Tyler, A J Trustee   Margraves, G W etux    
1886 Campbell, Harrison & Co Margraves, G W etux    
1886 Tyler, Henry   Margraves, G W    
1883 Tyler, Henry   Margraves, G W    
1886 Margraves & Campbell Marion, WM    
1886 Wilbourn, Geo J   Marion, WM    
1886 Wilbourn, Geo J   Marion, WM    
1886 Quillen, Winfield Sr   Marks,?      
1883 Young, P.L   Marshall, Moles (indexed my first name)
1883 Thomas, Jasper   Marten, J      
1886 Tyler, A J Trustee   Martin, Andrew    
1883 Yeary, HC   Martin, Jackson    
1886 Fletcher, Zedekiah   Martin, James F etux    
1890 Russell, William Etux Martion, J F etux    
1890 Edds, John S   Martin, J M etux    
1883 Sumpter, Henry   Martin, Thomas    
1894 Edds, J S     Martin, WM    
1886 Claunce, Epri, prim   Mathews, Joseph Etux  
1886 Greene, A J   Mathews, Joseph Etux  
1883 Buttry, M D Trustee   Mathis, J C    
1883 Harrison, Thos   Mathis, J C    
1883 Buttry, M R   Mathis J C    
1886 Campbell, Elizabeth J Mathis, John C etux    
1879 Waddell, John   Mathis, Wm    
1879 Gibson,?     Maxey, Esley    
1894 Campbell, I W   Maxey, Esley    
1886 Coleman, H F   Maxey, Esley & Marshall  
1886 Campbell, Harrison & Co Maxey, Jemina    
1886 Campbell, I W & Son   Maxey, Jemina    
1883 Tyler, Eugene   Maxey, John    
1879 Tyler, Henry   Maxey, Mary    
1879 Southern, J M   Maxey, Mary    
1886 Drinnon, R J Trustee   Mayes, Rolly    
1883 Jarvis, L M   Mayes, Wilson    
1883 Fergerson, Lee   Mays, F      
1886 Royston, R A   Mays, J A      
1890 Drinnon, Edward   Mays, John    
1894 Pesky?, John   Mays, John    
1894 Martin, John   Mays, Rolley    
1886 Campbell, J H Trustee Mays, Rolley etux    
1894 Green, John C   Mays, WM    
1886 Campbell, I W & son   Macallum, J R    
1883 Purcell, M V   Mccaster, Nancy    
1894 Bowens, Wm H   Mcclure, Thos    
1886 Fairchild,  James M   Mcclure, D S    
1886 Bowens, Wm H   Mccollough, Samuel T  
1886 Fairchild,  James M   McConky, John    
1883 McCoy, W L   McCoy, Alice    
1883 Wolfe, Nathaniel   McCoy E      
1890 Day, J J     McCoy, Eliza    
1883 Mackey, ?   McCoy, Jeptha    
1883 McCoy, W L   McCoy, Jeptha    
1879 Wolfe, Wiley   McCoy, Martha    
1883 McCoy, W L   McCoy, Milton    
1883 McCoy, W L   McCoy, Milton    
1883 Allen, WM   McCoy, W L    
1883 Allen, WM   McCoy, W L    
1883 Kyle, H G Trustee   McCoy, W L    
1890 Day, J J     McCoy, W.L etux    
1886 Fulkerson, F M trustee McCoy, W. L etux    
1886 McKinney, Jamesq James    McCullough, William    
1879 Thompson, J F   McDaniel, John     
1879 Spear, J E   McDowell, John    
1879 McDowell, Jas   McDowell, John    
1879 Spear, J E   McDowell, WM J    
1879 Testerman, W J   McEntash, Jas     
1886 Tyler, A J Trustee   McGee, Elisha Etux    
1886 Greene, David A trustee McGee, Elisha Etux    
1886 Greene, David A trustee McGee, Elisha Etux    
1890 Garland, Joseph   McGee, Wm etux    
1879 Smith, J L     Mc Ginis, John W    
1879 Gonis, Elizabeth   ?, John      
1883 Winkler, Geo W   ?, Ross      
1883 Winkler, John   ?, Ross      
1879 Green, S D   McKelly, W A    
1886 Jorden, James & Thomas McKinis, Martha J & etal  
1886 Givens, Joshua W   Mckinney, Jane & James  
1886 Day, E T     Mcleary, Catharine Etal  
1886 Dean, John    McMillen, Abraham    
1890 Testerman, John W   McMillen, Abraham    
1886 Baker, John W   McMillen, Abraham etux  
1883 Brower, Richard   McNeil, B F    
1890 Campbell, I W Sr etal McNeil James F    
1879 Coleman, H F   McNeil, J F    
1879 Campbell, I W   McNeil, J F    
1883 Buttry, ?     McNeil, J F    
1883 Campbell, I W   McNeil, J F    
1883 Tyler, Henry   McNeil, J F    
1886 Campbell, I W   McNeil, J F etux    
1886 Drinnon, B J   McNeil, J F etux    
1890 Gilbert, J M   McNeil, J Fetux    
1886 Williams, Thos B   Metlock, WM    
1890 Bradly, James   Metlock, WM etux    
1883 Campbell, Isaac   Miller, Dean    
1894 Testerman, W T & T   Miller,?      
1894 Sizemore, Edward H   Miller, P J      
1879 Mills,  W R   Mills, J B      
1886 Snodgrass, & Fields   Mills, J T      
1894 Mason, Chas   Mills, John    
1894 Robinett, Eliza   Mills, P J      
1894 Robinett, J H   Mills, P J      
1883 Coffee, W C   Mills, W R    
1894 Mills, John   Mills, W R    
1879 Mills, J B     Mills, Wm R    
1894 Walker, T     Mills, Wm R    
1894 Jorden, Jas & Thos   Mills, Wm R    
1894 Mackey, Jas   Mills, Wm R    
1886 Bery, ? Jr     Mills, Wm R etux    
1886 Tyler, A J     Miner, Alfred    
1886 Pridemore, Geo W   Miner, Alfred    
1886 Testerman, W T   Miner, Alfred & Chancey  
1886 Bowen, E D   Miner, Gilford trust    
1886 Tyler, A J Trustee   Miner, James    
1883 Herd, E L     Minor, Gilford    
1890 Williams, John   Minor, Gilford etux    
1890 Mobe, WM   Minor, H K etal    
1886 Bird, Wm C   Minter, ? Etux    
1879 Hill, Henly     Minter, E F    
1879 Mundy, James   Minter, Lawson    
1883 Mundy, W C   Minter, L c    
1886 Yeary, Bendrick?   Minter, L C    
1894 Larmar, Wm L   Mintor, Pillom    
1894 Gibson, Fleenor   Miser, Thos    
1879 Collins, Howard   Miser, Wilson    
1890 Mobe, WM   Mitchell, Jesse B    
1883 Green, Isaac   Mitchell, J B    
1886 Greene, A F   Mitchell, J B trustee    
1883 Fields, John c   Mitchell, J P    
1886 Mitchell, Jesse B   Mitchell, John D etux    
1883 Campbell, I W   Mitchell, Richard    
1883 Livesay, Richard   Mitchell, Richard    
1890 Stone, Carson   Mitchell, Richard etux  
1886 Tyler, A J Trustee   Mizer, Hamilton etux    
1886 Tyler, A J Trustee   Mizer, Wilson etux    
1883 Fletcher, Zeddy   Mobe, Wm    
1894 Mullins, Monroe   Mobe, Wm    
1894 Minor, Dalzie   Mobe, Wm    
1894 Mobe, Francis   Mobe, Wm    
1886 Mobe, Hezekiah   Mobe, Wm etux    
1890 Sutton, George Etux   Mohan, W P etal     
1879 no grantee   mohicas, L M, J P    
1894 Moles, Martha   Moles, Hiram    
1890 Day, R L     Moles, Hiram Etux    
1883 Young, P L   Moles, Marshall    
1886 Brewer, John D   Moles, Marshall etux, etal  
1886 Mitlock, Wm etal trustee indepence church   Moneyhun, J M
1883 Edds, S J     Montgomery,?    
1879 Shiplet, Robt   Montgomery, H W    
1879 Edds, G W   Montgomery, H W    
1879 Edds, G W   Montgomery, J T    
1894 Mannon, A    Montgomery, J W    
1886 Minter, Joseph C   Montgomery, Manla?    
1894 Montgomery, Manuel Etal Montgomery, Manla?    
1886 Minter, Jas C trustee   Montgomery, Manla etal  
1890 Edds, G W   Montgomery, Manla etal  
1894 Shiffly, Miller   Montgomery, Manly    
1890 Edds, Joseph H   Montgomery, W H Etux  
1879 Fisher, Mary   Moore, Hiram    
1894 Green, Geo W etal   Morgan, Wm S Sr.    
1894 Davis, J R    Morris, J S    
1879 Moles, Hiram   Moses, James    
1886 Tyler, A J Trustee   Mosley, John etal    
1886 Tyler, A J Trustee   Mosley, John etal    
1886 Williams, James   Mosley, John etal    
1890 Royston, John & Joseph Mosley, John etal    
1894 Alder, Lewis   Mosley, Mary    
1894 Carroll,Nancy   Mules, Francis    
1886 Goins, Alfred   Mullin, John    
1894 Burchett, J H   Mullins, Darcas J    
1886 Jarvis, L C trustee   Mullins, Ezra    
1886 Tyler, A J     Mullins, Ezra    
1894 Johnson, Levy   Mullins, Jane    
1894 Horton, Thompson T   Mullins, Jerry    
1886 Coleman, H F trustee Mullins, Jerry etux    
1886 hale,?     Mullins, Jerry etux    
1886 Coleman, H G & HF     Mullins, Jerry etux    
1879 Davidson, Tilly   Mullins, John etux    
1894 Collins, Howard   Mullins, John Sr     
1886 Jones, Riley   Mullins, Mary    
1886 Catron, E P trustee   Mullins, Wiley    
1886 Blakemore, Thos B   Muncy, Kellog C    
1886 Greer, J M & Co   Muncy, WM    
1886 Greer, J M & Co   Muncy, WM Etal    
1890 Drinnon, John D   Murrell, Frank Etux    
1879 Smith, Timothy D   Murrell, Franklin    
1886 Winsted, J L   Murrell, Franklin    
1890 Odom, George   Murrell, James    
1886 Murrell, Franklin   Murrell, Jame M    
1886 Odom, George   Murrell J      
1890 Odom, George   Murrell, John A    
1883 Winkler, Jacob    Myers, John    
1879 Barnard, S W   Myers, John & wife    
1886 Livesay, A J   Myers, Tandy etux    






1883 Winkler, J N   Nancy, Winkler etal indexed by first name
1883 Maxey, Jesse   Natherlain, John    
1886 Kilgore, C S   Neely, A H & S E    
1879 Anderson, John    Neff, A W      
1879 Lawson, J W   Neff, B      
1879 Anderson, John B   Neff, ? Etal    
1883 Anderson, John   Neff, Henry    
1890 Bell, Geo & Burdine   Netherland, John     
1879 McGee, Davis   Nichoas, James    
1883 Baker, J W   Nicholas, Jas    
1879 Sizemore, Elizabeth   Nicholas, Jesse P etal  
1879 Flanery, Robert   Nicholas, J P    
1883 Green, Wm   Nicholas, J P    
1883 Lawson, J W   Nicholas, J P    
1894 Carter, Elisha   Nicholas, J P    
1894 Moles, Hiram   Nicholas, J P    
1879 Williams, JOhn   Nicholas, J P etal    
1890 Sergner, May   Nicholas, Josiah etux  
1886 Bowen,  E D trustee   Nicholes, Jesse    
1879 Gilbert, W M   Nicholes, Jesse P    
1886 Davis, Abraham   Nichols, Jesse P    
1879 Wynn, W M   Nichols, J P    
1886 Horton, Hiram   Nichols, J P    
1883 Maxey, Frank   Nichols, J P etal    
1890 Trent, Lewis   Nize, James etal    
1883 Taylor MFG Co   N.HBowerindexedbyfirstname
1886 Thrower, WM E Pow atty no grantor      
1886 McMillen, Deed   no grantor      
1890 Coleman, H F etal   Noblin, John etux    









1883 Lawson, Geo H   Oaks, M  
1883 Brewer, C C   Oclone, Geo W
1886 Odom, G T &JH   Odom, Catharine etal
1883 Odom, Geo W   Odom, Catharine 
1890 Odom, H H   Odom, Geo etux
1894 Trent, Sallie   Odom, Geo W
1886 Odom, perry   Odom, George etux
1886 Cantwell, David   Odom, Henry etux
1894 Odom, Ruth   Odom, H H
1890 Odom, G     Odom, J  
1886 Odom, Geo W   Odom, John  G etux
1890 Murrell, Frank   Odom, John H
1886 Cantwell,?H&TJ   Odom, Perry etux
1886 Cantwell,?H&TJ   Odom, P A
1886 Lawson,Harmon   Odom, Taylor
1879 Reed, Preston   Ogan, Pete
1879 Helton, Calvin   Ogan, Peter
1879 Perry, J N     Ogan, Peter
1879 Bray, McHenry   Ogden, Pete
1883 Wolfe, David   Ones, John
1883 Campbell, I W   Orrick, Benjamin
1883 Overby, Wm   Overby J  
1879 Seal, W G   Overby, Spencer
1894 Turner, Geo B   Overton, B
1890 Tipton, Rufus   Overton, James C etux
1890 Campbell,  A D   Overton, James etux
1894 Spears, Jas   Overton, J C & M P
1894 Overton, R R    Overton, Landis
1879 Thompson, J F   Overton, M B
1894 Mondy, Jacob   Owens, Honly
1886 Shiffly, Granville   Owens, James B
1886 Snavley, James Etux   Owens, WM etux





1890 Church, L F   Palmer, Wm C etux  
1886 Bray, McHenry   Parker, Willliam Etux  
1879 Edens, William   Parkey, Hugh  
1886 Parky, Isaac   Parkey, Hugh  
1886 Overton,  G D trustee   Parkey, Hugh  
1886 Linch, Geo W   Parkey, Hugh  
1886 Edens, William   Parkey, Hugh etux  
1886 Parkey H     Parkey, Isaac  
1879 Parky, John   Parkey, John  
1879 Shipley, Granville   Parkey, John  
1879 Shifflet, Rhode   Parkey, John  
1890 Parkey, Harry   Parkey, ?    
1890 Parkey, Peter G   Parkey, ?    
1894 Parkey, H F   Parkey, ?    
1886 Parkey, Hugh Etal   Parkey, Peter  
1894 Breeding, ?   Parkey, W  
1883 Overton, Elbert   Parkey, Wm etux  
1886 Mannon, Wm etux   Parkey, Wm H etux  
1890 Parkey, Henley   Parkey, Wm H etux  
1894 Leedy, AM   Parkey, Wm H etux  
1886 Greer, J M & Co   Parks, J H etal  
1894 Byrd, Sarah   Parks, S J  
1894 Mondy, Jacob   Parks, S J  
1883 Lodge unity No. 378   Parky, Hugh  
1883 Kesterman A B   Parky, Hugh  
1890 Parky, Robert L   Parky, Hugh  
1883 Owens, Jas   Parky, John  
1879 Bishop, Elisha   Parky, John etal  
1890 Green, Hamilton   Parky, John H  
1883 Kesterman A B   Parky, Wm  
1879 Willliams, Sampson   Partan, S C  
1890 Burk, John R   Parten, R     
1879 Parkey, James   Parten, Geo  
1879 Painter, Thos   Painter, Austin  
1886 Wolfe, Nicholas   Pearson, J H agent  
1883 Pearson, J H   Pearson, Monroe  
1883 Collins, Robt   Percell, L F  
1883 Trent, S D     Perky, Wm  
1883 Trent, S D     Perky, Wm  
1886 Cantwell, David   Perry, George etux  
1890 Mannon, William   Perry, James  
1886 Perry, George   Perry, James  M etux
1886 Cantwell, David   Perry, James etux  
1894 Ogan, M J   Perry, J M  
1890 Trent, J A     Perry, Richard etux  
1890 Church, Baptist, Methodist Petas, James P etux  
1886 Perry, Isaac    Pettibone, Samuel  
1886 Tigner, J H   Pettibone, Samuel  
1886 Tigner, John H   Pettibone, Samuel  
1886 Armstrong, Gale   Pettibone, Samuel pow atty
1886 Mundy, U C   Pillion, Jacob  
1886 Hutson & J king   Platt & Certificate  
1879 Grane H Wm   Price, Henry M  
1886 Bowen, E D etal   Pridemore, G W  
1886 Herd, H K R for John Baker Pridemore, G W  
1890 Hill,William H   Pridemore,  G W etux
1894 Alder, Nicholas   Pridemore, Hiram  
1886 Coleman, H F   Pridemore, Hiram etux
1886 Pridemore, Geo W   Pridemore, Jonathan etal
1886 Tyler, A J Trustee   Pridemore, Willey etux
1886 Sergent, S G   Pridemore, William  
1886 Martin, James S   Pridemore, William  
1894 Alder, Nicholas   Pridemore, Wily  
1894 Pridemore, Willis   Pridemore, WM  
1886 Wilbourne, George J   Pulliam, ? & etux  
1894 Catron, E P   Pulliam, W S  
1886 Purcell, M V   Purcell, George  
1883 Herd, C D     Purcell, Lafayett  
1883 Rogers, Mc   Purcell, M V  
1883 Eden, George   Purcell, M V  
1890 Eden, Curtis   Purcell, M V etux  
1890 Purcell, M V   Purcell, William C  
1886 Willliams, john etux   Purkey, Wm etux  
1879 Cope, Pleasant   Purky, WM L  
1890 Morgen, David   Purky, Wm T  







1890 Gillenwaters, I S   Quillen, E M etux
1890 Parkey,WmN   Quillen, Eliza etal
1894 Quillen,WS   Quillen, Mary'
1886 Hopkins,GW   Quillen, W S

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