Directions to
DeKalb County Cemeteries

The cemeteries are listed alphabetically by name on four pages. Click a grave marker button below that corresponds with the cemetery for which you are looking.

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JACO 213 Locatedon Leland Thweatt property on Judkins Lane near Jefferson.
JACBOS PILLAR 179 Located 3 miles south of Smithville at Jacobs Pillar Methodist Church.
JAMES 98 Go North on Hwy. 56 from Smithville about 3 miles, turn right just before reaching Phillippi Church of Christ and go about.4 of a mile. About 50 yards from the road in a field near a brick house is the cemetery.
JEFFERSON 216 Located on Pates Ford Dock Road about 3 miles from State Road 288.
JOHNSON 71 From Silver Point on Hwy. 141, cross DeKalb County line; the cemetery is behind the first house on the right. it joines the Carr-Merritt cemetery.
JOHNSON CHAPEL 86 Located beside Johnson Chapel Baptist Church, off Hwy 70 about 3 miles east of Sligh Bridge.
JONES 14 From Alexandria, go east on Lower Helton Road about 4 & 1/2 miles; turn north on Dry Branch Road. Go about 3/4 of a mile, a road turns right, crosses the branch and goes up a hill. The cemetery is about 50 yards behind a house.
KEITH 169 From Smithville go south on Hwy 146. Turn north at New Home Church, go about 2 miles to the home of Mrs. John Keith; turn west and cemetery is 1/4 mile off the road in a fenced area.
KELTONBURG METHODIST CHURCH 229 Located behind the Kelton Burg Methodist Church on Hwy 288.
KENNEDY 112 Located next to the Smithville Golf Course on Second Street.
KENNER 128 Located northwest of Liberty, near Robert's Grocery on Hwy 70.
BUD LAFEVER 77 Located on Hwy 56 on top of the hill across the road from Blackberry Hill between Silver point and the bridge.
JOSEPH M. LAFEVER 267 Located behind the home of Joe La Fever at Cherry Hill store site on old road, 2 or 3 houses north of the old store site.
LAUREL HILL 92 Located 1 & 1/2 miles east of the Sligh Bridge, in front of the Laurel Hill Pentecostal Church.
LEAGUE 60 From Center Hill Dam go east on Hwy 141 about 1 mile to Bait Shop. Cemetery is on the hill northeast of the shop. A path leads tok but there is no road. It is about 1/2 mile up the hill.
MOLLIE LEAGUE 54 From Center Hill Dam, go east on Hwy. 141 about 3/4 mile to Hwy. 96, go north on 96 about 1/2 mile. Turn left on Love's Valley Road, go 1/4 mile to old Lucy McDonald house on right. (Now owned by Mr. Truitt, owned by Ryleigh League before and during Civil War.) Cemetery is up old road, on east side of house, about 200 yards up the road and 30 yardseast of the road. It is on the north side of a small hill.
LEAGUE CHAPEL 103 From Intersection of Hwy. 70 and Hwy. 56 in Smithville go north on Hwy 56 about 5 miles to Barron's Bluff Road on left. The cemetery is very near this intersection.
JOHN LINDER 210 Located on the north side of Jefferson Road about 1 mile from Hwy. 288.
LOCKHART 197 Located across the street & just east of the Smighville City Cemetery.
LOVE 52 Located in Love Valley, 100 yards west of old Buffalo Valley Road.
J. M. Love 207 Located in Young Bend, in Four Seasons Resort.
LYLES 110 Located in a field, northeast corner of Alonzo Allen Farm, 1 mile from DeKalb County Courthouse on Hwy 53 on the east side.
MALONE 25 From Temperance Hall go west on Hwy. 264 across Smith Fork Bridge. Go to the 2nd road on the left, just before Walker's Creek Bridge. Go up the hill on a twisting road to a house. The cemetery is about 100 yards behind the house in a pasture.
MALONE 28 Located on Walker's Creek Road .2 miles south of Oakley Branch Road.
MALONE 31 Located .2 mile toward Hickman from Walkers Creek Road at intersection on west side of the road.
MARTIN 220 Take Hwy. 56 south from Smithville 6.6 miles to the New Bildad Church sign, turn left. Go .4 of a mile to the 1st road to the right and follow to the cemetery.
ALEXANDER MARTIN 105 Located 1 mile south of Hurricane Bridge, east of Hwy 56.
MASON 209 Located on Porter Webb property. Turn off Hwy 288 toward Pates Ford Dock, go about 1/2 mile, turn north on gravel road, go about 1/2 mile.
MAYNARD 82 Located in the old 8th district on Williams Crossroads Road, about 3/4 mile past Ozion Church.
MAYNARD 80 Located in Cherry Hill Community near the LaFever grocery.
ARLEE MEDLEY 76 Going from Silver Point south on Maggart Ridge Road to Second Creek. The cemetery is near the end of the road at the bottom of a hill among several cabins.
MERRITT 67 From Center Hill Dam go on Hwy. 141 about 2 & 1/2 miles and take the road to the right(south). Continue up steep, winding hill to Poplar Flat, about 1 & 1/4 miles. Stop at first road to the right. Ridge above the road is where the cemetery is, about 150 yards from Poplar Flat Road, west of the road.
MITCHELL 59 From Center Hill Dam follow Hwy. 96 north about 3/4 mile to Big Rock Store. Across the road to the east is Violet Starnes' trailer; cemetery is directly behind it across the gully and over a fence.
MOCASSIN BLUFF 51 Located near the Putnam County line in DeKalb County near Happy Hollow Road on Cecil Moss Farm.
MORGAN 195 Located about 1 mile east of Hwy. 56 South, turn onto a gravel road. Cemetery is north of Road in middle of the field.
C. N. MOSS 63 Located about 1 & 1/4 miles east of Center Hill Dam on the Luther and Sallie Helms martin place in the old Laurel Hill Community.
MOUNT ARARAT CHURCH OF CHRIST 163 Located in Cannon County at the DeKalb County line. From Mount Moriah Church on Pea Ridge go south 2 & 1/4 miles to Cannon County line, cemetery is on west side of the road.
MOUNT HOLLY 113 Located on Honeysuckley Rd. between Hwy. 70 west and Hwy. 56 north. This is where most of the graves were moved to when Center Hill Lake was formed.
MOUNT MORIAH BAPTIST CHURCH/TROY CRIPPS 145/146 Located beside and across the road from Mount Moriah Church on Pea Ridge.
MOUNT ZION BAPTIST CHURCH 17 From Alexandria go east on Lower Helton Road about 6 miles. Cross Smith Fork on bridge, Mount Zion Church is on hill to left just past the bridge.
NEW HOPE BAPTIST CHURCH 8 Go about 2 miles east of Alexandria on Walkers Creek Road. Church is on north side of the Road.
NEW UNION BAPTIST CHURCH 249 Located at the New Union Baptist Church in the Belk Community.
OAKLEY 23 Located Temperance Hall to Hickman Road, .2 mile from bridge at Temperance Hall, turn left at large frame house on hill. Located in lot in front of house.
OAKLEY 122 Located on Hannah's Branch beside the James Tubb, Jr. Cemetery
OAKLEY 30 From Alexandria go east on New Hope Road over to walker's Creek, about 5 miles. Turn left at Oakley's Branch and go about one & 1/2 miles. The cemetery is just before the Smith County line on a hill above a thicket of Cedar trees. it is southwest of a chimney standing where a house burned, on the west side of the road.
OAKLEY 16 Located on Jim Corley farm on Helton Creek at Smith Fork.
O'CONNER 149 From Mount Moriah Church on Pea Ridge go east on Dry Creek Road about 1 mile. The cemetery is near the road on the north side.
OVERALL 142 Located on Clear Fork about two miles from Liberty on west side of Hwy. 53.
BARNABAS PAGE 262 From intersection of Hwy. 70 & 56 in Smithville go west on Hwy 70 about 5 miles to Snow's Hill. Turn north on Hwy. 96 (Dale Ridge Road), go about 4 miles to Dale Ridge Baptist Church. The cemetery is in the woods about 1/2 mile behind the church, a long steep walk, almost down the hollow.
PAGE 114 There is no directions.
JEMIMA PAGE 117 From intersection of Hwy. 70 & 56 in Smithville go west on 70 about 3 & 1/2 miles to Drivers Nursery, turn north on to Hurricane Ridge Road, go about 3 miles to Camp Branch Road on the left. The cemetery is just passed the intersection and about 2 yards off the road.
ROAN 118 Turn off Hwy. 70 at Snow's Hill onto Dale Ridge Road (Hwy. 96), go about 1.6 miles. A road turns left down a hollow, but to go to the cemetery, turn right up a hill on a very rough road, past two houses, cemetery is in front of a small barn.
PARRISH 230 Located near the Warren County line on a road that goes from Old Bildad Road to the Seven Springs Road, and is on the north side of the road.
PARSLEY 106 Go north on Hwy. 56 in Smithville about 1 & 1/2 miles, turn left on the road to Nuturn Factory. Pass Nuturn and continue on Coconut Ridge Road about 4 miles to Bea Robinson house. Go behind this house on a farm road about 1 mile. Past the second barn is a cleared field. Follow the west fence to the north fence and cross it. Go north about fifty yards through the woods to the cemetery.
L.E. PEDIGO 104 Located west of Hwy. 56 about 5 miles north of Smithville on Tom Love Ridge.
PETTY 95 Located by turning off old Sparta Hwy. at Pomeroy Chapel Church, follow Sligo Road almost to the top of the hill; the cemetery is beside the road on the right.
PHILLIPS 260 From intersection of Hwy. 70 & 56 in Smithville go south on 56 five miles to Hwy 288. Turn east on 288 go about 3 miles, turn north, then east on Pates Ford (also called Jefferson) Road. Go about 1 & 1/2 miles, turn south passing home of Gentry Turner. Cemetery was on east side of the road, but is now destroyed.
PISGAH BAPTIST CHURCH 165 Located at the Pisgah Baptist Church on Short Mountain Hwy. about 6 miles southwest of Smithville.
PISGAH METHODIST CHURCH 120 From Dowelltown go north on Smith Fork Road, staying on the east side of Smith Fork. Go about 3 & 1/2 miles, turn right on Hannah's Branch Road at Tubb Cemetery. Pisgah Methodist Church is about 1 mile on Hannah's Branch Road on the left.
PISTOLE 44 Located near Temperance Hall on Buster Evans property on top of the ridge.
PLUNKETT 57 Lovated on Happy Hollow Rowd about 100 yards east of the Judd-Winchester Cemetery.
PONDER 100 Located on the Pascal Ewin Summers property on Highway 56, near Ponder Rd., approximately 4 miles north of Smithville. Cemetery known locally as Ponder Cemetery, but the sign says Burton Cemetery.
POORHOUSE 191 Turn off Hwy. 56 just north of Pine Creek Bridge. Go east about 1 mile, stop at fourth curve; cemetery is about 100 yards south of the road in a grove of oak trees in a pasture.
POTTER 224 Located on the property of Chloe Adcock Magness near the Seven Springs Community close to the DeKalb/Warren County line.
TILMAN POTTER 225 This cemetery no longer exists. It was plowed over about 1910.
PRATT'S GRAVE 271 From Cooper's Chapel Church on Dismal Creek, go west about .6 mile to first house on left. Walk up very steep road to left of house, about 1/2 mile to top of hill. When coming out of woods into cleared field at top, go right about 50 yards. The grave is under a cedar tree and 4 other medium-sized trees. There was never but one grave here. Rev. Wm. A. Pratt December 4, 1810-August 15, 1900. From this hill one can see for miles in all directions.
PUCKETT 201 From intersection of Hwys. 70 & 56 in Smithville, go south on 56 one block, turn left on Bryand Street. Continue east on Bright Hill-Young Bend Road about 5 miles. Pass old New View School (now Pine Creek Saddle Club), take next gravel road to the left. Go about .4 of a mile, cemetery is in field about 100 yards east of the road. A large Oak tree is in it.
PUCKETT 102 Located on Mrs. Bonnie Puckett place on Hwy. 56 north of Smithville.
JAMES PULLAM 53 Located in Love Valley .1 of a mile on top of the east hill, 100 yards west of Hwy. 96.