Directions to
DeKalb County Cemeteries

The cemeteries are listed alphabetically by name on four pages. Click a grave marker button below that corresponds with the cemetery for which you are looking.

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DAVIT L. RAY 247 Located in the Belk area about 1/4 mile north of Belk Community Center.
REDMON 233 Located on property of Bernice Cantrell one mile south of the Kelton Burg Community.
REYNOLDS 42 From Temperance Hall go south on Hwy. 264 past the Temperance Hall Community Center, about .2 mile to a lane on right. Follow the lane across and up a hill about 1/4 mile. Cemetery is right beside the lane.
WILLIAM ROBINSON 138 Located between Forks of the Pike (Hwy. 96) and Alexandria, on the west side of old turnpike, near where Dismal Road came into the pike.
MARTHA S. ROBINSON 252 Located in the Belk Community in Wright Bend.
EDWARD ROBINSON 125 Located on west side of Smith Fork about 3/4 mile below Dowelltown.
ROWLAND 50 Located near Old Lancaster Ferry on old Rowland farm, 16th district on Caney Fork River 2 miles below Center Hill Dam.
SALEM BAPTIST CHURCH 129 Located in Liberty, TN.
SANDERS 253 Located in the Belk Community off the Wright Bend Road near the lake.
SANDLIN 270 From intersection of Hwys 70 & 53 in Alexandria go south on Hwy 70 about 1 & 1/4 miles and turn left onto Tramel Branch Road and go about 1 mile. Turn right on Dismal Road, go about 1/2 mile to J.B. Williams home on the right. Cemetery is in barn lot.
SCOTT 268 From Hwy 70 in Liverty turn north at Smith Fork Bridge on Dismal Road, go about 2 miles to Fuller's creek, turn left again and go west about 1 mile to Cooper's Chapel Baptist Church, turn left on Henley Hollow Road. Go about .9 mile. Road is on south side of creek. Cross creek on trail to old Scott place, with ruins of house and chimney, barn and other outbuildings. Cemetery is on hillside north of barn about 150 yards.
REBECCA SCOTT 269 From Hwy 70 in Liberty, turn north at Smith fork bridge on Dismal Road, go about 2 miles tp Fuller's Chapel methodist Church. Turn left and cross creek, turn left again and go about 1 mile to Cooper's Chapel Baptist Church. Go straight past the church about 1 mile and turn left into hollow and go about 1/4 mile to second house. Cemetery is behind this house in the barn lot.
SELLARS 177 Located top of Snow's Hill on the old road 1 & 3/4 miles east of intersection of Dry Creek Road and Hwy. 70. The cemetery is on a hill about 100 yards off the road.
SEXTON 66 From Center Hill Dam go east on Hwy. 141 about 2 & 1/2 miles, take the road to the right. Go about 3/4 of a mile and turninto Helm Hollow. Cemetery is between the first & second house, near a brick house.
SHAW 89 Located near Dubland Estates off Hwy. 70 near the White County line.
JOHN W. SHAW 88 Located on north side of Hwy. 70 in a field near the house of Sid Sherrard; 3 miles east of Sligh.
SMITH 74 Located in Dekalb County on top of the ridge just above the Old Samuel Foster place. Turn right off Hwy. 141 at the first road on the right after you pass the old Cecil Hayes farm. Follow the road that leads to the top of the hill, approximately 2 miles from Hwy. 141 west.
SMITHVILLE TOWN 198 Located 3 blocks from the Courthouse on Congress Blvd.
SNOW 161 From intersection of hwy 70 & 56 in Smithville go west on Hwy 70 about 6 & 1/2 miles to foot of Snow's Hill. Turn left on Dry Creek Road, go about 4 & 1/2 miles, cross the creek on an iron bridge, pass Pea Ridge Road, go on the road beside the creek about 1 more mile to a fork in the road where a branch runs into Dry Creek. The cemetery is on the hill side above this branch, about 50 yards from the fork of the road.
SNOW HILL BAPTIST CHURCH 175 From Smithville go west two miles past the DeKalb County High School on Hwy. 70. turn left onto Old Snow's Hill Road, church and cemetery are on the left of the road.
SNOW HILL UNITED METHODIST CHURCH 174 Located just off Hwy. 70 on the old Lebanon Pike.
SAM SNOW 160 Located at the William Fuston home across the creek from Orvil Byford's, just off Dry Creek Road.
STACY 69 Located on Wolf Creek 2 miles west of Wolf Creek Church.
STARNES 47 From Center Hill Dam go on Hwy. 141 west about three fourths mile to Long Branch Road, follow it south about 1 & 1/2 miles to Tony Starnes old store. Cemetery was across the the creek behind Tony's old house. Cemetery is no longer there. The place has been bulldozed. The cemetery only had field stone markers.
STEELE 87 Go east on Hwy. 70 across Sligo Bridge over Center Hill Lake. Go about 2 & 1/2 miles to Johnson's Chapel Road, go north on it about 1/2 mile to Miss Henry Elrod's house, on left. Across from it is an old road leading about 1/4 mile to the cemetery on Hubert Mahler property.
STOKES 39 At Temperance Hall methodist Church take the left-hand road and go a short distance to the first house on the left. The cemetery is about .4 mile north and east of the house, about .2 mile from the road and abbout .2 mile from Smith Fork.
ANDY TAYLOR 115 Turn off Hwy. 70 at Drivers Nursery 1 mile west of DeKalb County High School. The cemetery is located 3 miles north of Indian Creek Church.
TAYLORS PROVIDENCE 93 Follow Hwy. 70 east past the White County line. After about 2 miles turn south and follow the signs about 2 more miles to the cemetery.
TEMPERANCE HALL 41 Located at Temperance Hall on a hill above old Caplinger house.
TITTSWORTH 189 Located on Hwy. 56 south of Smithville at Shinning Rock.
OLD TITTSWORTH 190 This Cemetery no longer exists.
TOMPKINS 263 From intercetion of Hwy 70 & 56 in Smithville go south on 56 about 5 miles. Turn east on Hwy. 288, go about 3 miles, turn north, then east on pates Ford or Jefferson Road. Go east about 4 miles to Edward Webb house. Cemetery is located nearby.
TUBB 26 From Temperance Hall go west on Hwy. 264 across Smith Fork Bridge. Then go 1.2 miles farther on to a brick house on the left. Go south beside the house, cross Walker's Creek, follow the road past 1 hose to a house up on a hill. Behind the house ant to the right is the cemetery, enclosed in a fence.
JAMES TUBB SR.   From Temperance Hall follow Hwy. 264 north about a mile. Cross Walker's Creek bridge, turn right onto Lancaster Road, go less than 1/2 mile to first brick house on left. Cemetery is up from this house on adjoining farm on hill, about 200 yards from road.
TURNER 217 The cemetery is located by going to the old Will Barnes home-place and down the old road to the Will Pate Turner place. The cemetery is on the right. This is in the Jefferson Community.
TURNEY 143 From Liberty go south on Hwy. 53 to DeKalb-Cannon Co. line. Turn left and cross Clear Fork on new concrete bridge. Follow road about 1/2 mile passing Sweetwater hollow. Cemetery is on edge of woods beside road past first field. Ruins of an old house are nearby.
VANATTA 134 From Alexandria go south about 2 miles on Hwy. 70. Cemetery is beside the Hwy. on the east side.
VANATTA 171 Turn south off old Nashville Hwy. onto Crossroads Road, pass Martin's Chapel Emmanuel Church of Christ, turn west at nest road, go about 100 yards to a small road on the right. The cemetery is beside this road on the left enclosed by a fence.
VANTRESE 4 At southern edge of Alexandria just south of the junction of Hwys. 70 & 53. turn west onto road at the grocery store. Go west .7 mile, keeping right at fork of Road, At end of road is a house; cemetery is down the hill across the branch an up the next hill.
JAMES M. VAUGHN 205 Located 1/2 mile past Elmer Knowles house, on north side of the road in the Young Bend area about 1 mile past Young Bend Cemetery and church.
VICKERS 168 Located about 1 mile northwest of New Home Church in the edge of the woods, about 1/2 mile from the public road.
WALKER/ALLEN 243 From intersection of Hwys. 70 & 56 in Smithville go south on 56 five miles to Hwy. 288. Follow 288 about 7 miles to Belk Store. Go east and north on Allen Bend Rosd about 3 miles. Cemetery is about 1/4 mile past Stillpoint Road near the north side of Allen Bend Road.
WALKER'S CHAPEL CHURCH 101 Located on Hwy. 56 5 miles north of Smithville.
J. B. WALKER 256 Located on Wallace Cantrell farm about 1 & 1/2 miles from Keltonburg on the Keltonburg to Belk Road.
O. D. WALKER 245 From intersection of Hwys. 70 & 56 in Smithville go south on 56 five miles to Hwy. 288. Follow 288 about 7 miles to Belk Store. Go east and north on Allen Bend Rload about 1 & 1/2 miles. Cemetery is about 1/2 mile east of the road and near Caney Fork River.
ROBERT WALKER 240 Located 1 mile northeast of Antioch.
SAM WALKER 241 Located directly behind the Robert Walker Cemetery about one mile northeast of Antioch.
MILTON WARD 181 From intersection of Hwys. 70 & 56 in Smithville go south on 56 about 5 miles. Turn right on Blue Springs Road and go about 3 & 1/2 miles, cross Sink Creek, turn right and go about 1/2 mile. The cemetery is on the left beside the road.
WASHER 34 From Temperance Hall go north west on Hwy. 264 about 1 & 1/2 miles crossing Smith Fork and Walker's Creek Bridge on Alton H. Williams farm, beside the barn enclosed by a low stone wall.
WEBB 227 Located near the Keltonburg Community.
WEST 137 Located in the Upper Helton area of DeKalb Dounty about 1 & 1/2 miles past Upper Helton Baptist Church. Also known as the Dinwiddie Cemetery
WHORTON SPRINGS 193 Located about 2 & 1/2 miles south of Smithville on Hwy. 56.
WILLIAMS 166 Located 100 yards south of Hwy. 146, 1 & 1/2 miles southwest of New Home Church, turn near Miller's Grocery. It is in a small grove of trees.
WILLOUGHBY 13 Located off Helton Creek on Dry Branch Road, to the left of Billy Willoughby's house with an iron fence around it.
WILLOUGHBY 12 Located on DRy Branch Road, east side, 1/4 mile off Walker's Creek Road, south of Walker's Creek Road.
WINCHESTER/JUDD 56 Located off Happy Hollow Road on the road between Laurel Hill and Happy Hollow.
WILLIAM V. WINCHESTER 55 Located on Happy Hollow Road near the west end.
WOODS 183 Located in the edge of DeKalb County at the DeKalb/Warren Co. line. Go south from Bethel Methodist Church into Warren County and just before reaching Green Hill Road, turn east, then almost immediately turn north on the road to the cemetery.
C. C. WRIGHT 255 located in the Wright Bend near Belk, about 3 miles past Belk store beside the road.
YEARGAN 123 From Dowelltown go down the east side of Smith Fork about 2 & 1/4 miles to Davis Hollow, turn right. Go less than 1/2 mile to second house on the left, Donnie Braswell's. The cemetery is near the house on the left.
YOUNG 203 From the intersection of Hwys. 70 & 56 in Smithville go east on 70 one block to Bright Hill Street, turn right and follow road on into Four Seasons Road. Go about 6 miles to Mt. View Primitive Baptist Church, turn right at first road past the church. Go about 1/2 mile to old Green Young Farm (owned by Ambers young in 1988). Cemetery is there in a field.
YOUNG 222 Located in the Keltonburg Community about 1 mile south of Keltonburg.
YOUNG 96 Located 3.1 miles east of the courthouse in Smithville on East Main Street (Old Sparta Road.
ARRON YOUNG 202 Located on Young Bend, west of Tomas G. Webb. The cemetery is located on Young Bend, west of Woodrow Knowles' near a summer cabin.
YOUNG BEND 202 Located on Bright Hill Road approximately 6 miles southeast of Smithville, very near the Mount View Baptist Church.