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Cocke County is located in East Tennessee, one of the state’s three “Grand Divisions.” Cocke County was formed in 1797 from part of Jefferson County. It is bordered by the following counties: Greene, Hamblen, Jefferson, Sevier, and Haywood Co., NC and Madison Co., NC. Newport is the county seat.

From Ramsey's Annals of Tennessee, 1853, regarding the county's founder:

"Cocke county was named for Gen. William Cocke, a native of Virginia, and an emigrant to Holston. He has been repeatedly mentioned as having participated in the military, civil, legislative and Judiciary services of Virginia, North-Carolina, Franklin and Tennessee, where he was known as an efficient and zealous officer, from his debut at Long Island, to his seat in the United States Senate, which he held for twelve years. He will be seen, thereafter, as one of the Circuit Judges for Tennessee. A member of her Legislature at the commencement of the Creek war in September, 1813, after assisting to pass an act to authorize an augmentation of the forces to march against the Creeks, and to protect the defenseless settlers in the most exposed part of the Mississippi Territory, and repel invasion, he, at the rise of the Legislature, though above sixty years of age, and before visiting his home in East Tennessee, volunteered his service as a private in that war, and acted therein most bravely and usefully. He was afterwards appointed United States Agent to the Chickasaws. He afterwards settled in Mississippi, and represented his county in its legislature. In private life, he was most hospitable and benevolent."

QUESTIONS ABOUT YOUR ANCESTORS? Please do a search from the box below to locate  surnames you are interested in throughout the documents on our site. Other helpful resources are found listed below in the Queries, Lists and Message Boards section of this page, and the link there to others researching particular surnames. And be sure to check the Stokely Memorial Library pages here for files they may have on your families of interest and their research assistance. Website hosts are not able to assist with research inquiries, but we hope these suggestions can help you on your searching. And as always, we welcome your contributions.

SEPTEMBER 2013:  Contributions continue from the intrepid records detective, Bruce Price! He has provided us with even more data from Civil War Pension records, including five new families: Elijah/Caroline Fox, George/Mary Holt, Charles/Susan Talley, Hezekiah/Martha Moore and Nehemiah/Mary Jane Harrison. Bruce has also submitted a Name Index of those signing petitions to the Tennessee General Assembly, as well as a page of signers on the 1845 petition to move the county seat. He has also added information to the Petitions page related to the Buckner and Campbell divorce petitions. Thank you so much, Bruce!

AUGUST 2013: Our TNGenWeb State Project Coordinator, Taneya Koonce, has announced that the Tennessee TNGenWeb Cemetery Database now has a map feature. This will be a boon for folks trying to locate older burials, particularly. Please see the description of this new feature HERE and from that page you may navigate to the database itself and to the home page. Spend a few moments enjoying the rest of our state website...and try a search for your names of interest!
An extra special thank-you to Bruce Price for contributing the final set of Cocke County land deed records, for a total of some 1,792 grants across the thirty-four volumes on microfilm in the state archives. Bravo, Bruce, for your fortitude and your generosity! These new additions include Volume 29, Volume 31, Volume 32, Volume 33 and Volume 34.  In addition, Bruce has provided us abstracts of three Civil War pension file documents: Minor Heirs of James/Rachel Wilson, and Widow's Pension file abstracts for Telitha (Aaron) Hatley and Kesiah (Russell) Butler. But wait, there's MORE! We are also proud to announce Bruce's abstracts of Petitions to the General Assembly from 1799 to 1850, some fifty-seven petitions covering matters such as divorce requests, turnpike roads, emancipation of slaves and county improvements. He also advises that the Index of Tennessee Supreme Court Records, contains valuable information Cocke County researchers won't want to miss, and that has now added some 3,800 Delayed Birth Certificates for our county. He cautions about mistakes in the indexing but notes that these birth documents, required in 1935 for the new Social Security program, may often contain much more information to evidence the birth as claimed.
Finally, we have added a new page for archived older announcements and continue adding to our listings of Civil War ancestors.

MAY 2013:  UPDATE - Thanks again to Bruce Price, we now have three more additions to the county land deed records, Volume 19, Volume 20, and Volume 25 - to follow up on our last announcement.
This time around we have several new submissions: Bruce Price has contributed the latest in the land deed records, Volume 17, abstracted from the Tennessee State Archives, and Lori Baxter has contributed photos of pages from the early Acts of Tennessee collection there listing a number of Cocke Countians.  We also wish to thank Jerry Lynn for contributing ancestors to our page on pre-1876 county marriages.  Finally, we're glad to pass along a new link to her pages by Carolyn Whitaker, an addition to her Civil War research pages involving Tennessee and her Cocke County folks that has expanded into a look at events from the Revolutionary War days that, she argues,  may have brought that sad time to our country. She calls the new page What About Benedict Arnold? and offers food for thought through her research. Thank you all for sharing.

MARCH 2013: NEW SUBMISSIONS TO THE PRE-1876 MARRIAGE LIST! Thanks for the most recent contributions from Bruce Price and Lori Baxter.  Please let us know if your ancestors marriages fit this early list - Civil War and Revolutionary War Pension records are especially helpful in finding these, since county records before 1876 were destroyed by fire.

For the convenience of our site visitors, contributions to our record and family surname/histories will now show their submission dates. Undated items are either original files, very early contributions or outside links. We welcome any suggestions for improving your visit to Cocke County TNGenWeb, and your contributions are always appreciated. Check back often for new additions!

ALWAYS NEWS:  The United States Reference Unit at the Family History Library has launched a research guide for Cocke County, Tennessee in the new FamilySearch Wiki format. Anyone who wishes to can register and add material or make changes.

Leslie Husky Cozart of Friends of the Stokely Memorial Library informs us that Duay O’Neal has finished a compilation of Cocke County Cemeteries, two big volumes. They are available through the Library. See the library's page for details.

Carole Thomason, the Hamblen Co. TNGenWeb coordinator, is a descendant of William Cocke. Please visit the Cocke page she has created to learn more about William Cocke, his contributions to Tennessee history, and the family line.

We are in need of documents collected from outside Cocke County pertaining to the area before the 1879 courthouse fire which destroyed all county records.

On Dec 30, 1876, a fire destroyed the Cocke County courthouse, taking with it all the records. (All except old deed book #17, which a lawyer had taken home to work on a case.) With those records went much of the information that we researchers need to piece together our family trees.
But not all the information is lost. In addition to old deed book #17, there were records that did not belong to the county that survive. These include church records, military records, state records, and even records in other counties and state that refer to Cocke County.
The purpose of this page is to serve as a central repository for information from all sources about Cocke County and its people from before the courthouse fire. If you have information to contribute, please submit it to the site co-hosts with as much data as possible,  including the document's date, names involved, and a brief abstract. This will help other researchers find their Cocke County roots “BEFORE THE FIRE”.
If you would like credit and are willing to share other data you might have concerning Cocke County, please submit your name, email address, and the type of data you have to:
Joyce G. Reece  or   PJ  Summers

Co-hosts for Cocke County TNGenweb


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