Thompson Creek Baptist Church, Como, Tennessee

The History of Thompson Creek Baptist Church
as written in “History and Families of Weakley County, Tennessee

On the third Saturday in August 1831, a few members met in the home of Brother Angus Alexander. This place being in Weakley County, TN.

At this meeting letters were called for and read, and fellowship was declared for each other.
A Covenant was called for which met the approval of members and presbyter.
A Confession was read and approved.The right hand of fellowship was given after which the Charge was delivered by Brother Samuel McCowan and a church was constituted.

The assembly resolved that the church be called Thompson Creek Baptist Church and they would meet each second Saturday afternoon and second Sunday morning. Brother McCowan was elected as pastor. There were 12 members, one of which was a slave of Brother Alexander.
The congregation continued to meet in the Alexander home until they eventually built a one-room church building to worship in.

In 1947, the church building was remodeled and Sunday School rooms added to it. Sunday night, Dec. 18, 1960, the church building burned.

A plot of ground was bought from Mr. John Lovelace in Como, just across the Weakley and Henry County line to build on.

The location of the old building was on the old Paris and Dresden Road. After the church building burned and until the new one was completed, the congregation met in the Central School building.
Brother A. W. Porter of Greenfield, TN was the pastor at the time.

On Sunday morning, Aug. 13, 1961, the first service was held in the new building. On that day, five people presented themselves for membership-two by baptism and three by letter.

There have been three known preachers licensed and sent out from this church. Brother J. Robert Paschal, Brother Thomas Aaron Winchester and Brother Michael J. Simmons.

Brother Don Malone is the pastor at present. He has served the church as pastor longer than any other preacher. This time being 20 years.

Written by Mrs. Mildred Winchester, Church Clerk (now deceased). Since Mr. Winchester wrote this history in 1989, Rev. Malone still being the pastor will have served the church 29 years in December of 1998.

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