RENSHAW, James BLACK, Harriett 5-21-1884 Film # 0978841
ROBINSON, A.J. Matilda J. Keith  
(Sarah M. Love) 
12 Sept 1889  Marriage Record 
RODGERS, Frank HONEYCUTT, Mary 8-25-1885 From Morgan Co. Records
RUFFNER, Christian  III RABY, Nancy 12-28-1856, Knox Co. Submitted
RUPPE, Frederick Louis HEYDEL, Pauline 10-27-1887 St. Paul Lutheran Church Records
RUPPEE, Johann Apely MELHORN, Emily 6-5-1881 St. Paul Lutheran Church Records
RUSSELL, Thomas DAVIS, Anna  date unknown at this time Submitted
RUSSELL, William Madison 
b3-31-1859, d3-15-1939
b3-23-1869, d1-10-1963
date unknown at this time Submitted


 ST. CLAIR, Albert KEITH, Sarah Jane 4 Nov 1862, by Rev.J. F. Walker Court House records
SCARBROUGH, T. C. SMITH, Nannie 12-19-1901/12-20-1901 Film#0978841
SCOTT, B. J.  BOLES, Lottie 12-20-1886 Marriage Record 
SEAVER, William BLAKE, Mary 9-26-1896 Film # 0978841
SEXTON, John HAMBY, Maggie 12-29-1901/12-29-1901 Film#0978841
SHANNON, Preston R. McCARTT, Charlottie 27 October 1878,  
by Jas. M. McCart, Minister
Court House Records
SHANNON, Riley McCART, Jane 14 Sept 1868 Court House Records
SHEHAN, Thomas BRADLEY, Sarah 3-19-1875 Film # 0978841
SHELDON, Daniel BOAZ, Hortensia 11 Nov. 1900 Film # 0978841
SHIRK, Robert BERRY, Amanda E.  5-31-1898 Film # 0978841
SIENKNECHT, Carl FREY, Corothia 11-3-1887 St. Paul Lutheran Church Record
SILCOX, Bratcher HOLDER, Sarah 7 March 1866, by Jas McCart Court House Records
SILCOX, Thomas DAVIS, Minerva Lic. Issued: 27 Aug. 1879 Court House Records
SILVEY, Tilton BROWN, Margaret L.,  
d/o Wm. & Easter Brown
4-27-1905 Submitted
SIMPSON, Adam BRADSHAW, Harriet 12-18-1895 Film # 0978841
SIMPSON, William H.  BEATY, L. C.  5-4-1900 Film # 0978841
SIMS, Oliver J. HAWN, Isabel 25 Dec. 1900 Court House Records
SIMS, THOMAS BROWN, Jane ?? Dec 1869 Court House Records
SLATER, Henry NEAL, Emily J.  17 Dec 1871, by S. H. Scott, J.P. Court House Records
SMITH, Andrew SHANNON, Catherine ?? April 1881 Court House Records
SMITH, Jonah/Jonus CROMWELL, Martha m: 7-8-1883 
Morgan Co. 
by John Judd D.D.
Micro roll #14 
Mo. Co. Marr Rec 
SMITH, W. A.  HICKMAN, Mattie 10-21-1901/10-23-1901 Film#0978841
SNOW, GEORGE WASHINGTON WILLIAMS, Martha 12-15-1911 / 12-17-1911 Submitted
SNOW, JOHN W.  CARPENTER, Alpha 11-27-1900 
by John L. Scott, J.P. 
Morgan Co., TN
d/o Joseph H. & Dorthy Schooler
8-25-1847 Morgan Co. Book G
SOLOMON, Jno W.  LAWSON, Harriet 14 July 1892, by Jno Davis, JP Court house records
STAKE, Melvin JONES, Mildia 6-29-1901/6-30-1901 Film # 0978841
STEWARD, William BALES, Dodie  8-26-1893  Film # 0978841
STEWART, Eldridge MELTON, Isabel 12-16-1901/12-17-1901 Film#0978841
STINECIPHER, Ezra BLACK, Eliezebeth 1-9-1865 Film # 0978841
STRINGFIELD, Herschel Asbury, s/oJoseph Walter and Mede Underwood Stringfield HOLCOMB, Joannabelle  June 12, 1953 in Grace Methodist Church, Alamogordo, N. Mex. Submitted :  
Jo Stringfield
STONECIPHER, Joseph M.  BARGER, Sarah J.  11-21-1894 Film # 0978841
STRINGFIELD, A.  RYON, Sarah 7-25-1901/7-21-1901 Film # 0978841
STRINGFIELD, Ezekiel SORRELS, Rebecca 11-5-1785 Stringfield Family Bible
STRINGFIELD, Julian F. GARRETT, Jettie 8-1-7-190/8-18-1901 Film # 0978841
SWELS, J.M. HEARDRICK, Lina P. 9-22-1887 St. Paul Lutheran Church Records
SWICEGOOD, Henry F.  TAYLOR, Martha J. 7-8-1901/7-9-1901  Film # 0978841


TAUSCHER, Carl GSCHWIND, Anna 7-11-1885 St. Paul Lutheran Church records
TAUSCHER, Chas. G. GSCHWEND, Anna 8-9-1885 From Morgan Co. Records
TAUSCHER, Ernest KREIS, Lucie 4-5-1869 – by 
Rev. Gustav Bachmann
Marriage Certificate
TAUSCHER, Johann GSCHWIND, Wilhemina 4-29-1887 St. Paul Lutheran Church Records
TAYLOR, A. D.  BRADSHAW, Francis  1-9-1893  Film # 0978841
TAYLOR, J. N. MOORE, Margaret 10-30-1901/10-30-1901 Film#0978841
THORNTON, Church HENDERSON, Sallie 12-7-1901/12-8-1901 Film#0978841
TODD, William TODD, Lucinda 3-5-1866 
by Henry Chiles, J.P., 
Morgan Co., TN


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