Maury County Cemeteries

Columbia Area Cemeteries

Greenwood Cemetery – Columbia’s only public cemetery for 50 years, was established in 1809. Located between Garden Street and Duck River, it is the resting place of many pioneers of the city, the most famous of which a re Maj. Samuel and Jane Knox Polk, parents of President James K. Polk.  (some pictures online here)

Polk Memorial Gardens – A privately operated cemetery actually located in the Ashwood area on the Mt. Pleasant Pike, between Columbia and Mt. Pleasant, has become one of Columbia’s major cemeteries since its establishment in 1953.

Rose Hill Cemetery – The principle cemetery of Columbia after its establishment in 1853, is located on the eastern side of Columbia, off the by-pass and Cemetery Avenue. Military of all wars buried here include:

Revolutionary War———2
War of 1812—————3
Seminole War————- 3
Mexican War—————2
Civil War, C.S.A.——-361
Civil War, Federal——–5
Spanish-American War—–15
World War I————-163
World War II————246
Korean War—————20
Vietnam War————–14

St. John’s Church Cemetery – Located in Ashwood area between Columbia and Mt. Pleasant and adjacent to Polk Memorial Gardens, was established about 1842 by the Polk family. It was used for the burial of several Confederate soldiers and three generals who fell at the Battle of Franklin, all of whom have been removed to burial sites near their homes. St. John’s is also the final resting place of five of Tennessee’s Episcopal bishops.

Family cemeteries within Columbia – Booker, Dooley, Gregory, Maguire, and Walker.


Mt. Pleasant Area Cemeteries

Arlington Cemetery – the major cemetery for Mt. Pleasant, is located on US Hwy 43, just south of the city.

Bailey Cemetery – Originally Alexander Pickard Cemetery , on King Hollow Rd., one mile from Mt. Joy.

Beech Hill Cemetery – Is five miles northwest of Mt. Pleasant on Pisgah Ridge behind Beech Church of Christ.

Blowing Spring/Blowing Rock Cemetery – Six miles south of Mt. Pleasant on west side of Dry Creek Road.

Bynum- Williams Cemetery – Take US 31 North from Mt. Pleasant, going 1 1/4 miles past Maury County Airport. Turn left, passing through Rattle & Snap’s farm area, crossing railroad tracks and by-pass, follow farm roa d through fields to cemetery in a grove surrounded by ploughed fields.

Cecil Family Cemetery – Take Cross Bridges Road from Mt. Pleasant 4 1/2 miles. Cemetery is at top of hill 300 yards east of road.

Howard Cemetery – On Enterprise Road southeast of Mt. Pleasant, across road from Arrow Lake-Cross Creek juncture, take farm road around a hill for 1/2 mile. Cemetery is located in a grove of cedars and can be seen from Enterprise Road.

Hunter Cemetery – Historic cemetery connected with Hunter Meetinghouse, is on Enterprise Road, south of Mt. Pleasant, off Hwy 43. Hunter Cemetery was Mt. Pleasant’s major cemetery for more than a century, with the first interment in 1812.

Lasley Cemetery – South of Mt. Pleasant on Hwy 43 at Sandy Hook community’s northern edge on Normal Davis place.

Lawrence Cemetery – is in the northern part of Mt. Pleasant beside Hwy 43. Established prior to 1841 by Willis Henry Boddie, the earlier cemetery, before expansion, was known as Boddie Cemetery.

Pisgah Church Cemetery – Is beside the old Pisgah Methodist Church building 2 1/2 miles from Hampshire on the Mt. Pleasant Pike. It was established perhaps by 1810.

Shiloh Church Cemetery – Take Cross Bridges Road from Mt. Pleasant to Roy Thompson Road. Go one mile to cemetery with several large trees on north side of road.

Family cemeteries in the Mt. Pleasant area – J. Bailey, Buckner Family, Bumpus-King, Bruce, J. Cecil, Cross, Dawson, Dickson, Granbery, Grimes, Jennings, Neal, Sheepneck, Stone, Terry, and Walker.


Southport Area Cemeteries

Chaffin Cemetery – 1/2 mile east of Garrett Cemetery on Tod Dugger Rd., between road and Boyd Jones house.

Ebenezer Church Cemetery – South from Scott’s Mill to Screamer community. Cemetery is beside the Cumberland Presbyterian Church.

Garrett Cemetery – Go 1/4 mile south of Glenwood Church and turn east on Wiley Branch Rd. Go one mile, take right fork 1/4 mile to cemetery in grove of trees on left.

Glenwood Cemetery – Go south on Campbellsville Pike from Columbia nine miles to Southport. The cemetery is across the road from Glenwood Cumberland Presbyterian Church.

Newton Matthews Cemetery – One mile south of Southport on Campbellsville Pike. Cemetery is on left in back of Jessop house.

Spencer Hill Cemetery – Go south on road to Screamer community and Giles County from Enterprise; then turn west on Elk Ridge Rd. to cemetery on right.

Watt’s Hill Cemetery – Turn west on Elk Ridge Rd. from Enterprise Rd. and go 1 1/4 miles beyond Spencer Hill Cemetery. Cemetery is south of the road in a pasture.

Family cemeteries in the Southport area – C. Chaffin, Coffee, Foster, Garrett, Gillespie, Gilman, Gooch, Gray, Hackney, Hogan, Howell, Lee, Logue, Murphey and Turnbo.


Williamsport Area Cemeteries

Concord Cemetery – From Columbia go out Williamsport Rd. to Monsanto Rd. and turn right. The cemetery is on right just before the main Monsanto plant. The Concord Cumberland Presbyterian Church no longer exists.

Mt. Nebo Cemetery – established 1837 is the major cemetery for Sawdust community. Follow Williamsport Pike west to Brown Hollow Rd. Turn north and go 1/4 mile to cemetery behind Mt. Nebo Methodist Church.

Charles Sowell Cemetery – Go south on Cross Bridges Rd. from Williamsport. Turn right on road to Jimmy Russell house. Cemetery is on top of a hill in field behind air strip.

Williamsport Baptist Church Cemetery – In Williamsport on north side of Hwy 50 near Baptist Church. Cemetery was established in 1957.

Williamsport Cemetery – Turn right on first street as you enter Williamsport from Hwy 50. Cemetery is on right side behind the Methodist Church.

Zion Presbyterian Church Cemetery – On Zion Road six miles west of Columbia off Hwy 99. Church and cemetery are on right one mile down Zion Rd. The historic cemetery was established about 1808 and is the burial sit e of many pioneers, ten Revolutionary War veterans, 10 War of 1812 veterans and 55 Civil War veterans.

Family cemeteries in the Williamsport area – Barnes, Blocker, Bowen, Coleman, Cooke, Foster, Hodge, Joyce, McKennon, Moore, William Pillow, Sargent, John Sowell, Tindall-Pollard, and White.


Hampshire Area Cemeteries

Baxter Cemetery – Is on Southpoint Ridge Rd., 3/4 mile west of Southpoint Cemetery.

Blair-Love Cemetery – Is in Cathey’s Creek community, just east of pumping station.

Cathey Family Cemetery – Is on Love’s Branch Rd., 100 yards west of Ridge Rd.

Old Cathey Cemetery – Is located just west of Cathey’s Creek on William Brown place. It is in a grove of trees behind a store and abandoned airstrip.

Cedar Hill Cemetery/Ramsey Graveyard – Is half-way between Cross Bridges and Hampshire on the south side of Hwy 214.

Cross Bridges Methodist Church Cemetery – Is in Cross Bridges community beside the Methodist Church.

English Family Cemetery – one mile east of Cross Bridges and south of Hwy 50 on Mrs. Robin Courtney place. The cemetery is on the top of a hill across Beard Creek.

Hill’s Chapel Cemetery / Cross Bridges Baptist Church Cemetery – In Cross Bridges, turn south beside Big Bigby Creek and go 1/2 mile to cemetery on right side of road. First burial was in 1889.

Jones Presbyterian Church Cemetery – Is in Isom on south side of Cathey’s Creek, on old Cathey-Robinette place. It is one of the older cemeteries in Maury County, founded about 1807.

Kittrell Cemetery/ Cathey’s Creek Church of Christ Cemetery – is in Isom community on Cathey’s Creek behind Church of Christ.

Kittrell Family Cemetery – is in Isom on south side of Cathey’s Creek, on Hyle Cathey place.

Love Family Cemetery – Go two miles west from Taylorsville on Love’s Branch Rd. Turn right at barn and go 1/4 mile to farm road on right. Cemetery is in a grove of trees, across the field and behind the barn.

Morrow Cemetery – Two miles past Taylorsville on Love’s Branch Rd., enter road to Love Cemetery. Cemetery is at end of road on a hilltop, on Ocie Booker place.

Peyton Cemetery/ Patton Cemetery – Take Dry Fork Rd. west of Hampshire and go 2 1/2 miles to cemetery on south side of road.

Sheboss Cemetery – is on Natchez Trace near Maury-Hickman County line.

Southpoint Cemetery/Edward’s Family Cemetery – Take Southpoint Rd. 1/2 mile west of Taylorsville and go one mile to cemetery on left side of road.

Webster Cemetery – is 3/4 mile west of Cross Bridges, right side of Hwy 214 and beside Osborne house. The cemetery is named for Jonathan Webster, born in Wilkes Co., GA in 1767.

Worley/Whiteside Cemetery – is at Isom on south side of Cathey’s Creek.

Family cemeteries in the Hampshire area – Conner, Isom, (Old) Love, Pugh, and Strayhorn.


Glendale Area Cemeteries

Bills Cemetery – From Hwy 50, go south on Mooresville Pike three miles to cemetery on right side of road beside A.T. Hill barn. Cemetery is named for Isaac Bills, one of original Columbia lot purchasers in 1808.

Brown Cemetery/Old City Cemetery/Lytle’s Creek Cemetery – South on Mooresville Pike for one mile, crossing bridge over Lytle’s Creek. Cemetery is on west bank of creek in grove of trees. Cemetery has to be entered th rough Swope Fleming property. Cemetery is named for Col. Joseph Brown in whose cabin the first session of Maury County Court was held.

Central Church Cemetery – behind Central Presbyterian Church midway between Glendale and Culleoka.

William Daniel Cemetery – South on Mooresville Pike to Phinny-Murphy Rd. Cemetery is on top of high hill in deep woods, across the pike, on Akins place.

Davidson Cemetery/ Kirk Cemetery – From Groveland or Hill Station, go east on Groveland Ridge Rd. to where TVA transmission line crosses. Turn right on local access road and go 1/4 mile to cemetery on James Davidso n place.

Gilliam Cemetery – Take first road on left just south of Howard’s Bridge, road to Philadelphia Church, for 1/2 mile. Cemetery is in woods on left of road.

Griffin-Love Cemetery – Cemetery is on the Old Lewisburg Pike, about 300 yards east of bridge over Fountain Creek.

Hill Cemetery – Is in Hill Station (Groveland) on a hill overlooking the Hill family homeplace, now owned by Charles Martin. It is named for Revolutionary War soldier, James Hill, born in Georgia about 1759.

Holland Cemetery – Take Hill Station Rd. from Groveland. Turn left on Dixon Rd., and go 1/4 mile, turning right on an old Jeep trail and going about a mile toward Duck River. Cemetery is near where TVA transmissio n line crosses the trail, in woods at top of bluff overlooking Stillhouse Hole in the river. It is named for Maj. James Holland, Revolutionary War soldier born in 1754.

Lancaster-Kerr Cemetery – Turn left off Hwy 50 on Old Lewisburg Pike, two miles east of Glendale. Turn right on Bryant Rd. and go 1/4 mile to cemetery in woods on right side of road.

Lindsay Cemetery – Go 3/4 mile south of Glendale on Culleoka Rd. Turn right on narrow road, cross railway tracks to enter drive on left beside tracks. Cemetery is behind Roy Cherry’s barn.

Myrick/Gray Cemetery – Mooresville Pike, 1/4 mile south of Old County Farm. Cemetery is on hillside behind Ernest Taylor barn.

Philadelphia Church Cemetery – Turn north off the Old Lewisburg Pike on Howard’s Bridge Rd. Go two miles to cemetery behind church. It was established just after end of Civil War.

Pleasant Garden / Fleming Cemetery – On Phinny-Murphy Rd. between Mooresville Rd. and Covey Hollow Rd.

Pleasant Mount Cemetery – East on Lewisburg Highway (Hwy 50) about one mile beyond Glendale, turn north on Pleasant Mount Rd. Go 1/2 mile to cemetery beside Cumberland Presbyterian Church.

Smiser-Booker Cemetery/Clopton Cemetery – Is at edge of Columbia city limits behind residences on Skyline Drive. Cemetery is part of historic Fairmount, former estate of Smisers and Bookers.

Stephen Smith Cemetery – Go east from Columbia on Hwy 50. Turn left on Old Lewisburg Pike and go 2 1/2 miles to Ella Upshaw place. Cemetery is across field behind her house.

Vaughn Cemetery – East on Sowell Mill Pike to where Duck River makes an eastward turn. Turn onto meandering road and go along river bluff for 1/2 mile. Cemetery is on right in cedar grove.

P. Watson Cemetery/ Pinkston Cemetery – East on Scribner’s Mill Rd. to Smyrna Church of Christ. Turn north at church and go to first house on right. Cemetery is on high hilltop in front of house.

Family cemeteries in the Glendale area – Adkisson, Branch, Bryant, Dillehay, Griffin-Love, Howard, Irvine, Lancaster, Mooney-Childress, Moore, Osborne, Puckett, Reece-Black, Todd, Watson, and Winn.


Culleoka Area Cemeteries

Akers-Brown Cemetery/ Williamson Cemetery – is located midway between Culleoka and the Pulaski Pike on Valley Creek Rd., south side and across creek on Pilkinton place.

Ballanfant Cemetery – in Culleoka, follow Mooresville Pike west for about 3/4 mile to cemetery opposite junction of Frank Moore Rd. and Mooresville Pike. It was named for Joseph Ballanfant, son of John Ballanfant who came with Gen. LaFayette to aid America in the Revolutionary War.

Bethany Cemetery/ Scribner’s Mill Cemetery  – in Scribner’s Mill, take Culleoka Rd. to Central Church, then turn east on Brush Creek Rd. and go two miles to cemetery across McKnight Rd. from Bethany Church of Christ.

Braden Cemetery  – from Campbell’s Station, take Dodson Gap Rd. south for one mile, turning right onto Tanyard Hollow Rd. Go 1/4 mile to Wilkes place on left. Cemetery is beside road, behind barn.

Evergreen Cemetery – from Campbell’s Station, take Dodson Gap Rd. south for 1 1/2 miles. Cemetery is just west of the road.

Morgan Fitzpatrick Cemetery – is in a grove of trees on south side of Mooresville Pike, 2 1/2 miles east of Culleoka.

Fountain Creek Baptist Church Cemetery/ Pleasant Grove Baptist Church Cemetery – is located on Mooresville Pike, west of Frank Moore Rd. and west of Culleoka. It was established prior to 1811. Buried here are Thoma s Goodrum, Revolutionary War soldier from Orangeburg, SC, born in 1752, and William Ramsey, born in 1739.

Friendship Baptist Church/ Culleoka Cemetery – beside Friendship Baptist Church on Mooresville Rd., just east of Culleoka. It was possibly established as early as 1810.

Haynes Cemetery/ Flowers Chapel Cemetery/ Smyrna Cemetery – in Glendale, go south on Culleoka Rd. two miles to Central Church, then turn east on Brush Creek Rd. The cemetery is five miles ahead on a hill on right s ide of road. It was named for Joseph Haynes, Revolutionary War veteran born 1749 in Rowan Co., NC.

Holt Cemetery – follow Mooresville Pike east out of Culleoka and go three miles to cemetery on south side of road.

Johnson-Amis Cemetery – cross railroad tracks in front of Culleoka Post Office and go one block. After road turns south, stop at the second house on left. Cemetery is behind Dugger house, on hillside. It was named for William Johnson, born 1749 in Amelia County, VA, one of five brothers who served in the Revolutionary War.

New Ramie Cemetery – south on Pulaski Pike to Valley Creek Rd., then east 1/2 mile to Noah Moore place on left. Follow lane beside barn uphill for about 1/4 mile to cemetery.

Ramsey Cemetery – from Campbell’s Station, take Martin Hollow Rd. south 3/4 mile. Then turn east on farm lane to Allread place (formerly home of Ramsey and Clark families). Cemetery is in field to right of house.

Renfro Cemetery – go east on Mooresville Pike out of Culleoka for two miles. Just before the bridge over Fountain Creek, turn on road that runs north beside creek. Go to end of road to padlocked gate and climb st eep hill on left to the top. Cemetery is in woods. It was named for William Renfro, Revolutionary War soldier born 1734 in North Carolina.

Richardson Cemetery – South on Pulaski Pike to Valley Creek Rd. Turning east, stop at second house on left. Cemetery is in back yard.

Shane Cemetery/ Campbell’s Station Cemetery – From Campbell’s Station, go north 1/2 mile and turn west at first lane crossing the railroad tracks. Cemetery is on hill at end of the lane. Buried here is Revolution ary soldier, James Allen, born in 1759. His tombstone inscription reads: “Co. A, 10th Va. Reg., Revolutionary War, at Valley Forge.”

Wells Cemetery – Turn south on Campbell Station Rd., one mile east of Culleoka, and go one mile to Martin place on right. Cemetery is on top of hill above his house.

Wilkes Cemetery/ Old Camp Ground Cemetery – in Culleoka, go west on Mooresville Pike to Frank Moore Rd. Turn north and go about 3/4 mile and turn left on Cemetery Rd. Go for 1/4 mile to cemetery on right.

Family cemeteries in the Culleoka area – Amis, Baty, Merrit Booker, Bowman, McClintock Brown, Cohea, Cooper, Celia Fitzpatrick, Garrett, Gill, Moore, Redding, Rise-Warden, Sewell, and Shaw.

McCains Area Cemeteries

Estes Cemetery – Turn left off Mt. Pleasant Pike about 3/4 mile south of Sunnyside Lane. Follow farm road south for one mile to fork in the road. Cross over fence on left and walk across pasture to cemetery in smal l grove of trees, enclosed by rock wall.

Giddens Cemetery – Follow Scott’s Mill Rd. for 1/4 mile from Porter’s Chapel. Turn on Lusk Rd. to old brick house on William Kittrell place. Cemetery is behind house and enclosed by a chain-link fence.

Hopewell Cemetery – One mile south of McCains on Pulaski Pike, turn west on Hopewell Rd. and go 1/4 mile to Hopewell Church. Cemetery is behind church.

Hunter-Kittrell Cemetery – Go north to Isbell from Porter’s Chapel and turn east on Trousdale Lane. Take Reece’s Church Rd. at fork and go 1/4 mile to lane on right. Cemetery is on a rise, in grove of trees.

Mack Cemetery/ Walker Cemetery – One mile south of McCains on Pulaski Pike, turn east on farm lane with locked gate. Cemetery is 1/4 mile from pike, behind barn on John Cothran place. Buried here is John Mack, one o f the first settlers into what became Maury County. Historical marker, once on Pulaski Pike near the cemetery and now destroyed, once read: “First Settler. One half mile east is the grave of John Mack who reportedly settled here in 1776 or shortly after. A blockhouse or stockade was built around the spring a few yards beyond the cemetery. Other relatives and descendants are also buried here.”

Matthews Cemetery – South on Campbellsville Pike 2 1/2 miles beyond Bigby Hollow Golf Course, turn west on Sowell Hollow Rd. Go 3/4 mile to cemetery on right. Established in 1811, it is named for James Matthews, Revolutionary solder born 1739.

McCains Cemetery – is in McCains community, seven miles south of Columbia on the Pulaski Pike. Cemetery is beside Cumberland Presbyterian Church on eastern side of McCains.

Mt. Evergreen Cemetery – is located about 30 feet from the top of a high hill above Tim Vaughn’s house, five miles south of Columbia, 3/4 mile north of McCains, on the Pulaski Pike. A stone pillar is in the center o f the cemetery, with sign on top reading “Mt. Evergreen, 1850.”

Perry Family Cemetery – West on Bigbyville Rd. in McCains 1/4 mile and turn south on dirt road. Follow road to end. Cemetery is located in woods across field from back of Edwards house.

Porter Family Cemetery – is one mile north of Porter’s Chapel near Globe Plant on Stauffer Chemcial Co. property. It is on a rise west of road that follows Scott Creek.

Pullium Cemetery/ Wortham Cemetery – is in Porter’s Chapel on Ray Floyd place, approximately 200 yards from road to Mt. Pleasant.

Reece’s Chapel Cemetery – is nine miles south of Columbia just off Campbellsville Pike behind the old Reece’s Chapel meeting house. It was established about 1814 by first burial, but plaque on gatepost reads 1825. It is named for Revolutionary War soldier, James Reece, born in Pennsylvania in 1745.

Family cemeteries in McCains area – Gooding, Patterson, Peeler, Pender, Williams, Wortham, and Zollicoffer.


Santa Fe Area Cemeteries

Akin Ridge Nazarene Church Cemetery/ Akin Academy Cemetery – Go west to Natchez Trace from Water Valley. Cemetery is on right side of road, 100 yards from new highway.

Alexandria Church Cemetery – is 1/2 mile west of Water Valley community.

Blackburn-Kinzer Cemetery – West of Water Valley to Alexandria Nazarene Church, turn south on Leiper’s Creek Rd. Follow road 1 1/2 miles to old Kinzer place, now Hooker Chemical Co. property. Cemetery is behind ba rn. Edward Blackburn, born 1778, is buried here.

Crosby-Harris Cemetery – Cross river from Williamsport to Fikes Mill and turn back toward Santa Fe. Go one mile to cemetery just west of Knott place on north side of road.

Delk Cemetery – Follow Greenfield Bend Rd. almost to Kettle Mills Bridge. Turn left on last road before bridge. Cemetery is near farmhouse on Delk place.

Dockery Cemetery – Southwest on Snow Creek Rd. to Mingo Branch Rd, across the creek and up the ridge, enter farm on right. Cemetery is located behind the house, in edge of woods.

Greenfield Bend Cemetery – is out Greenfield Bend Rd. about four miles, behind Church of Christ.

Thomas Greenfield Cemetery – Turn southwest on Greenfield Bend Rd. from Hwy 50 and go 1 1/2 miles to cemetery in field about 200 yards off road on left side. Capt. Thomas Greenfield, Revolutionary War soldier bor n 1744, is among burials here.

Santa Fe Cemetery – is the public cemetery for Santa Fe community. Although not as old as many Maury County cemeteries, it is the resting place for several Civil War veterans.

Williams Cemetery – is on Santa Fe Pike, east of Snow Creek, and on Clarence Woody place.

Willis Jones Cemetery – Turn left just before the Santa Fe Post Office and go about 3/4 mile to Beatty Farms. Cemetery is in barn area, surrounded by iron fence.

Woody Cemetery – Southwest from Santa Fe Pike on Snow Creek Rd., on David Woody place.

Family cemeteries in the Santa Fe area – Alderson, Alexander Family, Abner Brooks, Charter, Cherry, Charles Church, Church-Gordon, Thomas Dodson, James R. Erwin, Martin Erwin, M.F. Erwin, Finch, B.H. Fitzgerald, Haley, Harbison, Joshua Harbison , Hopkins, Norval Johnson, Latta, and Witherspoon.


Leftwich Area Cemeteries

Bethlehem Cemetery – is on east side of Hwy 431 south of Pottsville (on Marshall County side of highway, which is county line). It was established prior to 1868.

Bryant Station Cemetery – is on old Columbia-Lewisburg Hwy in Bryant Station, behind old abandoned church.

Clymore Cemetery #2 – From Hwy 431, 3/4 mile south of Hardison’s Bridge, take lane on right and pass through gate to Edward’s place. Cemetery is on hill to right of house.

Humphrey Hardison Cemetery – Cross TVA bridge on Duck River, pass Antioch Church of Christ and go one mile. Cemetery is 100 yards beyond first house on left on Sampson farm.

Joshua Hardison Cemetery – Go south on Hwy 431 from Pottsville community. Cross Duck River at Hardison’s Mill and go one mile. Cemetery is 1/4 mile west of road in woods on top of hill at Erwin farm. It is named fo r Joshua Hardison, War of 1812 veteran born 1793 in North Carolina, who is buried here.

Jackson Cemetery #2 – is on Old Sowell Mill Pike, 1/2 mile east of Antioch Church of Christ. Samuel Gullett, who died 1904 as the last remaining veteran of the Seminole War of 1836, is buried here.

Morton Cemetery/ Hardison Family Cemetery – Follow Sowell Mill Pike two miles past Antioch Church of Christ. Turn right on A. Sampson Rd. Go three miles and turn right, crossing Cedar Creek. Charles Hardison, War of 1812 veteran born 1795 in Martin Co., NC, is buried here.

Tindell-Fain Cemetery – is on right of Hwy 431, about one mile south of Hardison’s Bridge, beside old Hardison house. Col. R.W. Tindell, born 1834 in Guildford Co., NC, is buried here.

Family cemeteries in the Leftwich area – Cheek, Childress, Clymore #1, Fox (grave), Jackson #1, Sharp #2, and Sowell.


Rally Hill Area Cemeteries

Billington Cemetery – 1/2 mile west of Pottsville, on Hwy 99, on north side of highway in a cedar grove. It is named for James M. Billington, veteran of War of 1812 and Captain in CSA.

Boyd Cemetery – south on Hwy 431 from Rally Hill, about 1/2 mile; cemetery is on right behind a low stone wall with padlocked gate.

W.R. Brown Cemetery – turn off Hwy 431 onto Hardison’s Mill Rd. about one mile south of Pottsville. Road takes sharp left turn, take first entrance on right. Cemetery is located behind home of Mrs. Edward Peay

Crowe Cemetery – in Rally Hill just off Hwy 431, on south side of Kedron Pike.

Derryberry-Hardison (Old Jacob Derryberry) Cemetery – east on Hwy 99, one mile past I-65 overpass, turn north on Joe Brown Rd. Go about two miles to cemetery located in forks of Joe Brown and New Lasea Roads. Adam Derryberry (b. about 1745), pioneer settler from Burke County, NC via Madison County, KY, to this area that was once part of Williamson County, is buried here with his wife, Eve Liggett Derryberry. Several of Adam’s children, including Jacob, born 1779 in Burke County, and his wife Margaret Long Derryberry, daughter of Revolutionary soldier David Long, are also buried here. The cemetery is across New Lasea Road from the old Adam Derryberry House, built by Adam and Jacob in 1802, the oldest standing edific e in Maury County, placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1990.

Derryberry-Sharp Cemetery – east on Hwy 99, just beyond I-65, enter driveway just past first service station on right. Cemetery is east of house on Mrs. Lottie Brown’s place.

J.L. Derryberry Cemetery – From Hwy 99, just west of I-65, take New Lasea Rd. Turn east on Lee Rd, cross interstate, take sharp right turn and go one mile. Cemetery is on the left at the end of a dirt road.

Hardison-Wallace Cemetery – F rom Pottsville go south on Hwy 431 for two miles. Cemetery is behind Mark Blalock house in middle of field.

David Hargrove Cemetery – north side of Kedron Rd., half-way between Kedron and Rally Hill. Cemetery is on a hill behind barn on Velma Tremble place.

Hargrove Family Cemetery – north off Kedron Rd., 1/2 mile east of I-65 overpass near Brown’s Chapel Church of Christ. Go down farm road between house and barn, through field for at least a mile, fording a creek.

Harmon Cemetery – east on Kedron Rd., turn left just after passing over the interstate onto Joe Peay Rd. Go 1/2 mile and turn right into woods on a gravel road. The cemetery is still 1/2 mile farther on Emory Harm on farm.

Harvey Cemetery – on Kedron Rd., north onto Ollie Chunn Rd. Go 1/2 mile and turn left on small gravel road; cemetery is on right about 1/4 mile up the hill.

Hurt Cemetery – located in the extreme northeast corner of Maury County. North of Rally Hill on Hwy 431, turn right on Flat Creek Rd. Go 1/2 mile to cemetery on left. Bird S. Hurt and William Glenn (no stone), two early Maury pioneers are buried here. Bird Hurt was one of first purchasers of lots in Columbia in 1808.

Jones Cemetery – on left of Hwy 99, just east of I-65 overpass.

Lumsden Cemetery – from Pottsville go south on Hwy 431. Turn west on Hardison’s Mill Rd., pass Ring Cemetery. Cemetery is behind Ray Ring home, inside concrete block fence.

Mills-Black Cemetery – east on Hwy 99, go under I-65, turning right at dirt road just before crossing bridge over Pumpkin Creek. Cemetery is at end of lane and behind John Reece house.

Moore Cemetery – in extreme northeast corner of Maury County. Go north on Hwy 431, passing through Rally Hill, turn right on Toby Roberson Rd. At fork in road, take left fork for 100 yards and run right into narrow lane that goes to cemetery.

Peay Cemetery – From Pottsville go west on Hwy 99 for about two miles and turn right onto a small gravel road that goes up a steep incline. Cemetery is about 200 yards off highway.

Ragan Cemetery – On Kedron Rd. behind barn of first home southeast of overpass, in edge of woods about 500 ft. from the barn. Farm now owned by Harry Lunn.

Ring Cemetery – 1/2 mile south of Pottsville on Hwy 431, turn right on Hardison’s Mill Rd. Cemetery is behind first house on left.

Sharp Cemetery – Take Carpenter’s Bridge Rd. south from Hwy 99. Go about 1 1/2 miles, turning left on narrow lane for 200 yards.

Jacob Shires Cemetery – on left of Hwy 99, about 1/2 mile west of Pottsville.

Shires Memorial Cemetery – In Pottsville, turn north on Hwy 431 toward Franklin 1/4 mile. Cemetery is on left on William M. Chunn place. Christian Shires came from North Carolina to Maury County in 1810.

Smith-Billington Cemetery – north on Hwy 431 from Pottsville one mile, turn left onto farm road. At end of road is farm formerly owned by J.H. Smith. Cemetery is near second house on property.

Underwood Cemetery – from Hwy 99, take Rock Springs Rd. south for 1 1/2 miles and turn east on Sharp’s Rd. for two miles to Mrs. Bennett Watters’ place. Cemetery is on right beside pond.

Family cemeteries in the Rally Hill area – A.T. Brown, Bud Brown, Burney, Coleman, Dowd, Glenn, Lavender, Claude Lovett (grave), Pratt, and Williams. Note: Rally Hill received its name when volunteers answering the call of General Andrew Jackson met there before marching south with him to fight the British in the War of 1812. Rally Hill was, for more than 100 years after, the center for a large thriving community.

Spring Hill Area Cemeteries

Allen Cemetery – Go north on 31 from Columbia. Turn on Double Branch Rd., just past Rutherford Creek. Go three miles to sharp left turn. Cemetery is on right, about 300 yards farther, in grove of trees on Rankin fa rm. Capt. William Allen, born 1773, is buried here.

Blanton’s Chapel Cemetery – Located on back side of Gene Heller’s farm near Big Oak Lake, south of Greens Mill Rd. Enter through farm of Jack Huckaby from Clara Mathis Rd. It was established about 1855.

Col. Hugh Brown Cemetery – From Spring Hill, take Kedron Rd. for three miles. Cemetery is on right just beyond Moore Lane in middle of field. It is named for Col. Hugh Brown, Revolutionary War soldier born 1762 in North Carolina. Col. Brown rode with Gen. Francis Marion, the “Swamp Fox.”

H.B. Brown Cemetery – Go east one mile from Kedron community and turn north. Go 1/4 mile, turn right and go to end of road. Cemetery is on west side of I-65.

Cheairs Cemetery – Enter lane beside Rippavilla Plantation (former Cheairs mansion), one mile south of Spring Hill on Hwy 31. Go 1/2 mile, turn right at barn and go another 1/2 mile to rock-walled cemetery. Nathani el Cheairs, born 1764 in Queen Anne Co., MD, and his family are buried here.

Jackson College Cemetery/ Old Brick Church Cemetery – Two miles south of Spring Hill on Hwy 31, turn east on Denning Rd. Go one mile to road on right leading to University of Tennessee Experimental Farm Station. Turn into lane beside first house on left. Follow road beside silo to cemetery in heavily wooded area on outside of fence. One of the most historic of Maury cemeteries, containing the remains of many illustrious early leaders, is now almost inaccessible a nd vandalized.

Lanton Cemetery – On Greens Mill Rd., go west for 2 1/2 miles to Lanton Church. Cemetery is at top of hill on Moore property, across creek in front of church.

Spring Hill Cemetery – on the eastern edge of Spring Hill, is the town’s principle cemetery. A memorial in the cemetery reads: “In memory of unknown Confederate soldiers buried here after the Battle of Franklin, No v. 30, 1864.”

Thomas Wells Cemetery – Follow Port Royal Rd. from Spring Hill about two miles. Cemetery is on right, behind barn on Wells’ place. It is named for Spring Hill pioneer Thomas Wells, born 1782.

Family cemeteries in the Spring Hill area – Bailey (grave), Blair, Buford, Bunch, Caldwell, Chandler, Chrite-Foster (Afro-American), Dobbins-Cox, Foster, Herrin, Miller, Peters, Stephenson, Tucker, and Turner.

Bear Creek Area Cemeteries

Akin Cemetery – East on Hwy 99 for 2 1/4 miles. Turn north on Baker Rd. and go one mile. Turn north on lane to old Akin house. Cemetery is about 200 yards beyond barn. Buried here are pioneer Pleasant Akin, born 180 4, and three of his sons who served in the Confederate Army. Only one survived the war

Allmond Cemetery – Off Old Bear Creek Pike, turn north onto Lasea Rd. Go to Lee Rd. and turn left about 100 yards. Cemetery is beside right-of-way of I-65, on back side of James Koelsch place. Cemetery is on land purchased by Hezekiah Allmond from Maj. Samuel Polk, father of President James K. Polk.

Cooper Cemetery – East on Hwy 99 to Cranford Hollow Rd. Turn right and go 1/2 mile to cemetery on right behind Frank Derryberry house. Jonathan Cooper, born 1785, is buried here.

Daimwood Cemetery – East on Hwy 99 for two miles. Turn south just beyond Auction Barn. Ford creek and follow lane to cemetery to east of old house, across creek, two tall fences and field.

Daniel Cemetery – East on Hwy 99, turn right on last lane before I-65 exit. Cemetery is on hill in grove of trees in front of Barker place.

Kinnard Cemetery – Turn off Old Bear Creek Pike on Blackburn Rd. Turn left on Clara Mathis Rd. toward Kedron community. Cemetery is on left, about 1/2 mile down the road.

Roberts-Porter Cemetery – North on Hwy 31, turn east on Baker Rd. and go 1/4 mile to Kelly place. Cemetery is inside trailer park, behind second trailer. Gen. Isaac Roberts, Revolutionary War and War of 1812 sold ier born 1764, is buried here, as is Col. Hugh B. Porter, born 1796. Gen. Roberts was also first chairman of Maury County Court, first Postmaster of Columbia, head of the local militia and state representative. He is considered the “father of Maury County ,” There is no marker for him. (Sources: Century Review of Maury County, Tennessee, 1806-1906, p. 163; The Daily Herald, 21 May 1986 ).

Family cemeteries in the Bear Creek area – Allen (grave), Blackburn (grave), Cranford, John Toplin Derryberry, Evan, Everette, Farris, Foster-Lee, James Y. Hardison, Hays, Hunter, John Johnson, Jones-Lovett, Leftwich, Love (grave) , Lovett, McEw en (grave), Renfro (grave), Sowell (graves), and Street.


Rock Springs Area Cemeteries

Charles Hardison Cemetery – East on Hwy 99 from Columbia, turn south on Rock Springs Rd. and go three miles to cemetery on right. It is named for Charles Hardison, born 1815, son of Maury pioneer William Hardison .

Farrar Cemetery – South off Hwy 99 on Rock Springs Rd., go three miles to cemetery across road from Earl Gilliam farm.

Robert Hardison Cemetery – Follow Rock Spring Rd. about 1 1/4 miles north of Baptist Church. From Williams’ place, cross pasture to cemetery in upper edge of woods. Thomas Gilliam, born 1778, is buried here.

Longfield Loftin Cemetery – Go east from Columbia across new Duck River bridge just below dam. Follow Iron Bridge Rd. for two miles and turn right on gravel road. Keep to right at fork to cemetery on left. It is n amed for Longfield Loftin, born 1754.

Shadrach Loftin Cemetery/ Union Grove Cemetery – East on Iron Bridge Rd. 2 1/2 miles past new bridge to old road forking to left. Enter lane on left going uphill just before second house on left to cemetery at en d of lane. It is named for Shadrach Loftin, born in 1789 in North Carolina. (see pictures online here)

Rieves Cemetery – East on Sowell Mill Pike, cross Duck River and turn south on Rieves Bend Rd. Go one mile to cemetery at end of gravel road and through gate on left.

Rock Springs Cemetery – is on the new TVA road, 1/4 south of Rock Springs Baptist Church. Pioneers buried here include: John Nicholson, born in North Carolina in 1807, Nathaniel T. Journey, born in Prince Edward Co unty, VA in 1811; and George Barker, Revolutionary War soldier born in Louisa County, VA in 1759.

Family cemeteries in the Rock Springs area – Andrews, Booker, Cook (grave), Davis-Mitchell, Tankersley, and Walker.


Theta Area Cemeteries

Alexander Cemetery/ Beech Grove Cemetery – In Spring Hill, go west on Beech Croft Rd. three miles to cemetery on north side of road. Among the burials is Maury pioneer Eleazer Alexander, born 1763 in North Carolina .

Blackman Cemetery – is on west side of Carter’s Creek Rd., halfway between Dodson and Robertson Roads, in field beside Latta house. Richard Clinton, Revolutionary War veteran born 1755 in England, is among burials here. (Cemetery is neglected and abandoned).

Calvary Baptist Church Cemetery/ Sugar Ridge Cemetery – Take Sugar Ridge Rd. from Spring Hill and go three miles to cemetery on left, beside church.

Cave Spring Cemetery – Take Chestnut Ridge Rd. from Theta to Angie Sewell Rd. Turn north and go one mile to Cave Spring Church. Cemetery is beside church. The first burial was in 1853.

Edmund Fitzgerald Cemetery – Take Knob Creek Rd. from Theta, south two miles. Just after crossing over Robert Skelley Rd., stop at house on right where cemetery is on hillside in back of the house. It is named for Edmund Fitzgerald, born in Virginia in 1771.

Godwin Cemetery/ Union Cemetery – on Snow Creek Rd. 1000 feet north of Union Church, is the principle cemetery for Godwin community and members of Union Church.

Lasting Hope Cemetery/ Lockridge Cemetery/ Carter’s Creek Cemetery – Turn east off Carter’s Creek Rd. to Butler Rd. Go one mile to cemetery on left. It was established 1828 by Robert Lockridge. Among pioneers buried here are: Ambrose Hadley, Quaker and Patriot (by support) of Revolutionary War, born 1758; and Col. Francis Willis, Revolutionary veteran, born in Virginia, 1745.

Lockhart Cemetery – Take Snow Creek Rd. in Theta and go 2 1/2 miles to Union Church. Turn west on Godwin Hollow Rd. and go 100 yards to cemetery on right, on hillside.

McKee-Roundtree Cemetery/ Jameson Cemetery – Turn west at Sparkman’s Store off Carter’s Creek Pike. Turn south on Hardison Rd. to cemetery on west side of road at top of rise. James Hutcherson, Revolutionary War so ldier born about 1757 in North Carolina, is among pioneers buried here. (some pictures online here)

Theta Baptist Church Cemetery/ Walnut Grove Cemetery – is beside the Baptist Church in Theta community.

Theta Cemetery/ Sunset Hills Cemetery – is in Theta community across the road from Theta Methodist Church.

Family cemeteries in the Theta area – Black, Campbell, Raleigh Dodson, G.H. Fitzgerald, Galloway, Kelley, Polk, J.J. Roundtree, Taylor, Terrell, David Vestal, and T.A. Walker.


Carter’s Creek Area Cemeteries

Foster-Hendley Cemetery – From Carter’s Creek Rd., go west on Mahon Rd. for one mile to cemetery on south side of road and top of high hill on Jacobs farm.

Godwin Chapel Cemetery – is behind Godwin Chapel Methodist Church in Athendale.

Hughes/ Zellner Cemetery – Enter Leon Walters farm on south side of Santa Fe Pike. Pass barns, cross small creek and follow land to top of hill in back of farm.

Knob Creek Baptist Church Cemetery – Follow Santa Fe Pike from Columbia and turn north on Knob Creek Rd. Cemetery is two miles on left, opposite Baptist Church.

Mt. Wesley Church Cemetery – Northwest on Santa Fe Pike, at church on top of ridge midway between Athendale and Sante Fe; cemetery is just behind church.

Neapolis Cemetery – is behind Methodist Church in Neapolis community on Hwy 31, halfway between Columbia and Spring Hill. It was established in 1901.

Old Knob Creek Cemetery/ Witherspoon Cemetery – North on Knob Creek Rd. 1 1/3 miles, turn left into narrow lane beside barn. Cross Knob Creek and follow road around bluff. Just after road turns uphill, enter the la ne on right. Cemetery is in the woods on hill. Buried here are pioneers Moses Hanks, born about 1746 in Virginia, and his son, Rev. Elijah Hanks, born 1793 in Pittsylvania Co., VA.

Partee-Page Cemetery – is on Santa Fe Pike, opposite Phillipi Church Rd. and behind Dewey Norman house. Col. Charles Partee, Revolutionary soldier born 1747, is buried here.

Timmons Cemetery – Take Santa Fe Pike from Columbia. Cross Duck River and go 1 1/2 miles to cemetery on north side of road beside fence on top of hill.

West Point Cumberland Presbyterian Church Cemetery – From Columbia, take Theta Pike five miles north to cemetery behind and to right of church. It is on one of the highest hills in Maury County.

Family cemeteries in the Carter’s Creek area – E.C. Alexander, Hugh Brown, Cason/Chappel’s, Sarah Dodson, Dowell, Green-Jordan, Harris, Haywood, Hill-Haywood, Johnson, Lane, Miller, Sellers, Voorhies, West, and Samuel Wisener.


New Fly’s Village Area Cemeteries

Adkison Cemetery – Go east on Chestnut Ridge Rd. from Hilltown for 1 1/4 miles. Turn south on Lewis Rd. for 1/4 mile. Cemetery is just off road, on right.

Andrews Cemetery – Go east on Chestnut Ridge Rd. from Hilltown for about three miles. Enter small road on right and go about 1500 ft. and turn right again. Cemetery will be in sight.

Brady Cemetery – Go east on Leiper’s Creek Rd. from Fly for 1/2 mile. Turn north on Brady Hollow Rd. Cemetery is at end of graded part of road.

Abner Brooks Cemetery – Go north on Fly Road from Santa Fe, about 1 1/2 miles. Turn west on Herman Church Rd. Cemetery is on right of road on Church farm. Abner Brooks, born in Chatham Co., NC in 1768, is buried her e.

Fly Cemetery – Take Kinderhook Rd. from Fly and go 1/2 mile to cemetery across the creek, on right. Sarah Fly (1767-1808) is possibly one of the first burials with tombstone inscription in Maury County. (F. Hawkin s, Maury County, Tennessee Cemeteries , p. 213).

Gaskill Cemetery – Go north on Snow Creek Rd. from Santa Fe Pike to Gaskill Branch Rd. Turn left and go 1 1/2 miles up the creek to McKee place. Cemetery is in thicket on right. Robert Gaskill, War of 1812 veteran born in 1793 in Virginia, is buried here.

Goshen Cemetery/ Goshen Methodist Church Cemetery – Take Water Valley Rd. from Santa Fe and go two miles. Turn north on Goshen Rd. and go two miles to cemetery beside Church on left.

Hilltown Church of Christ Cemetery – is behind Hilltown Church of Christ on Santa Fe-Fly Road.

Hilltown Nazarene Church Cemetery – is beside Hilltown Nazarene Church on Santa Fe-Fly Road.

Johnson Chapel Cemetery – On Natchez Trace midway between Dutch Potts Hollow Rd. and Fly Hollow Rd., opposite Johnson Chapel Baptist Church. It is the principle cemetery for people living along the Trace between K inderhook and Williamson County.

McKnight Cemetery – is on Walters place, on top of hill, Leipers Creek Rd., 1 1/2 miles east of Fly’s Store. Churchel Woolard, War of 1812 veteran born 1792, is buried here.

Potts Cemetery/ Kinderhook Cemetery – Just before crossing New Natchez Trace in Kinderhook, turn north on Gordon Lawrence Rd. Cemetery is on right.

Tate Cemetery – Turn up Snow Creek Rd. from Santa Fe PIke and go two miles. Enter farm road that leads beside barn on Hawkins place. Cemetery is on a hill 1/4 mile beyond the barn.

Family cemeteries in the New Fly’s Village area – Byrd, Cook-Caughron, Gardner, Hight, Hilliard, Kelly Family, Litton, Morton, Henry Oakley, H.P. Oakley, Page, Potts/Tanyard, Rail, Sewell (grave) , and Slaughter.

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