Biography: COX, Henry S.

HENRY S. COX, physician of Columbia, Tenn., is a son of John and Martha C. (Evans) Cox, the father being a successful stock raiser and farmer of the county. He reared his family in Maury County, and in 1863 was shot by a Federal soldier at his home. The mother died prior to the war. Henry S. attended the Jackson College at Columbia, and when twenty years old became a disciple of Æsculapius, studying under the direction of Dr. W. G. J. Hunter. He then attended the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, and graduated as an M.D. in 1860. He enlisted as first surgeon of the First Arkansas Sharpshooters, and later served with Gen. A. M. Stovall as surgeon of the brigade. Since the war he has resided in Columbia, where he has built up a fine practice. In 1866, he was married to Rebecca Marlin, by whom he is the father of three children: John, Ella and Martin S. The Doctor was an old line Whig until that party ceased to exist, and since that time has been a Democrat, but has never aspired to political prominence, and has devoted his energies and talents strictly to his profession.

Source: History of Tennessee: From the Earliest Time to the Present; Together with an Historical and a Biographical Sketch of Maury, Williamson, Rutherford, Wilson, Bedford and Marshall Counties. Nashville, Tenn: Goodspeed Pub. Co, 1886.

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