Macon County Records for Research

Copies of these records are on microfilm at the Macon County Public Library in Lafayette, TN. They are available for patrons to the genealogy section to use. Unfortunately Macon County has had three courthouse fires in its history. Most of the records prior to 1901 were destroyed. The Macon County Historical Society has worked diligently to restore these lost records by copying Bible Records and Marriage Records of individual Justices of the Peace. At the present they are working in conjunction with the County Registrar to re-record old deeds that people may have in their possession but not on file at the courthouse.

Clerk and Master Chancery Minutes March 1844–March 1904
Enrolling Books

  • Index to Execution Docket No. 3 thru Execution Docket 1875-1893
  • Judgement Index thru Execution Docket 1897-1014
  • Rule Docket 1853–June 1876 thrul Rule Docket 1888-1902
  • Trial Docket Feb 1854–Aug 1874 thru Trial Dockets Nov 1882 – Apr 1891
  • Trial Dockets 1891-1902
  • Index to Chancery Court MInutes 1861-1877
  • Misc. Roll–Recipt for Papers 1889–1922 thru Enrolling Books 1872-1887


Minutes 1904-1970
Civil Minutes Mar 1901-Feb 1957
Criminal Minutes Nov 1907-Mar 1957
(Dec 1935 thru Feb 1940 missing)
Enrolling Docket Mar 1901–Mar 1910
Chancery Court Minutes 1901-Oct 1970
Circuit Court Civil Minutes Mar 1901-Feb 1957
Criminal Minutes Nov 1907–Mar 1947
Enrolling Dockets Mar 1901–Mar 1910
County Clerk Minutes Jun 1905–Dec 1952
Marriage Bonds & Licenses Apr 1901–Jun 1929
Marriage Records Jul 1929–Nov 1954
Records of Births 1909-1912
Records of Deaths 1920–1940
Wills Sep 1940–Mar 1976
Inventories & Accounts of Sales Oct 1901–Oct 1968
Administrators Bonds and Letters Oct 1908–Dec 1961
Administrators Settlements 1902–1961
Executors Bonds & Letters May 1927–Oct 1954
Guardians Bonds 1925–Oct 1954
Guardian Settlements 1901–Aug 1961
Claims Filed Against Estates 1921–1933
Insolvent Minutes 1902–1914
Probate of Deeds 1901–1947
Register of Deeds Deed Indexes 1901-1959
Deeds Mar 1901-Jan 1952
Trust Deed Indexes 1925-Dec 1960
Trust Deeds Mar 1901–Mar 1951
Military Discharges Aug 1919– Apr 1950
Oil & Gas Leases Sep 1903–Apr 1955
County School Board Minutes Dec 1945–Dec 1957
Trustee Tax Books 1933-1953
Land Sales May 1901–May 1916
Records of Land Sales 1897–1913 (Redeemed)
Minutes & Ordinances Mar 1945–Apr 1956