Unclaimed Letters in Red Bridge P. O. in 1824

According to D. R. Frazier’s massive, comprehensive volume, Tennessee Postoffices and Postmaster Appointments 1789-1984, the Red Bridge Post Office existed in Hawkins County from 24 Feb 1824 to 17 Nov 1865, at which time it became known as Mooresburgh.  For a brief period (Jan. 1851-Jul 1853), it was known as Mooresburg.

In 1824, Postmaster Cleon Moore published a listing of unclaimed letters at the post office as of 30 June.  If the letters were not claimed by 30 September 1824, they would be sent to the General Post Office (in Washington, D. C.), as dead letters.

The letters were addressed to the following individuals:

William Briscoe

Miss Sally Berry

Sterling Cocke, Esq.

Marow Campbell

Lawrence Drinnon

Thomas Epperson

William Gideon

David Hounshell

Robert H. Jackson

Maj. Hw. G. Moore

Jacob Miller

Gabriel McCraw

Jesse Patrick

Joseph Pepper

Valentine Wolfe

Horatia Webster

John Walling

Click here to learn more about Tennessee’s post office history and view an abstract of Frazier’s book.

Source:  Article published in the TN Genealogical Society‘s “Ansearchin’” News, Vol. 4, 1996, page 192.

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