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Betty Russell Tue Dec 31 14:28:30 1996
Baldwin, Bradshaw, Mann
Looking for any information on William Baldwin married to Sarah E. Bradshaw. Had 7 children, but only know information on two of them. They are James Bradshaw BALDWIN born in Knoxville, TN on August 24, 1878 and Maggie M. BALDWIN born in Hawkins county TN on Oct. 28, 1880 (married George M. MANN in 1898 and lived in Webb City, MO).

Doug White Tue Dec 31 14:51:46 1996
White, Fields
I am looking for info about Drury A. WHITE who married Elizabeth Fields.

Vera Boyatt Mon Dec 30 03:56:03 1996
Ross, Still, Surgoins, Ward, Cassell, Campbell, Clark, Rogers, Presley
Any information of the Mark Ross or John Still families. They came to Hawkins ca 1830 by way of Russell Co VA. John Still and his wife Juda divorced ca 1854 and he married Ollie Surgoins and Juda married Thomas Ward. Mark Ross had three sons, Benjamin, Thomas T and George J. All I know of George is that he was on the 1850 Census. A girl was on the 1840 who may have been a sister.

Patsy (Martha) Cassell married John Campbell and Sarah Cassell married Lewis Clark. They were in Hawkins County after the Civil War. Do you have any information on these families?

Lilburn Still of Hawkins Co married ca 1854 Cynthia (Rogers?) from Hancock County. They moved first to Barry Co MO and then to Benton Co MO. John and Elizabeth Presley may have gone with them. Any Still information appreciated. Thanks.

Donna Rowland-Gough Mon Dec 30 16:01:53 1996
Thrasher, Cline
Am researching the THRASHER family, which lived in both Hawkins and Greene counties in the 1830s-1840s. Am particularly interested in Isaac H. Thrasher/Thresher, who married Sarah Cline in 1836. Who were their parents and siblings?

Laurel Straub Sun Dec 29 12:38:44 1996
Alvis, Winstead
Searching for info on Silas Edward ALVIS b. 1872 and his wife, N. Frances WINSTEAD of Rogersville. Moved to McLean Co. Il in appx. 1903. Silas worked on railroad, crushed to death by same in 1905. “Fannie” WINSTEAD had two brothers, John and James.

James S. Rice Sun Dec 29 16:49:45 1996
Rice, Hickey
Searching for information on William RICE and Mandy HICKEY and their son Jeptha who was born in May 1878 or 1880. William may have been the son of Joel RICE who appeared in Bell County Ky in 1860 and in Claiborne County TN earlier. They do not appear in the soundex for Tennessee or Kentucky in 1880. Neither Joel or William are in Claiborne County in 1870. Jeptha appears in the Claiborne County census in 1900 as a lodger, married there in 1902, and had three children in 1910. I need information on William and Mandy in 1870, and on the family in 1880. Marriage info is also needed.

Notha Stevens Sat Dec 28 22:36:09 1996
White, Smith
I would like contact with any descendants or interested parties with any knowledge of the following Hawkins County families. William White (b. ca 1798 Tenn.) married Mary ______. They had: Sarah (b. 1819) , Nancy, John W. (b. ca 1824), Isaac (b. ca 1826), Silas (b. ca 1829), James (b. Nov. 1830), William (b. ca 1833) and Pleasant W. White (b. March 1836) Pleasant W. White married 1. Nancy J. Smith in May 1855, Hawkins County, Tennessee. Nancy was the daughter of Jacob Smith. Jacob Smith had another daughter, Emilia “Milly” Smith who married the above, and brother of Pleasant, James White. I am interested in who William White’s parents were and any information on the Smith family.

Sharon Lyon Sat Dec 28 10:48:52 1996
I’m trying to find out who the father of Michael Light (Not Michael P. Light) is. Michael Light was born in 1812 in Hawkins County. We think his father might be John Light, from Virginia, but we need verification. Can anyone help us?

Patsy Dearman Hand Sat Dec 28 15:07:29 1996
Ripley, Wood, Brown, Lane
Am seeking data on Ambrose RIPLEY, b.ca 1800 in Tennessee. I think he may be connected to the Hawkins or Greene Co. TN Ripleys but have not proof. Ambrose married 1. Rachel WOOD in 1820 in Madison Co. AL., and be 1837 he had moved to Titus Co. TX. In 1841, while he was away from home on business, his wife and 6 children were ambused by Indians and massacred. Two daughters were able to escape. Ambrose married 2. Rosanna BROWN LANE. They had children: Emilie Caroline, John H. and M.A.(female). Can someone help me find siblings and parents for Ambrose.

Phillip Eaton Wed Dec 25 10:47:56 1996
Eaton, Rutledge, Wilson
EATON and RUTLEDGE, Eastern Tennessee ca 1800-1847. Eli Eaton b. 1825 Hawkins Co. married Rebecca M. Rutledge b. 1830 Hawkins Co. in 1847. Eli’s parents are believed to have been JOSEPH EATON (b. 1797 Tn) and MARGARET ?. Rebecca’s parents are unknown, although she may be the oldest daughter of EMANUEL RUTLEDGE and SARAH WILSON.

linda allen Wed Dec 25 17:41:42 1996
Webster, Everheart
I am looking for the parents and siblings of James Webster and his wife Elizabeth Everheart. James was born about 1807 in Hawkins county and Elizabeth was born about 1810 also in Hawkins county. Any information would be appreciated.

Roy Bowman Mon Dec 23 06:15:39 1996
Presley, Collins
Seeking information on the early Presley families of Hawkins County who may be the parents of Berthena Presley (b. abt 1824, TN) of Claiborne County who married Thomas Collins (b. abt 1823, TN). They were married in Claiborne County in 1847. Berthena may be the daughter of Elizabeth Presley who is listed in the 1840 Claiborne County census. The 1830 Hawkins County census lists John, Joseph, Nancy, and Andrew Presley who are probably related to Berthena.

Paula Johnson Mon Dec 16 15:33:45 1996
Johnson, Sizemore
Looking for ANY information on Anderson G. Johnson, he was in 1860 census with wife Mahala and children, Simeon, Solomon, Steven, in Hawkins Co. In 1870 Anderson did not show in the census, Mahala and a son William were living in Rogersville, Solomon age 12 at the time was living in War Gap with S.B. Sizemore and wife. Any information on this family would be appreciated. Thank You.

Dolores Rajca Mon Dec 16 16:06:32 1996
Peters, Caldwell / Coldwell, Dinsmore, Cartwright
Seeking any information on Samuel PETERS born 1834 (where?) who married in 1858 Margaret CALDWELL/COLDWELL born Hawkins Co., TN 1838 daughter of Andrew Caldwell and Hulda Dinsmore. The couple had a total of eight known children when they immigrated to Sequatchie Co.,TN circa 1885. Samuel died in Sequatchie Co. in 1896 and Margaret died there in 1918. My great-grandmother was Mary Ida Peters (1875 Hawkins Co-1933 Sequatchie Co.) who married Green Pryor CARTWRIGHT (1874 Warren Co- 1952 Sequatchie Co). At the time of the immigration two children did not go with their parents -Samuel Francis “Sam Frank” who married his cousin and move out West and Cornelia Catherine. Who were Samuel Peters parents and siblings? What happened to Cornelia Catherine? Any assistance would be welcome.

James T. Kesterson Sun Dec 15 09:49:16 1996
Lamb, Jordan, Winstead, Smith, Holt, Hill
I am looking for ancestors of William Aaron Lamb, born 1888 married Clora Martha Jordan, born 1896 marriage date unknown,but they got married in Hancock County, Tenn. They had 11 children and they all lived in Bulls Gap,Tenn. by the railroad yards. Clora was the daughter of William Floyd Jordan and 1st wife Mary Winstead. After Mary died, William Floyd Jordan married 2nd to Nancy Susan Lamb, a sister to William Aaron Lamb, and there is double in this family. William Floyd Jordan was the son of Jacob Jordan and Martha A. Smith. William Aaron Lamb and Clora Martha Jordan are my wife’s grandparents. Seeking information on all these families. Any information will help.

My wife, Barbara, is looking for the family of Joseph Edgar Holt, he married Cecil B. Hill and they lived on Hill Street in Bulls Gap, Tennessee for many years. Joseph Edgar passed away in 1968 and his wife is still living, but not on Hill Street. Some of their daughters live in Morristown,Tennessee, but I don’t know who they married. Some of their children live in Mohawk and Mosheim, Tennessee. We don’t know how to reach them as my wife is doing her family history on this family and needs to make contact with them. Cecil is my wife’s aunt. If anyone knows how I can contact with any of this family let know, we want to include every one in her family history.

Rick Hoover Sat Dec 7 17:45:20 1996
Researching the White family in Hawkins County. Would like to know if anyone else is researching the White line.

Kimm Antell Wed Dec 4 07:22:26 1996
Looking for information regarding: Susan H. KARNES

Jason Castro Wed Dec 4 10:21:05 1996
McPheron, Ward, Berry
I would like to research the ancestry of Robert Sawyer McPheron more. He was born in 1805 possibly in South Carolina. He married Framces Malissa Ward-1815. They lived most of their lives in Greene County, Tennessee. They had 7 children, all born in Greene county. They were Susannah-1835, Jackson William-1837, Eliza Louisa-1840, Alexander-1842, James Madison-1844, John-1846, and Rebecca-1852. I have a copy of the 1850 Census from Greene county (subdivision 10, Oct 25, 1850) listing this family with the last name spelled McFerren. I am a decendant of James Madison. He married Rachel Berry-1845 on 11 Oct 1866 in Hawkins County, Tennessee. James and Rachel had 4 Children, James Henderson-1867, Sara Margaret- 1869, Ulysses Grant-1875, and Martha Ellen-1877. All of their children where born in Bulls Gap. At one point James and Rachel moved west to Gage County, Nebraska, where a number of his ancestors now live. I am interested in any additional information that I don’t have, and confirmation of my data. I am especially interested in the ancestry of Robert Sawyer McPheron and the origin of the name McPheron.

Wayne Ferguson Thu Dec 5 08:28:31 1996
Ferguson, Coop, Monk
Seeking info on my Ferguson and Coop ancestors who lived in Hawkins Co. TN from sometime aroud 1845 to 1860. Jeremiah Ferguson and Thursama Coop married in 1843 possibly in Hawkins Co. That is where her parents John Coop and Susanah Monk lived. Jeremiah and Thursama are on the 1850 Scott Co. VA census. They had 12 children, their son Hiram Ferguson is my gGrandfather. They moved to Cumberland Co. KY.

Christie Johnson Thu Dec 5 10:18:45 1996
Morton, Mann, Conaway
Researching Family of Jackson MORTON, b. 10 Mar 1827 in Hawkins Co. Jackson traveled to California to seek gold with relative success. He married Ann MANN in Milton, Pike Co., IL 6 March1856, and is presumed to have died there. Children of this union are: William Jackson Morton, died in infancy; Rose Hannah b. 1859; Mary Ella b. 1860; Emma Zella b. 1863, m. 1887 to William Andrew Conaway; Carrie Ann b. 1865; Sarah Eliza b. 1872. Any information is helpful and greatly appreciated. Thank You.

Murlin N. Johnson Wed Nov 20 21:14:43 1996
Johnson, Wallen
Anyone seeking information on the decendents of John H. Johnson and Sara Wallen Johnson, please contact me. I am the grandson of Ira A. Johnson and great grandson of John H. Johnson. Also check to see if your family name is listed. M. Johnson, San Antonio, TX.

Tori Meunier Mon Nov 25 06:56:34 1996
I am looking for any info on John RICHARDS who patented land in 1792 and owned 400 acres in Cany Valley on Possum Creek of Hawkins Co.

Janice Worley Wed Nov 27 05:00:50 1996
McKee, Clarke
Looking for any kind of informaion on Matthew McKee who received a land grant (No.2685) for 200 acres of landon Holston River in 1799. He and bride (Mary Clarke) moved by 1800 to Knox County, Kentucky.

Vanessa Wood Fri Nov 29 14:18:03 1996
Roberts, Simpson, Whitis, Beshers / Brashears, Kirkpatrick, Salmon, Russell
John ROBERTS married Elizabeth SIMPSON in Hawkins Co in 1850. His sister was Sarah/Susan Roberts WHITIS. Also another suspected sister, married Daniel WHITIS. Parents of Elizabeth are known: William SIMPSON and Tempa BESHERS or BRASHEARS. Other Simpson children are Albert and Permelia Simpson KIRKPATRICK SALMON. All families moved from Hawkins Co. to Pulaski Co., KY in 1852. Very little known about families as I am trying to research from England.

In Winter 1851-1852, 32 known people left Hawkins Co., TN for Pulaski Co., KY. Did they leave any clues in Hawkins Co. that would say where they came from? I would like to share information to trace back further in family tree.

John ROBERTS, wife and one child; William SIMPSON, wife and possibly two adult children; John WHITIS, wife and 4 children; Clairborne RUSSELL, wife and 5 children; Thomas WHITIS, wife and 3 children; Hiram WHITIS (married when he got to KY); Josiah RUSSELL, wife and 1 child; Mrs. Permelia Simpson KIRKPATRICK (married again in KY)

Nancy Converse Sun Nov 17 18:55:58 1996
Johnston, Wright
Need the birthplace of Reuben Johnston, born 7 Jul 1806. Married Julia Wright in Jan 1830 in Hawkins County, TN. Father may have been George Johnston from Fauquier County, VA.

John A. Campbell Tue Nov 12 09:24:00 1996
Campbell, Inman
Researching the family of James Campbell b. 1772, m. Hannah Inman, d.o. Shadrach Inman in 1792 in Greene Co. TN. Issue Andrew Campbell b. 1794.

Ron Kinner Sat Nov 9 13:26:07 1996
Collecting KENNER descendants. If you have a Kenner in your line and you would like more information on him or her please contact me. There were two distinct Kenner families in Hawkins County: Francis Kenner and Judith (Kenner) Kenner were the oldest members of each clan.

Dennis Aslinger Thu Nov 7 16:57:13 1996
Hendrix, Wallace, Lewallen
I am looking for 2 marriages, not sure which county they were married in. Names: Luke S. Hendrix m. Jane Wallace before 1850, William Lewallen m. Nancy Wallace before 1850.

Michele Chavez Tue Nov 5 23:12:48 1996
Seal(e)(s), Kenady / Canada, Brewer, Edwards, Wilder
Seeking info on my ggg grandfather Dawson Seals b 1802 & his brother John Seals b 1800 in NC, grandsons of Zackeriah Seal b 1754 (son of William Seale b 1730 VA). Dawson lived in now Hancock County up until 1840, when he left for Missouri, Indiana, and finally settled in Illinois where he died 1867. Mysteries:
1. Who were their parents?
2. Dawson’s wife was named Elizabeth (or Nancy). Was she the sister of John’s wives (1) Susan & (2) Darcous Brewer Wilder, daughters of Fredrick Brewer & Lydia Edwards?
3. Or was Elizabeth a Kenady or Canada? Dawson had a son named Kenady (or Canada).

Edward G. Looney Wed Nov 6 17:35:30 1996
Lunney / Looney, Littrell
Looking for ancestors of Robert Lunney (Looney) of the Isle of Man whose son, Absalom, migrated to Hawkins County. Also looking for ancestors of S.M. Littrell who migrated

Tom Ward Wed Nov 6 20:56:59 1996
Ward, Williams, Moore, Berry
Needing further information on the family of Nathan WARD Jr who m Ann WILLIAMS 1809 Grayson Co VA. They were living in Hawkins Co TN in 1822. Nathan Jr is a grandson of Wells WARD Sr. of Grayson Co VA. Also needing parents and information on Ephraim WARD b 1836 Hawkins Co TN. Ephraim m1 Elizabeth MOORE and m2 Hannah BERRY. Always happy to share.

Alan Starnes Mon Nov 4 13:12:04 1996
Myers, Starnes
Looking for Charity Victoria Myers in Hawkins Co in 1860 or 1870. Should be married to a Starnes. Has sons James Marion,William L, and John G.

V.S. Mirto Thu Nov 7 20:35:57 1996
Where can I find more information about my great-great grandmother, Margaret Woods. I believe she was born 1848-50 and died 1887-88. I can not find her family. She married Thomas Daniel Malone, son of Levi and Jerusha Malone, in Hawkins Co on Nov. 27,1867. Their oldest daughter, Sarah Cordelia, was born in Greene Co. July 6,1871. Sarah married Perry Boswell, son of Bird R.Boswell, in Greene Co. on September 22, 1889. Their daughter, Bertha, was born in Greene Co. June 4, 1893.

Sam D. Lawson Wed Nov 6 13:15:51 1996
Seeking to exchange information on the Pleasant G. MURRELL family. He was the father of Harvey G. MURRELL, the Baptist preacher of 35 years, born 14 February, 1846, at Lee Valley, Hawkins County, Tennessee. Harvey married Susan TRENT. I would like to know as much as possible about Pleasant’s family and which TRENT family Susan came from. Sam D. Lawson, 1929 Hiker Trace, Columbus, Indiana, 47023-3541.

Jay L. Hallaron Sat Nov 2 12:06:41 1996
Researching the following families in TN counties: (Surname:County) Holland:Wilson Co., Hagy:Hardin Co., Warren:Hardin Co., Barn(s)field:Wilson & Macon Co., Heck:Hawkins Co, Crowder:Hawkins Co., Manis or Manor:Hawkins Co. , Long:Hawkins Co. Existing database fairly extensive, but looking for some key evidence establishing parentages, siblings, etc.

Vanessa Wood Sun Dec 1 03:36:59 1996
Need help with identifying NC or TN. My gg-grandfather JOHN ROBERTS says on some documents born in TN and on others born in NC in about 1829. Which counties changed states after that time? He says on pension application that he married Elizabeth SIMPSON in 1850 in HAWKINS CO., TN. I can find her and even the preacher on the 1850 census… but no John Roberts. He joined up with the US Army for the Mexican War out of Tennessee. John Roberts has one known sister, Sarah/Susan Roberts WHITIS who was also on the 1850 HAWKINS CO., TN census. in 1852 all of these families moved to Pulaski Co.,KY. I am really stuck… I just can’t seem to find John or his parents. Family rumor has been that he and his sisters were illegitimate. Not sure how to trace from there.

Paula Johnson Mon Dec 30 15:17:43 1996
Looking for parents and siblings of Alfred Bolen (Bowling Bowlin) born 1814. Alfred married Kaziah Johnston 28 June1849. Believe either Alfred or Kaziah were married before since some children were older than the marriage.The family was in Hawkins County in 1860 later moved to Hancock County Indiana where they died. Would like any any information you are willing to share. We will share what information we have. Thank You.

Phillip Eaton Wed Dec 25 10:47:56 1996
EATON and RUTLEDGE, Eastern Tennessee ca 1800-1847. Eli Eaton b. 1825 Hawkins Co. married Rebecca M. Rutledge b. 1830 Hawkins Co. in 1847. Eli’s parents are believed to have been JOSEPH EATON (b. 1797 Tn) and MARGARET ?. Rebecca’s parents are unknown, although she may be the oldest daughter of EMANUEL RUTLEDGE and SARAH WILSON.

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