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Barbara Starr 31 Jan 1998
LIGHT, MULLINS, MORELOCK, DYKES, ISREAL, LIGHT, MICHAEL I am searching for information to connect Michael with other Hawkins Co LIGHTs. William LIGHT left a will 1817 naming wife Patience, children: Jacob, Vachel, John, Wm, George, Wright, Joshua, Michael and dau Patience MULLINS, Susannah RICE, Eleanor LIGHT and Prudence MORELOCK. Michael, b 11 Oct 1812 Hawkins Co. m1 Eliza DYKES 1836 Hawkins Co. m2 Rachael Annis ISREAL Dover 1868 Laclede Co.MO, d 1905 Fulton Co., AR. Jacob LIGHT is said to be Michael’s father Barbara Light Starr

Betty Self 31 Jan 1998
STEWART, SELF, THACKER, HANKS, LOUDERBACK, RIGSBY, MOONEY, Searching for information on grandmother, Julia Charlotte STEWART,marries Robert Lee SELF, May 1904, Hawkins Co., Julia’s sisters were Sarah STEWART, Fannie STEWART and Betty STEWART THACKER, Julia was born May 1882. Robert SELF’s father was Jack SELF, siblings were Billy, Eddie, Fannie SELF m HANKS, Bessie SELF m LOUDERBACK and Mollie SELF m RIGSBY & MOONEY. The family lived in IL in 1905 than back to TN from about 1907 to 1912, then back to IL until after 1921when moved to MO

Nancy S. Shire 30 Jan 1998
BISHOP, WILSON, GILLETTE, POINDEXTER, CARTER, COLE, Researching family of Samuel BISHOP (1792-1865) and his 2nd wife Anna CARTER (1807-1866). His parents were Joseph BISHOP and Elizabeth WILSON, early Hawkins County pioneers. Samuel had 4 children by Anna, all b. Hawkins County; William C. BISHOP (1826-1904), Robert L. BISHOP (1832-1867), Mary BISHOP GILLETTE (1833-bef. 1852), and Elizabeth BISHOP POINDEXTER (b. ca 1840). Samuel’s 1st wife was Nancy COLE, by whom he had children Gartny, Mason, Richard, and Samuel.

Tom Hensley 30 Jan 1998
ORRICK, LOVIN, Trying to find info on my mother.She was born on Oct.24,1923 in Morresburg her mother was Ada Katherine Orrick.Mothers name was Margaret t.Orrick.Her mother died when mother was 3 yrs old.She was raised by her relatives,the Lovin family in Morresburg.Annie and Roy Lovin were her relatives.Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Richard Grennell 29 Jan 1998
HANION, I am looking for information regarding Fowler HANION, b.December 29 1920 in or around Fulton NY, d. September 1986, in Rogersville, If there are any of his children or other family please contact me, Fowler was my Uncle, and I am trying to work on the history of the overall family. Any information will be greatly appreciated.

June Everheart 27 Jan 1998
BEAL, BEAL, George. On 1810 Hawkins Co. Tax List in Louderbacks Co. Believed to be younger brother of John BEAL / BEEIL who came to Hawkins County ca 1818 and lived north of the Holston near the stage road. Any info appreciated.

Tom McKirgan 27 Jan 1998
LYONS, MCKIRGAN, My name is Tom McKirgan of Oregon. My ancestors were from Hawkins County. I am trying to locate anyone there who would have done the genealogy on the LYONS family of that county. My ancestor was JANE LYONS married to THOMAS MCKIRGAN. JANE was a first Cousin to WILLIAM LYONS. I need to find out who JANE’S father was and where in County Antrim Ireland they were from. Do you know of anyone who has done the LYONS research?

ROBERT MOON 27 Jan 1998
CARDON, I am interested in my great, great, grandfather Christopher Columbus Cardon (or Carden). His son was Hugh Walker Cardon. They migrated to Alabama in the 1840’s. Hugh married Lula McSpadden in Centre, Alabama. I am interested in any information concerning Christopher’s home in Hawkins County, cemeteries, available genealogies. I have also read that he participated in the War of 1812. Any related information would be appreciated. Robert Moon

Bruce Reed 27 Jan 1998
TALLENT, JONES, Searching Hawkins Co. Tn for Jeannie TALLENT, born ~1825. In ~1849 she married Claiborne Jones born Hawkins Co. ~1824. He was the son of James JONES, mother not researched. Claiborne, Jeannie & Numerous children most moved to NW Ark. ~1850. Looking for info on her line, and additional info on his line. Have info to share.

CSA1 27 Jan 1998
WALKER, Micajah, looking for parents name of Micajah, he was in the war of 1812 from Hawkins Co. Tenn. Please help.

Sherrie Cope Hoth 25 Jan 1998
COPE, ODOM, RUSSELL, KELLEY, Jacob COPE was in Hawkins County by 1836. His wife was Sarah ODOM COPE, daughter of George S. ODOM and Jane RUSSELL. His daughter, Jane COPE remained in Hawkins County and married William Brownless KELLEY. I am looking for any information on this family or descandants of the KELLEY’S.

TinySearch 25 Jan 1998
MOORE, LEBEAU, WILLIAMS, Am searching for ancestral details about John Williams MOORE, Sr., born 16 February 1815 in Hawkins County, TN. He was married to Harriet Rachel LEBEAU (Lebow) born 19 June 1823 in Hawkins County. John’s parents are believed to be John MOORE and Elizabeth WILLIAMS, both of whom may have come from Virginia. Any information would be appreciated.

MTakami 27 Jan 1998
DODSON, MUZZELMAN, I am searching for any information about DODSON, Elisha . He married Frances MUZZELMAN(?)

MTakami27 Jan 1998
HARTMAN, I am searching for information on HARTMAN, John . Born in 1814. Married Mary?

Jacqueline Riley Potter 26 Jan 1998
ROLLER, VAUGHN, BENTON, Does anyone know the given name, death date and place of death of the male _________ Roller who married Rebeckah Vaughan, b. June 24, 1802, Hawkins County? Also, did they have any children? And when did they marry? Does anyone know which James Vaughan married Martha “Patty” Vaughan, b. about 1787 in VA or N? She was the daughter of William Vaughan and Fereby Benton. They were married about 1772 in Sweetens Cove, TN. Will appreciate any help.

Joe Hardiman 25 Jan 1998
WOLFE, LIVESAY, MCGINNIS, HURLEY, I am seeking any info possible regarding the family of John J(Joseph?) WOLFE b abt 1860 Hawkins Co TN son of Andrew WOLFE b abt 1825 Hancock Co TN/Mahalia LIVESAY b abt 1831 Hancock Co TN. Andrew WOLFE was the son of Jacob b abt 1782 NC and Mary MCGINNIS WOLFE b abt 1782 VA. Mahalia LIVESAY WOLFE was the daughter of Joseph and Lavina HURLEY LIVESAY b 1803 VA.

Deborah Parker Ward 24 Jan 1998
PARKER, REESER, I am searching for information about my grandparents: Nellie Myrtle PARKER (nee REESER) born Oct 2 , 1893…died May 20,1954 and George Griffin PARKER…born Nov,20,1887….died Jan 27, 1972 in Hawkins County. Anyone who has info on them please contact me.

D Hutchins 24 Jan 1998

Max Allen 24 Jan 1998
HALE, MANTOOTH, GREY, John Hale Marryville Tenessee died 1935, Bob Grey Hawkins county alive 1936. Married to a Deliea, Bertie Mantooth married John Hale around 1920 Hawkins county or Marryville Tn. Bertie died mi. 1952. There was an Andrew Mantooth who was postmaster of Newport tn in 1947. He was the brother of Bertie Mantooth Hale.

Cindy Tyson 23 Jan 1998
BRYANT, Looking for any information on my grandmother Laura Geneva BRYANT. She was possibly born in Hawkins Co. TN. It has been reported that she was of Cherokee descent. I would very much like to verify this and locate any information possible on her and her ancestors. Please help if you can.

Tom McKirgan 23 Jan 1998
LYONS, MCKIRGAN, I am trying to find information on anyone who has researched the LYONS family of Hawkins County. Specifically THOMAS MCKIRGAN and JANE LYONS. She was a cousin of Capt. CLINT LYONS who’s father was WILLIAM LYONS. Anyone with information about the LYONS family, please e-mail me. Thank you

Robert M. Allen 23 Jan 1998
BOATMAN, MARLAN, I am searching for documentation of the genealogy of James BOATMAN (1794-1859) who is believed to have been born in Hawkins Co., TN. His suspected father is Richard BOATMAN (1775-1842) who died in Cumberland Co., KY. James BOATMAN’s wife was Abigail __?__ who he married c. 1815 probably in Hawkins Co., TN. His wife’s mother was Asonath __?__ who married Absalum MARLAN as her 2nd husband. My wife descends from James and Abigail Boatmans’ daughter, Nancy BOATMAN, who was born in Hawkins Co., TN on 2 Jan. 1818.

Sandra T. Carter 23 Jan 1998
GOULDEN, GATLIN, I am searching for my great-great-great grandparents. Burwin and Lucinda Goulden. She was full Cherokee from N.Carolina and he a Jewish man from New York, if legends are to be believed. Children were George, Sarah (my great-great grandmother) and William. Sarah married Louis Gatlin and they lived in Decatur County. Would appreciate any information. Thanks.

MC7377 23 Jan 1998
LOCKE, HARRISON, Interested in corresponding with any one researching these two names. Maggie Lou Locke born cira 1894 and Barton Harrison Watts1890 married in Rogerville about 1913. Hamblen /Hawkins counties.

Norm Miller 23 Jan 1998
HAMPTON, MILLER, I am looking for 2 relatives born in Hawkins County, The first was a union soldier HAMPTON, Joel A. born 1830 according to military record. The second was BENNET Nancy born 1830. was told she was born here or Knox county KY. Birthdates may be off a few years. Any help you can give me in this will be appreciated. Thanks Norm Miller

Leonard Tyson 23 Jan 1998
HAMBLEN, STIPE, HAMBLIN, KATIE I am looking for information on my great grandmother Katie Hamblin. She was reported to be born Nov. 16, 1883 in Hawkins Co TN and died on Nov. 22 1974 in Hawkins Co TN. She married Joseph Thomas Stipe on Mar 9, 1904 in Hawkins Co. TN. Any information on her siblings, parents and ancestors would be very helplful.

Ernest Poole 22 Jan 1998
POOL / POOLE, Lemuel lived Sullivan County, Tn. 1860 Hawkins County 1870 Sullivan County 1880 all listed in census. Trying to locate what happened to him and Wife, Sarah and family after 1880. Children were: Elivera b. 1843 m. David F. West 8/28/1868, Amanuel “Minia” W. b. 1846 m. Cynthia A. abt. 1863, Matilda L.C. b. 1848, Mary A. b. 1850 m. William Humphrey 8/28/68, Martha C. b. 1852, Warren Wythe b. 5/25/1855 m. Martha A. Widener 10/18/1901, Amanda Jane b. 1858 m. Burton Andrew Defriece 1858, Wiley F. b. 1863 m. Alice Annis Kurney 4/11/1887. Need any information on any family member. Will share information if I can help you.

Helen Ballard Bumgardner 22 Jan 1998
BALLARD, CLARK, WHITE, WILLIAMS, SIMPSON, ELLINGTON, BALLARD SR, ALEXANDER…searching for wife of Alexander Ballard Sr, b abt 1751 6 miles east of Philadelphia, PA, children John married Hannah CLARK, Alexander Jr married Sarah L. WHITE, David married Elizabeth ??, Josiah/Joshua, Jesse married Mary R. WILLIAMS, George W. married Adelaine ??, William A. married Frances Savanah SIMPSON, Jane M.married Michael Monroe ELLINGTON. Alexander Sr. had a land grant #644 dated 3 Oct 1809 for 520 acres of land in Hawkings Co. Any Help will be appreciated.

Sheridan Drowatzky 22 Jan 1998
BRANDON, HENDERLIGHT, LAWSON, MAYNARD, My grandfather, John Jefferson BRANDON, son of Orville BRANDON and Julia Ann HENDERLIGHT Davis, was born 1861 in Hawkins Co. My grandmother (his wife), Laura Alice MAYNARD, daughter of William MAYNARD and Mandy Ann LAWSON, was born 1869, Hawkins Co. I do not know where J. J.’s and Laura’s parents were from. I am hoping to learn something about them. J. J. and Laura left Tennessee in 1885 for Texas, and later settled in Indian Territory in Oklahoma. As far as anyone in the family knows, their parents remained in Tennessee. Are there any connections out there? Sheridan Drowatzky Wichita KS

Ron Cofiell 20 Jan 1998
MULKEY, ENSOR, I am looking for Rev. Jonathan MULKEY, Jr., a Baptist minister from Hawkins Co. Probably sometime after 1798 he married Elizabeth ENSOR, daughter of Thomas and Mary. Interested in dates for Jonathan and Elizabeth, and names and dates for their children, if any. Jonathan may have married (2) Anna Lacey in 1818 in nearby Washington Co.

PATIJE MILLS 20 Jan 1998
WHITE, SCOBEE, CONKIN, JACKSON, BACHMAN, ROUSE, MILLS, Sarah Amanda Cordelia WHITE was born in Falls Branch, Hawkins? Co, TN Her mother was Sarah Ann SCOBEE (1835/36 -1901) Sarah’s father was George WHITE (1817?–1896 MO) Parents married 1863 and had 8 children: Catherine 1866, James 1868 (Married Emeline CONKIN), George 1869, John 1870 (married Cora JACKSON), Dan 1874, Nancy 1874, “unk daughter 1878 & Sarah Amanda Cordelia WHITE 1880. George previously married Catherine BACHMAN (1823 Sullivan Co, TN-1860) They married 1847 and also had 8 children: Jacob 1848, Martha 1848, Jonathan Bachman 1849 (married Amanda CONKIN), Will 1851, Wardis 1853, Elizabeth 1855, Monroe 1857, & Eliza 1859. It is rumored that most of SCOBEE, BACHMAN and WHITE families later moved to northeastern MO. Sarah Amanda Cordelia WHITE married Wm. Franklin MILLS in ADAIR or SULLIVAN Co, MO and later Pearl E. ROUSE; all 3 died in MO. I’d like to know more about this family and meet “cousins” who know the ancestors and/or descendants of George

BASSETT, BROOKS, LEBO, I am researching the following surnames from Hawkins County. BROOKS, BASSETT and LEBO. John N. BASSETT, born 1820, m. Susannah BROOKS, born 27 Sept. 1827, 27 Sept. 1847. They were the childern of Spencer BASSETT and William Dixon BROOKS.

Roeseler 19 Jan 1998
Williams, Arnott, WILLIAMS, JAMES born circa 1817 Hawkins County TN. Married FRANCIS ARNOTT. Appear in 1850 census. Would like information on parents of James, baptisms of children, marriages, and deaths.

John Tindal 19 Jan 1998
MERRIMON, I am seeking information about the family of Branch Hamlin Merrimon (1802-1881). When he was a child, he moved to Rogersville with his parents. A brother, George Merrimon is supposed to have lived the rest of his life in Hawkins County. Branch became a Methodist minister and was admitted into the Holston Conference in 1824. Do you have any information about this family? I will be happy to share information about this family. Any information will be appreciated.

John Payne 18 Jan 1998
GILLIAM, NEALLY, VAUGHN, CALLICOTT, CREECH, SHANKS, JOHNSON, BARRETT, FLETCHER, FLANNERY, Seeking info on John GILLIAM, b. ca 1798 Hawkins Co., the son of Hinchea and Mary NEALLY GILLIAM. He married, ca 1820, to Mary “Polly” VAUGHN, the daughter of John and Nancy CALLICOTT VAUGHN. About 1830 Hinchea and most of John’s brothers migrated to Marion Co., TN, while John remained in Hawkins Co. Mary Gilliam died in Hawkins Co. ca 1869-70; John left a will there dated 3 August 1869, probated 3 June 1873. Children: (1) James, b. ca 1823, md. Elizabeth Ann________; (2) Hinchea, b. ca 1828, md., 1st, Sarah CREECH, 2nd, Nancy SHANKS; (3) Lemuel, b. 1830, d. 1900, md. Elizabeth__________; (4) Sarah, b. ca 1832, md. James M. JOHNSON; (5) Wiley, b. ca 1834; (6) John A., b. 1837, d. 1916, md. Orlena C. BARRETT; (7) Nancy Ann, b. 1840, d. 1906, md. Elijah A. FLETCHER; (8) Susan, b. 1844, d. 1915, md. Jacob L. FLANNERY; and (9) Benjamin C.., b. 1848, d. 1904, md. Sarah_________.
John Payne, 22 West Ontario Street, Apt. 1, Chattanooga, TN 37415

Karen Negron 18 Jan 1998
MAXWELL, I am searching for JOHN H. MAXWELL, b. 1840, Henderson Co., NC; d. 1930, Hawkins Co., TN. Buried in Highland Cemetery, Rogersville, TN. Married 1st CONNIE F. (or CORNIE F.) ?, b. 1 Dec 1850; d. 29 May 1880. Married snd, Isabella M. ?, b. 25 Sep 1868; d. 23 Oct 1963. Need John’s parents and maiden names/parents of both Connie and Isabella. Also, when did he come to Hawkins Co.? Is this the same James H. MAXWELL who was in the North Carolina 25th Infantry Regiment during Civil War? I think unit was formed in Buscombe Co., NC, adjacent to Henderson. Thanx for anything you have.

Chuck Beason 16 Jan 1998
BEASON, HOUSTON, Am looking for a Isaac Beason Born about 1812. D. unk Wife Sara Perry 2 Elizabeth Houston. Have been told by his grand daughter that he was burried in the Davis Cem. Elizabeth may of been his third wife.
Chuck Beason, RR 2 Box 149, Maddock, ND 58348-9240

Jacqueline Potter 16 Jan 1998
GILLIAM, VAUGHAN, HAMMONS, I am searching for the death date of John GILLIAM, also his birthdate, birth place and parents. He married Mary Polly Vaughan, b. April 12, 1800, Hawkins Co., TN. Thank you. I’m also searching for any Cherokee or Choctaw ancestry.

Melanie Wagner 16 Jan 1998
PECK, JONES, PECK,JESSE A and JONES,THEODOTIA I am searching for info on the above. Jesse Peck was born in 1836 In Hawkins Co. TN and Theodotia Jones was born in 1842 in Hawkins Co. TN. They were married in Hawkins Co. on Ja. 27, 1859. I am stuck here – don’t have any idea who their parents were. Any info on the above would be appreciated.

John H. Henry 16 Jan 1998
MURRELL/COBB, I am searching for information on the family of WILLIAM MURRELL b. 1800-1810 in Hawkins County, married 1st VINA? COBB, 2nd FANNY COBB both daughters of JOEL COBB who also lived in Hawkins County. William moved to MO and some of his kids including PLEASANT GEORGE MURRELL were raised by Joel Cobb. Information on any of these folks would be appreciated. Thanks, John H. Henry 6071 E. Mineral Dr. Englewood, CO 80112-3054

Arthur Arnold 13 Jan 1998
TRUSLER, TRUSSLER, TRUSLOW, I am searching for John or James TRUSLER (TRUSSLER, TRUSLOW). James and John were in Hawkins Co. shortly after the Revolutionary War. James moved to Indiana 18111. John moved to Ohio but may have left children. Several offspring born around 1790’s. John and William Trussler listed in Hawkins Co. 1830 and 1832 Census. Any info helpful. Cheryl Trusler

Anne Fialcowitz 13 Jan 1998
BUNCH, I am researching the BUNCH surname in Hawkins County. Would appreciate any and all information regarding this name. Time frame is 1780s to 1860s. Specifically, trying to find family link between Paul Bunch, Nancy Bunch, Martin Bunch, Micajah Bunch.

June Everheart 13 Jan 1998
BROTHERTON, EVERHART, BROTHERTON, Jacob b 1820-1825 Hawkins Co., father was Henry BROTHERTON who died in 1829, mother was Elizabeth (Betsy) EVERHART. Henry BROTHERTON will dated 10 June 1829 lists children: oldest son Jacob and daughters Jinny, Catharine, and Polly. Betsy BROTHERTON and children are in Hawkins Co. in 1830 and 1840. Seeking any information on any of the children of Henry BROTHERTON and Betsy EVERHART.

June Everheart 13 Jan 1998
EVERHART, SMITH, FORD, VAUGHN, EVERHART, Jacob b. ca 1776 (where?) , d. ca 1836, Hawkins Co. mar Catharine. Was her maiden name BEAL or STAGLEATHER/STEIGLEDER? Children: Elizabeth mar Henry BROTHERTON, David EVERHART, Eve mar Benjamin VAUGHN, Sallie mar Thomas BERRY, Nicholas EVERHART, James B. EVERHART, Jacob E. EVERHART, Emanuel EVERHART, Thomas EVERHART, Mary mar Beverly C. FORD, Anna mar Leonard SMITH. Will exchange information on any of above families

Bob Carr 13 Jan 1998
DRENNON, HENRY, FARRELL, DRENNON, NOAH LEE and HENRY, RACHEL ADELINE – I am searching for information about Noah Lee Drennon, born Hawkins County 1850 and Rachel Adeline Henry, born Hawkins County 1852. Noah was the son of Clement Drennon and Louise Farrell. Noah and Rachel were married in1868.

Tissie Schwebel 13 Jan 1998
SMITH, MCPHEETERS, CAMPBELL, I am searching for dates and places for the parents of Samuel Smith who was born 11-4-1805 in Hawkins Co. and died 3-16-1851 in Hawkins Co. TNand married 1-21-1830 in Hawkins Co. to Elizabeth McPheeters born 12-22-1809 and died 9-3-1900. They are buried in McPheeters Bend Church Cemetery. Samuel’s parents names are: John Smith and Margaret Campbell.

Carolyn 11 Nov 1997
CARTWRIGHT, Searching for any references to Wilson CARTWRIGHT, b. c1802 NC, who was serving as some sort of county clerk in Hawkins Co in 1822. Found at least one reference where he signed a marriage certificate. Would like to hear from anyone who has Hawkins Co document with the name Wilson CARTWRIGHT on it. Also seeking anyone researching CARTWRIGHT surname with links to Hawkins Co, Tn.

Jacqueline Potter 10 Jan 1998
VAUGHAN, GILLIAM, HAMMONS, CALLICOTT, I am searching for the death date of John Gilliam, who married Mary Polly Vaughan, b. April 12, 1800, Hawkins Co., TN, daughter of John Vaughan and Nancy Callicott. I believe Mary Polly later married John Micajah Hammons. They are in the Hawkins Co. 1830 and 1840 census with their children, and John Micajah was in Hawkins Co. in 1820 and 1824, too. He was in the Arkansas census of 1889, Spring Valley, Madison Co. Did either of them have Cherokee blood. John Micajah was b. in 1789 in Erie, TN.

Gary Snavely 10 Jan 1998
Snavely, Ellison, Ernest Victor Snavely was married to Eva Mae Ellison July 23, 1911 in Wellsping TN. I checked with Claiborne County nothing. I think the Marriage cert. may be in Hawkins county. Cannot find Wellspring. He died Nov. 10, 1951. Elizabethton TN. Carter County. Any INFO WOULD HELP THANKS
Gary Snavely 1522 Crocket Rd., Forest, VA 24551

L.R. Hogan 10 Jan 1998
BEARD,BAIRD,STOUT,POTTER,LINKES,LINCUS, I know the name is pronounced: Beard/Baird, but I have only heard it and I have never seen it written down legally anywhere. I am looking for the siblings and ancestors of Sarah Jane Beard. She was born about 1880. Her father was Ben Beard. We believe her mother to be a “Potter.” or could possible be a Stout??? My ggrandparents lived in Johnson County Tennessee in the 1910 and 1920 Census. In the Johnson County Census, they have my Sarah listed as 28 years old and married 13 years. That would make her born in 1882. This differs from Sarah’s obit. Her obit says she was born in Carter County, Tenn, on Dec 14, 1877 and that at the time of her death in 1941, she had a Brother named William E. Beard, living in Carterville, Tenn, which is in Hawkins County. Sarah married a Lincus/Linkous/Linkes (name was changed) and the Lincus family did live in Hawkins and Gainger Countys in the 1800’s census’. Any info would be very appeciated. Thanks
LR Hogan 46200 Hull Road, Belleville, MI

T.J. Taylor 9 Jan 1998
TAYLOR, Harvey……I am searching for birth, marriage, and parents of Harvey and his wife Mary. Listed in Hawkins county census 1850 & 1860. Children were John (10), Susannah (8), James (4), and Thomas (1). Both Harvey and Mary were listed as born in Tennessee and were 35 years old in 1850.

Chuck Courtney 9 Jan 1998
COURTNEY, HENRY, STAPLETON, SIZEMORE, I am searching for information on the Courtney families in Hawkins County, specifically for (Andrew) Russell Courtney, born c. 1810, who married Bettie Henry, his father a (John?) Courtney, born c. 1780 in England, and his son James Polk Courtney, born July 17, 1843, and married to Francis Malinda Stapleton (born Oct. 14, 1843 to parents A.W. and ? Stapleton) on Aug. 10, 1862. Courtney farm located 7 miles north of Rogersville close to present-day Courtney cemeteries. James Polk’s siblings were: Febe, William, Joseph, Samuel, Betty, Marinda, and David. James Polk COURTNEY served in the Confederate Army, probably 43rd Tenn. Inf. J. P. Courtney family moved to Joplin, MO in 1867 and then later to Wise County, Texas. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Talma Klaassen 08 Jan 1998
FIELDS, MANESS, Martin FIELDS b. NC married Margaret MANESS b. TN , resident of Butchers valley Hawkins co. ca 1830. son Charles A Fields . This family moved to Randolph co IN . Who was Martin FIELDS father and mother. [Original e-mail was in Wichita area.]

Lori Salley 08 Jan 1998
SIMMONS,SALLEE, I am looking for Walter SIMMONS of Rogersville, TN. m. Phoebe Ellen SALLEE. They had the following children: Lewis, Hugh, Joe, Rosa, and Oscar Frederick b. 1915 in OK. Trying to connect with any SIMMONS in this area as Walter and Phoebe died and there is no info available from relatives.

Candy Parent 7 Jan 1998
FREEMAN, I’m looking for the father of a man named Charles Freeman. On his marriage license he lists his parents as Jospeh Freeman and Susan and his birthplace as Rogersville, TN. Family history tells many stories about his parents. The gist of which is Joseph Freeman owned a mill of some sort and murdered two of his employees with an axe. One story says Joseph was hanged by a lynch mob–another says he was tried and found guilty and hanged. This event probably happened between 1870 & 1880. Have you ever heard of such an event? I’d appreciate your help.

Harvey Greene 6 Jan 1998
GREENE, I am looking for information regarding my grandfather Lee Greene and his wife Susan. Susan is reported to be 1/2 Cherokee. My father’s name is Harvey Logan Greene. He was born in 1922 and is buried in Providence Cemetery.My grandparents died in the 1960’s. My only rememberence is of their house in the Persia area near the TVA ponds. Thanks.

Jo Bailey Dunn 5 Jan 1998
BAILEY, GRIFFIN, LEE, BRYAN, PRATER, I am searching for information on Thomas Bailey and Sarah Griffin.Thomas was born ca 1740 in Virginia.Their children were Susan,born 1771,Thomas,1773,William,1775 and James Brittain,1779. William was killed on the Holston river by renegade Indians.He married Winifred Lee,daughter of Captain Thomas Lee and Mary Bryan.She was a sister to Needham Lee Sr. who married Susan Bailey. Would like to find info on James Brittain Bailey who could have married a Edith or Dorothy Smith or Dorothy Prater in Tennessee. He moved to Brazoria County,Texas around 1820 and was a member of Austin Old Three Hundred.He reportedly was a Lieutenant with a Hawkins County Regiment in 1801.He also served in the War of 1812. Thomas Lee Bailey,the son of William Bailey and Winifred Lee entered the War of 1812 as a private in Rogersville,Hawkins county at age 15.In 1814 he volunteered for six month’s duty as a coporal in a company un! ! der Captain James Cummings and Colonel Blue.They marched to Alabama against the Creek Indians with General.
Jo Bailey Dunn 106 Calumet Circle, Trussville, AL 35173

Kevin Cloud Brechner 5 Jan 1998
CLOUD, KERSHNER, SIMPSON, Seeking information on family of William Cloud, or his children Calvin, John, Orvill, Martha, or William Jr. Family moved in 1830’s to MS and CA. Family story that they were Cherokee. Calvin married Elizabeth KERSHNER in Hawkins Co. Martha married a Mr. Simpson. Kevin Cloud Brechner Time River Laboratory 253 S. Rosemead Blvd., Pasadena, CA 91107

W.W. Watkins 4 Jan 1998
GALBRAITH, I am searching for desendents of Arthur GALBRAITH who came to Hawkins County from Botetourt County, Virginia ca 1780. I have lots of info and am willing to share.
W. W. Watkins, PO Box 150273, Nashville, TN 37215-0273.

Mary Turney Miller 3 Jan 1998
TURNEY, BARGER, I have a marriage record between George Turney and Catherine Barger 1804 in Hawkins County TN. George Turney was son of Henry and Elizabeth Turney. Would like to know more about Catherine Barger’s family. Two of their daughters married in Turner family. This group moved to Smith/Dekalb County by 1811.

Richard Cantrell 3 Jan 1998
CANTRELL, FRYE, I am Dr. Richard Cantrell and I was raised in Albany, Georgia. I was born in 1954 and my father was James Howard Cantrell. He was born in March 1915 or 1916, probably in Tennessee, his father was Marion CANTRELL. He supposedly was married to a Cherokee Indian, last name FRYE or FRY. As both grandparents passed on prior to my birth and my father spoke little of them except of his Indian heritage, I have little to go on. I know that my Grandparents were married in Tennessee probably at the turn of the century give or take ten years but I don’t know the county or anything like that and I know that the Cantrell’s came to Tennessee from Georgia or South Carolina. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Bonnie Catron 3 Jan 1998
EDEN, I am looking for any information on Elitha Jane EDEN possibly indian decent, she married Elijah Catron in 1856 in Tn. She is my great grandmother. Could be a different county. I think she was born in Tn.

Gordon K. Weddle 3 Jan 1998
WEDDLE, I’m searching for the names of siblings of John WEDDLE who was on the tax rolls in Hawkins Co in 1810 and 1812. I believe he may have been married to an Elizabeth (?). Thanks so much for any help.

NDwyer 3 Jan 1998
NORTH, I am looking for John NORTH b abt 1780 NC married Jane “Jincy” Fulks in Knox Co KY. John and Jane’s son, Mariarter, was born in Tenn 1824. There daughter Malinda was also born in Tenn in 1820. I found the will of EDWARD NORTH in Hawkins Co Tenn 1813. NORTH isn’t a very common name, so I thought perhaps there is some relation between John and Edward. Both men’s descendants moved into southeast KY and some on to Indiana and on westward.

Paul Kelley 2 Jan 1998
ARMSTRONG, I would like to correspond with anyone interested in the ARMSTRONG families of Hawkins County, particularly those of John Armstrong and Baker Armstrong.
Paul Kelley, 1009 Churchwell Avenue, Knoxville, TN 37917-4422

George Martin 2 Jan 1998
43RD TENNESSEE INFANTRY, I am developing a regimental history of my ggrandfather’s, James Madison Martin, regiment, the 43rd Tennessee Infantry, CSA, intend to publish which will include a complete roster, by individual companies, including as much pertinent biographical information possible on each of the soldiers. He had three brothers in Co. K including Issac Martin who died at Vicksburg. I have the national archives microfilm rolls of the regiments service records, Official Records of the War, Tennesseans in the Civil War, and most of the basic reference works . Since most official confederate army records did not survive, I am looking for letters, diaries, momentos, photos, papers, histories, etc., Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated. A memorial ceremony will be conducted on Confederate Memorial Day, April 26, 1998 (I believe) at the Vicksburg, Miss. City Cemetery dedicating newly placed tomb stones for Confederate soldiers, including 31 of those from the 43rd Tenn.
George Martin P.O. Box 2542, Sequim, WA 98382

Jenny Terry 02 Jan 1998
LAWSON, SHANKS, I AM SEARCHING FOR A particularLawson family from Hawkins TN. The only thing I do have is an 1850 Census record that lists Piney (mother) b. 1802 and her 5 children: John b. 1829; ? (possibly Clem) b. 1832; Jane, b. 3/3/1834; Gaines b. 9/4/1840 and ? (unable to read). I have found some service records on Gaines and have some info on Jane who married my GG grandfather Henry Shanks. Other than that any other info has been impossible to find. > > Any help is appreciated. > > Jenny Terry > Sarasota FL

Charlene Williams 2 Jan 1998
PETTY, ASBERRY, I am searching for any information on Sarah Elizabeth PETTY b.1859 marr. Brownlee ASBERRY. She died/buried in Campbell Co., TN. I am trying to search all counties close to Campbell in hopes that someone can tell me something about this surname. Charlene

Nancy Bowlin Curran 2 Jan 1998
SMITH, BOWLIN, Belle and Florence SMITH married brothers Jesse and Andrew BOWLIN b.1870’s Jesse and Belle moved to CA. Florence and Andrew settled in Hawkins Cnty Tn. The Bowlins were from Greene Cty TN.

Nancy Bowlin Curran 2 Jan 1998
MOODY, THOMPSON, BOWLIN, SMITH, I am looking for a connection to Robert MOODY of Hawkins Cnty TN. Robert MOODY b. apox. 1870, m. Catherine Thompson of Grassy Creek Hawkins Cnty, d. 1948.Children Dora Belle b.1902 Hawkins Cnty., Nora Who lived in Bristol TN, and Albert. My BOWLIN family was from Greene Cnty. TN. My GGF was Andrew Jackson Bowlin,b.abt.1870 who was a Sherrif and county auctioneer in the Rogersville area of Hawkins Cnty in 1920’s m. Florence Smith, d. abt.1938. His brothers were John and Jesse. Children-Frank, James, Robert, Jerome, (m. Dora belle Moody of Hawkins Cnty.), Dewey and Hersey.

Maxine Livermore 1 Jan 1998
WILKEY, ADAMS, I am searching for William WILKEY md. Malinda ADAMS, known sons are David b.1830, Charles Barney b.est 1833 and William b.est 1838. All give their birthplace as TN, but I do not know where in TN. Any help will be appreciated.
Maxine Livermore– 209 Brown Street, Princeton, IN 47670

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