Letter from George W. Lee to Abner Grisham Lee

October 9th, 1867
Feather River, Sutter County, Cal.

A. G. Lee. I will now write you a few lines to let you know that I am still alive and in tolerable health and do hope this may find you alive and in good health. I have your leter of last March the 7th, 67, before me which is the last leter I have had from you, and the last one that I have seen or heard of from you was the leter you wrote to E.W. after you had heard that Rachal was dead, and as you speak of Scalp takin it may bee that your Scalp has left the head; but I hope not. Well your leter that you wrote to me before the one on the 7th of March got lost so I could not find it and, I waited to see if I would find it but I have not found it yet. In it you wanted to know something about your mother which I have entirely forgotten but E.W. says that you wanted to know how old she was when she died. Well she was Borne May 12, 1802 and died June 4th, 1852. You wanted to know if your uncle Levi had any son named Alfred. Now I can say to you that he has not. He has a son named Andrew but I have forgot his middle name though it appears to me it was Lawrence or Baley. I had a Cozen in Tennessee named Alfred but whether he had any middle name or not I don’t know and he married one of my Cozens daughters on my mother’s side by the name of Gailbreath and there was one of his brothers by the name of Abraham Lee and I think his wife was a Pixon. Alfred and Abraham was sons of uncle Lehew Lee by Richard Henry Lee’s second wife whose maiden name was Miller. Alfred and Abram are onley 1/2 cozens to me. They were Brothers to Isaac Lee of Mud Pararie, Ill. and uncles to Peter T. Lee also of Mud Pararie, Ill. Now if any one of them had a son cauled Alfred I don’t know it. Well there must bee maney thousands of us as my grate grandfather was certainley the first Lee that ever was in North America with his familey. He was one of the setlers of Jamestown, Va. I have forgotten great-grandmother’s maiden name. She was Welch and born and raised in the City of Wales. The had 4 sons and how many daughters I do not now remember but I remember of seeing two. Old Aunt Rhodey Watkins and Aunt Judey. The 4 sons was named John, Peter, Evens and Richard Henrey who is my grandfather. Well Richard Henry Lee married Mary Grisham who was the sister of the two John Grishams Brothers, full Welch also, and he had by her 7 sons and 3 daughters (to wit) Grisham, William, Jessee, Archer, Young, George and Abner. These was the sons. The daughters was named Dorothy, comonaly cauled Dolley, Mary & Elizabeth. Well I never saw uncle Grisham nor none of his family. He married Priciley Staples and staid in Virginia and was a gunsmith to the U.S. in time of the Revolution. Was then quite an old man and had children as old as my father so his family must have spred to maney hundreds by this time. Uncle William also maried a Staples and mooved to Kentucky in an early day. Him and his family I have saw excep one son and 2 daughters. He had 5 sons and 4 or 5 daughters. Uncle Jessee maried but I have forgoten his wife’s name. he went to Georgia, Oglethorp County, had a large family but I never saw him or aney of his children. Uncle Archer died in the Arme of the Revolution. Uncle Young maried a Mathewes and had children how maney I do not know. I never saw him. he staid in Virginia. I saw one of his sons, Guy Lee. Uncle George maried and moved to Kentucky. Who he married I do not know. I never saw him nor any of his children. They lived on the National Road between Vidalia and the Urebar River in Ill. Your grandfather you know all about. Now Aunt Dolley maried a Thornton. The lived in Tennessee though I never saw aney of them. Aunt Mary maried her cousin Thomas Lee son of G. uncle Peter Lee and had maney children. I never saw aney but her grandson William Lee, Willis Reeves brother-in-law which you have saw. Aunt Elizabeth maried her cousin, also son of G. U. Peter, Richard Henrey Lee. the both moved to Kentucky in an earley day then to Mo. She was Elizabeth Holley’s grandmother & Dr. Wright’s Grand mother. She was the youngest; and grandmother died and Grandfather maried a Mary Miller and had by her 5 sons and 1 daughter (to wit) Richard, Barnet, Miller, Gehew & Stepen. Uncle Richard maried a Mary Davenport, had 5 or 6 boys and as maney girls. I have saw them amaney a time. Uncle Barnet maried Mary Dewroset and had one son and 5 or 6 daughters. I have saw them all often. Uncle Miller I have saw but it was when I was little. Who he maried I do not know. It is likely that Stephen D. Lee of the confederate armey was one of his sons as he move to Alabama in a earley day.

N.B. I hope the President will have enough in Congress to sustain his vetos this winter.

Well you will get a leter that I wrote to Robert Cheshire. I had no envelop and sent it to town by George and Cam. George knew who it was to, put it in envelop, gave to Cam to Direct and he Directed it to you instead of to R.C.

Abner Grisham Lee was in the Montana Territory at the time of this letter.  Submitted by Ern Shanks.

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