John E. Starnes

John E. Starnes, farmer, was born in Hawkins County, August 2, 1837, the son of John Starnes, Sr. and Elizabeth Starnes, formerly Elizabeth Pearson, both born in that county, the former born on March 8, 1807, and still living with his son, and the latter was born on May 1, 1817, and died February 10, 1882. Both were members of the Methodist Church South, and had been for several years; they had a large family of children, eleven in number, six boys and five girls, two sons and two daughters dead. John E. Starnes followed school teaching for some six years. He has since turned his attention to trading and farming exclusively. In 1875 he was elected in a Republican county by a majority to twenty-six votes for representative in serve in the Lower House of the General Assembly for two years. On Mary 18, 1876, he married Willie Denny, of Sullivan County. She was born May 27, 1857. She is a member of the Methodist Church South. They have had four children, one son and three daughters; the eldest daughter is dead. John E. Starnes is not a member of any church but is a sympathizer with the Methodist Church South, of which his wife is a member.

Transcribed by Betty Mize from Goodspeed’s History of Tennessee, 1886.

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