Andrew Galbraith (1776-1860)

Andrew Galbraith {1201}, born 10 April 1776, died 22 November 1860 and is buried in Quaryville Cemetery* Andrew was a person of prominence as attested to by the fact that he was the second registrar of Hawkins County, and was selected as one of the commissioners to oversee the building of the turnpike from Knoxville to the Virginia State Line.1 Andrew and the Lee family were neighbors and apparently close as Elizabeth (Andrew’s 6th child), was married to Green T. Lee, and Andrew served as the executor of the estate of Robert Lee and Thomas Lee. Andrew was married twice. He married FIRST: Elizabeth Laughlin {1218}, 2 March 1797 who was born in 1772, died 18 October 1810. She is also buried in Quarryville Cemetery.His SECOND wife was Sarah Anderson.

Children of Andrew and Elizabeth 1. Louisa Galbraith {1301} born 13 December 1797 married William McCause, who was a soldier in the war of 1812. They moved to Kentucky and then later to Lawrence County, Missouri.She was married for the second time to man by the name of Zinn. 2. Arthur Sharp Galbraith {1302}*, b 20 December 1799, d 19 December 1848 3. Alexander M. Galbraith {1303}, born 17 May 1804. He married Jana C. Neill {2944}, on 14 August 1828 in Rhea County, Tennessee, by James Swan, J.P. He was Postmaster at Sulphur Springs in Rhea County from 8 March 1837 to 16 October 1838. The name Sulphur Springs was changed to Rhea Springs on 5 February 1878. He later moved to Dade County, Missouri. 4. +John Montgomery Galbraith {1304}, born 14 December 1805 5. Anna Maria Galbraith {1305}*, b 20 December 1807, d 3 January 1875. Anna Marie made her home with her sister Amanda who married Absalom McCarty. Her father Andrew called Anna Marie incompetent in his will. 6. +Elizabeth Galbraith {1306}, born 4 March 1810, married Green T. Lee, 4 September 1828 SECOND WIFE: Sarah Anderson {1202}*, b 17 February 1787, in Sullivan County d 25 April 1849, married 3 December 1811.

They had the following children:2

1. +Joseph Galbraith {1650}, b 22 August 1813

2. +William Galbraith {1204} b 24 January 1815, d 26 June 1892

3. Anderson Galbraith {1307}* b 4 November 1816, d 16 November 1890. He also lived with his sister Amanda, as he was unmarried.

4. +Audley Galbraith {1308}* b 14 October 1818, d 25 September 1845

5. Isaac White Galbraith {1309}* b 9 November 1820, d 19 May 1836

6. +Andrew Galbraith {1310}* b 11 November 1822, d 12 Mar 1899, m Elizabeth Fudge{2221}, 23 September 1855

7. +Amanda Galbraith {1311} b 4 December 1825, married Absalom McCarty [2844}.

8. +Sarah Galbraith {1312} b 13 February 1828, married Calvin Elmore {2104}

* All persons so marked are burried in Quaryville Cemetery. Quarryville Cemetery is located 8.4 miles West of Rogersville, Tennessee on the left side of Hiway 11W, behind a small white church and is partially surrounded by the waters of Cherokee Lake. The cemetery is well kept.

1 The following information was taken from “Acts of Tennessee, Chapter CLXXIV, page 243 and titled AN ACT TO CHARTER CERTAIN TURNPIKE COMPANIES IN THIS STATE. Section 1. Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the State of Tennessee, that: Sterling E. Cocke, Gabriel McCraw, James T. Etter, Cleon Moore, Andrew Galbraith etc… of Hawkins County are hereby appointed Commissioners to open books for the purpose of receiving subscriptions to the amount of two hundred and fifty thousand dollars to be applied to the purpose of making a turnpike road from Knoxville in Knox County running thru Rutledge, Rogersville, and Kingsport to the Virginia Line, etc.

2 The following information was taken from the Joseph Galbraith family bible which was in the possession of Mary Ruth Mace Galbraith {2734}, RFD #1, Box 61, White Pine, TN 37890. This Bible is no longer in existence, as it was destroyed by fire. However it was copied by Mrs William H. Inman, Genealogical Records Chairman Samuel Doak Chapter NSDAR, 3-069-TN, Morristown, TN 37814, except for the children of the first marriage and this information was extracted from the will of Andrew. The birth & death of Arthur Sharp Galbraith is from his tombstone in Quarryville Cemetery, Hawkins County, TN.

This info was submitted by Bill Watkins.

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