1801 Petition to Amend Certain Laws

Petition 16-2-1801 to the Tennessee General Assembly

A committee, meeting in Rogersville 17 Sep 1801, resolved to recommend to their legislative representatives the following ammendments [sic] to certain laws:

  1. Attendance of cavalry in their regimental reviews not be required “and in lieu thereof make it incumbent on the Field officers of the several Regiments to attend the Regimental Reviews of the Infantry”;
  2. In the public disposal of property in case of sale by execution, no property shall be sold under two-thirds of its value;
  3. “That the Fee Bill should be lockd, the Clerk’s Bill in particular, and to be set forth in such a manner that the Citizens of the state in general may fully understand the same”;
  4. Recommend the appointment of Capt. John Thomspon and Joel Gillenwaters as Justices of the Peace in place of Robt. Campbell, who resigned;
  5. “…whereas a person having a still and pays taxes for the same that he have priviledge [sic] to sell his Liquor by the small, without paying a fine as the Law now proscribes.”

Signed by Order.

Wm. McGehee, Chairman
Joel Shropshire, Clerk

Source:  Abstract of the petition, published in the TN Genealogical Society‘s “Ansearchin’” News, Vol. 2, 1993, pp. 72-73.

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