1799 Petition to Form New County

Petition 20-1-1799 to the Tennessee General Assembly

Date:  17 Oct 1799

Petition of citizens of Hawkins County who live north of Clinch River and wish to be added to a new county, if one is formed from Grainger County, because they have “upwards of forty miles” to travel across mountains and rivers to attend County courts, musters, and elections.  Signed by:

Valluntine Hatfield
Henry Guffee
Henry Guffee Jr.
William Mannen
John Guffee
John Blevins
W. R. Reynolds
Mathew Reynolds
_______ Reynolds [as transcribed]
Amos Reynolds
Willem Evins
John Evins
Micheal Conner
John Stroud
Richard Hans
Thomas Hobbs
Joseph Hans
Richar [sic] Hains
Randal Lawson
Drewrey Lawson
Obadiah Hammons
Obadiah Hammons Jr.
Obadiah Martin
Williamson Ternt [sic]
William Trent Sr
John Morgan
John Jones
Peter Hammons
Joseph Reeley
William Hunt [or] Hurt
John Turner
Joh. [sic] Martin
John Fitzpatrick
James Fitzpatrick
John Fitzpatrick Jr.
Thomas Fitzpatrick
Daniel Fitzpatrick
Samule [sic] Morgin [sic]
Richard Stephenson
Zachariah Rose
Moses Gess
John Dunston or Sumter [?]
Somul [sic] Webster
Edward Webster
John Webster
David Fultington
Wm Belcher
John Belcher
Philip Williams
Sherwood Reynolds

Most of these individuals were associated with what is today Hancock County, Tennessee.  Hancock formed in 1844 from Hawkins and Claiborne Counties.  Claiborne was formed in 1801 from parts of Hawkins and Grainger Counties.

Source:  Abstract of the petition, published in the TN Genealogical Society‘s “Ansearchin’” News, Vol. 3, 1991, page 115.

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