Greene County Century Farms

The Tennessee Century Farms Program was created in 1975 by the Tennessee Department of Agriculture as part of our nation’s bicentennial celebration.

The program was originally designed as, and continues to be, a documentary effort that collects and interprets the agrarian history and culture of the state. The Tennessee Century Farms Program has a farm in all of Tennessee’s 95 counties.

The primary focus of the program is to continue honoring and recognizing the dedication and contributions of families who have owned and farmed the same land for at least 100 years. After 30 years, the statewide and ongoing program has 1,507 certified farms. Of that number, 57 farms were founded in or prior to the year 1796, the year Tennessee became a state. 157 farms are 200 years old, 634 are 150 years old, and 716 are over 100 years old.

Link to the Greene County Century Farms