Family Histories

This page provides genealogical information about DeKalb County Families. If you have Family Histories, Biographies, Descendence Charts and Pedigree charts of families that are connected to DeKalb county and would like to share them with others that might be researching the same family, please contact me and let me know what you have. NOTE: The family must have a connection to DeKalb County. Either Born, Lived, or died here. For privacy reasons, do not submit anything on people if they are still living. Please do not send me a file before contacting me. The files need to be in a useable form, and you won't know what that is until you contact me.

The information on these pages are the copyright of the submitter. Any questions or information about anything posted here, please contact the submitter.



Charles McKinley Alexander Interview

Ancestors of Athol K. Foster

Rev. Joseph Banks Family

The Cantrell, Bethell, Magness and Webb Connection

Cripps Family History

Davis Family History

Estes Family in DeKalb County

Descendants of Alexander Ervin Ferrell  (a pdf file- needs Adobe Reader)

Griffith Family History

Descendants of Barnett Philander Lee  (a pdf file- needs Adobe Reader)

Morgan-Martin Family History

Potter Family

Ancestry of Ruth (Robinson) Dietrich

Whaley Family Time Lines

Descendants of Levi Napoleon Woodside  (a pdf file- needs Adobe Reader)

Wooldridge Family History

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