Directions to
DeKalb County Cemeteries

The following was taken from the "DeKalb County Cemeteries" book.

There are about 350 cemeteries in DeKalb County, most of them small family or neighborhood plots. These family cemeteries might be anywhere; sometimes on the most inaccessible ridge on the property, and other times in the corner of the front yard or behind the barn. These family cemeteries exist in all parts of the county; in the Caney Fork area there was hardly anything else. Of more than 80 cemeteries moved from the area covered by Center Hill Lake in 1948, not one was located in a church yard. Most of these graves were moved to Mount Holly Cemetery.

Church cemeteries were more widely used in other parts of the county. The one at Banks Cumberland Presbyterian Church was used as a community cemetery well before the Civil War. The Cemetery at Salem Baptist Church was used as a community cemetery probably by the 1820's and in later years was used by people living several miles away.

Smithville had a public town cemetery from its founding in 1838 until it was filled up in the 1870's. Then the Kennedy Cemetery became the town cemetery until about 1980, when the old town cemetery was enlarged by the sale of adjoining land. When this again became filled after the 1940's, many people used Whorton Springs Cemetery and DeKalb Memorial Gardens.

The following two maps were also taken from the "DeKalb County Cemeteries" book. The first one is a map of DeKalb County with the approximate location of each cemetery in the county. The second map is of the cemeteries that were removed from the Caney Fork River area.

Map # 1

Map # 2

The cemeteries are listed alphabetically by name on four pages. Click a grave marker button below that corresponds with the cemetery for which you are looking.

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ADAMSON 144 From Mt. Moriah Church on Pea Ridge go west one fourth mile to a fork of the road, take the right-hand fork out the ridge about 3/4 of a mile to a farm owned by Jimmy Mullinax. The cemetery is across the road from the house on the east side of the road and in a small grove of trees on a hill.
ADCOCK 199 This cemetery is located south of Hwy. 70 east, about 1 mile from the Midway Community Center.
A.P. ADCOCK 219 Located on David Parsley property.
WILLIAM ADCOCK 211 Located on Eugene Haley's farm near Keltonburg.
ANTHONY ADCOCK 236 From Smithville go south on Hwy. 56 five miles and turn left on State Road 288; go about 3 miles. Turn left onto Pates Ford Dock Road (Jefferson), go about 5 miles. Turn left onto Potts Camp Road and go about 2 miles. Cemetery is on top of ridge at the end of Adcock Bend.
W.J. ADCOCK 218 Go one half mile on Potts Camp Road; the cemetery is located behind Clarence Webb's house.
2 The cemetery is located on top of a hill two blocks east of the Alexandria, TN. square.
3 The colored section of the cemetery is on the south edge of the white section. By Seay's Chapel United Methodist Church.
1 Right along side Hwy. 70 in Alexandria
ALLEN 108 Located in Boon's Branch, Holmes' Creek area of DeKalb County.
A.L. ALLEN 188 Located on Highway 56 south just before the DeKalb/Warren County line.
ANDERSON 85 Located on Johnson's Chapel Road about 1 mile North of Johnson's Chapel Church.
AVANT 38 From Temperance Hall Methodist Church go left to 1st house on the left. Cemetery is about 1/2 mile from the road. Go north from the house through the field, slightly west down into a small hollow, cross the fence, go to top of the hill throuth cedars and honeysuckle. Cemetery in on very top of the hill and hard to finsd
BAIN 242 From intersection of Hwys 70 & 56 in Smithville, go 5 miles south on 56 to Hwy. 288. Follow 288 about 7 miles to Belk store and turn east then immediately north on Allen Bend Rs. Go about 2 & 1/2 miles. Cemetery is at the intersection of Allen Bend and Antioch Roads.
BAKER 99 Located near the Phillipi Church of Christ on Hwy. 56 North of Smithville.
BANKS C.P. CHURCH 180 From Smithville, go south on State road 146 about six miles to the intersection of Banks-Pisgah road. Turn left and go about 3 miles. The Church and Cemetery are near the intersection of Banks-Pisgah Rd. and Blue springs Rd.
BARNES 153 Located at mouth of Possum Hollow, Dry Creek, on hill above the road 100 or more yards. It is badly grown up.
BATES 40 Located south side of Smith Fork Creek 1 & 1/4 mile north of Temperance Hall, beside the road.
BENNETT 176 Located- from Snow Hill Community Center, go Southwest on Mann Hill Road about 2 miles. The cemetery is on the left, very much groun up. It is between an old abandoned house and a new house.
BETHEL 35 Located on Smith Fork at the mouth of Walker's Creek
BETHEL METHODIST CHURCH 182 Take Hwy. 56 South about 3 miles to Shiney Rock. Turn right on Blue Springs Road. Continur on Blue Springs Road for about 5 & 1/2 miles to the intersection of Bethel Rd. The Church and Cemetery are at the intersection.
NEW BILDAD PRIMITIVE BAPTIST CHURCH 223 From Smithville, take Hwy. 56 South for seven miles and turn east on Seven Springs Rd. Go about one mile and turn right. The cemetery is on the left.
OLD BILDAD BAPTIST CHURCH 228 The cemetery is located in the Keltonburg community.
BILLINGS 90 In the 14th district off Hwy. 70 near the DeKalb/White County line.
BLAIR 164 Take Hwy. 56 south to Tabernacle Rd. Turn north and go about 1 mile. It is across the road from old Tabernacle Church, now a barn. It is about 1 mile from Cannon County.
BLEW 10 From Alexandria go east on Lower Helton road about 3 miles. The cemetery is on a hill about 100 yards above the road on the north side, visible from the road.
BLUHM 167 Turn North off Highway 146, 1 mile southwest of New Home Church, go one forth mile.
BOMAR 6 From Alexandria go east 1 & 1/2 mile on New Hope Road; cemetery is near road on south side.
BONHAM 109 From Smithville, go north on Hwy. 56 about 2 miles to Hwy 83, turn left, go west on Hwy. 83 about 1/4 mile, turn right on gravel road, go north about 1/2 mile. Cemetery is on the right.
BOWERS 5 At southern edge of Alexandria just south of junction of Hwys. 70 & 53, turn west onto road at the grocery store. Go west .7 mile, keeping right at the fork of the road. At the end of the road is a house and barn. Past the barn about 30 yards is the cemetery.
BRASSELL 97 Take old Sparta Road about 2 miles east of DeKalb County Courthouse and .2 mile west of Young Cemetery. Brassell Cemetery cannot be seen from the road and is about 100 yards off the road behind an old house and barn.
BRASWELL 157 Located south of Cubbins Hollow on Dry Creek, behind an ofd house on the curve after you pass Cubbins Hollow. There are only fieldstone markers here.
BRASWELL,sometimes called DUNHAM 48 Located about 1/2 mile below Center Hill Dam on State Route 141
DOW BRASWELL 170 Sometimes called the Cleve Cantrell Cemetery. It is located on top of Dry Creek Hill, west of the Crossroads.
BRIGHTHILL 200 From Smithville go east on Hwy. 70 about 2 miles and turn south on Evins Mill Rd. Pass the mill and go to the top of the hill. Cemetery is less than 1/2 mile from Evins Mill Rd. behind a nursery.
BROWN 78 The cemetery is on the east side of Hwy. 56 about 1 & 1/2 mile south of Cherry Hill, directly behind a barn on Delma Medley property.
BROWN FAMILY 79 Located on Hwy. 56, south of Putnam/DeKalb County line, on the south side of the road.
BURTON 100 Located on the Pascal Ewin Summers property on Highway 56, near Ponder Rd., approximately 4 miles north of Smithville. Cemetery also known locally as Ponder Cemetery, but the sign says Burton.
BURTON-ASHBURN 264 Located on Highway 56 just inside Putnam County at the Putnam/Dekalb County line.
I.S. BURTON 64 Located on Wolf Creek, about 2 miles east of Center Hill Dam, on State Route 141, 1/4 mile south of the road on a hillside.
CANEY FORK CHURCH 251 This cemetery is in Warren County about 1 mile south of the Belk store.
AARON CANTRELL 192 From Smithville take Hwy. 56 south to SR-288, turn left. Go approximately 1 & 1/2 mile, turn left again, go across a culvert and the cemetery is on top of the hill.
ABLE CANTRELL 231 Located 1 & 1/2 mile south of Keltonburg on the west side of Old Bildad Road.
I. D. CANTRELL 235 From Keltonburg Methodist Church go about 3/4 mile on Hwy. 288. The cemetery is about 3/4 mile north of the road near Sink Creek.
LEN CANTRELL 254 Located on the lower end of Wright Bend.
JACKSON CANTRELL 187 Located west of Hwy. 56, 1/2 mile north of Sink Creek.
JAVIS CANTRELL 221 Located 1 & 1/2 mile south of Keltonburg, in a field 1/2 mile east of Old Bildad Road.
PAT CANTRELL 234 Located 1/2 mile east of Keltonburg about 50 yards north of Hwy. 288.
CARR/JONES/MERRITT 72 From Silver Point on Hwy. 141, cross DeKalb County line. The cemetery is just behind the first house on the right.
CATHCART 156 This cemetery is located at the mouth of Wilder Hollow on Dry Creek.
CHISAM 248 Located 1/4 mile south of the Belk Community Center.
CHRISTIAN 29 Located on Oakley Branch, .3 mile north of Walkers Creek Road, about 1/4 mile south of Smith/Dekalb Co. line.
CHRISTIAN 22 Located Temperance Hall to Hickman road, .2 mile from bridge at Temperance Hall, turn left at large frame house on hill. located near house.
COGGIN 49 Located in the Wolf Creek area about 1 mile northwest of Center Hill Dam near an old house.
Z. T. COLEMAN 68 Located in Age Hollow, off State Road 141 from Silver Point.
COPE 212 Located on Sanders Webb's farm in the Keltonburg area.
CEMETERY NEAR CORINTH CHURCH OF CHRIST 246 Located .4 mile west of State Road 288 on Corinth Church Road in the Belk Community.
CORLEY 21 Temperance Hall to Hickman, .2 mile from bridge at Temperance Hall, turn left at large frame house on hill. Cemetery is .3 mile past house on old wagon road near barn.
CORLEY 18 From Alexandria go on Lower Helton Road to Smith Fork Creek, turn north on Corley Road. Go about one mile to old abandoned two-story house. The cemetery is about 50 yards from the front porch.
OLD CORLEY 19 From Temperance Hall go west on Hwy. 264 over Smith Fork Bridge, take first road to the left. Go 1/2 mile south past a house, and an abandoned house and barn. Walk from there on old road past one small cemetery; go about 1/4 mile farther southeast across a hollow and to another field.
CRIPPS 46 From Temperance Hall go east about 1 mile on Hays Ridge Road, turn left on Jacjson Hollow Road, go about 1/4 mile, cemetery is on east side of Jackson Hollow Road.
ZENITH CRIPPS 158 Turn off Hwy. 70 onto Dry Creek road. Go about 5 miles, cross Dry Creek onto Pea Ridge Road. Go about 1/2 mile and turn north; go about 1/2 mile further. The cemetery is on the right at the end of the road.
CROWLEY 111 From Smithville Courthouse go East on Old Sparta Hwy. about 3/4 mile; turn left at James Bass Colvert's drive. Go up the hill to house. The cemetery is about 1/4 mile behind his house in a field.
CURTIS 135 Located directly behind "Toeheas" Malone's house, Jimmy Curtis Farm, Tramel branch of Helton Creek.