1922 Bright Hill School Photo

Here is the Bright Hill School photo. I have an original and the back has the date on it. The children are of course not in straight rows but are identified as best possible. My dad provided the names.

Submitted by Marie Wingate on 04/30/2009


Row 1: (seated) Ed Poss, Ralph Parker, Woodrow Cantrell (?), Leslie Redmon, Sam Anderson, ukn, ukh, Tom Potter Tittsworth, ukn, Clyde Moore, _ Turner, ukn,ukn, ukn

Row 2: (kneeling) Roscoe Foutch, ukn, ukn, Herb Vaughn, ukn, John Certain, Gentry Cantrell (?), Bailey Parker, Jack Paris, Pink Foutch, Wid Redmon, Virgil Redmon, ukn, ukn, ukn, ukn, ukn, Georgia White

Row 3: ukn, ukn, Dowell Certain, ukn, Clarence Redmon, Everett Redmon, Mary Moore, Elsie White, ukn, ukn, Omega Moore

Row 4: ukn, ukn, ukn, ukn, ukn, ukn, Gene (?) West, Clara Bain, _ Bain, Joe Ben Foutch, ukn, Bill Paris (with tie on was a teacher), _Turner, Cephas Vaughn, Robbie Trapp, Gertrude Fleming, Fannie Redmon, Lem Pack, Estelle Fleming (teacher)

Row 5: Ray Colwell, Tom Moore, Lucile West, Elmer Poss Jodie White, ukn, Winnie Turner, Charlie Green Cantrell, Emma Bain, Alice Cantrell, Bob White, Walter Vaughn, Rose West.

January 20, 2021