DAR Unveils John Knowles Monument

as printed in the Sparta Expositor Thursday, September 11, 1969 Contributed by Jane Hembree Crowley ….God shed his grace on thee, and crowned they good, with brotherhood, from sea to shining sea…… Thus America was praised, and one who helped gain liberty for this foundling nation almost 200 years ago was honored. The local chapter […]

Civil War Units

The following Civil War military Units were raised in White County: Confederate 1st Confederate Cavalry Regiment, Company H 13th (Dibrell’s) Tennessee Cavalry [AKA 8th Cavalry], Companies D, H, I, K 1st (Colms’) Tennessee Infantry, Companies B, D, E [Became 50th Consolidated, Companies H, K] 22nd (Murray’s) Tennessee Infantry, Company A 16th Tennessee Infantry, Company K […]

White County, TN Tax Lists 1822

White County, TN Tax Lists 1822 1822 Capt. Yeager’s Co. Dearing, Sims, 1wp DUNCAN, Soloman, 1wp Dearing, John W., 1wp, 85 acres DUNCAN, Marshal, 1wp, 105 acres Capt. G. Lyda’s Co. (Capt. Parkisons Co.) Anderson, Jarvis, 1wp, 449 acres Certain, Asa, 1wp, 2bp, 150 acres Certain, Chas., 1wp Defreese, Geo., 1wp, 200 acres DUNCAN, Thomas, […]