1837 Perry County Tax List  – Districts 1-6

Contributed by:  Jan Monnin – 13 July 2010
Source:  Tennessee State Library and Archives;  Tax Rolls; Microfilm roll #7

In 1837, Perry County included what would become Decatur County. Districts 1 – 6  were located on the west side of the Tennessee River which would become Decatur County and districts 7 – 12 were located on the east side of the Tennessee River which would remain Perry County.

This list generally includes all white males over the age of 21, whether they owned land (# acres), whether it was in a town lot (TL), number of slaves owned and whether they were listed on the white poll.  Note that you were only taxed on the white poll if a male was between the ages of 21 and 50.

NOTE:  this is not the complete tax list.  This is only these selected items.  The complete tax list also included the following:  # acres, value and tax on land; # acres, value and tax on land on school land; # acres, value and tax on town lots; #, value and tax on slaves; #, value and tax on carriages; tax on white poll; amount of state tax; total state and county tax;

District 1 – page 77
Name Town Lot/# Acres # Slaves between 18 & 50 White poll
Alston, C. H. K. X
Armstrong, John 400
Akin, Wm. 160 1 X
Akin, Newton X
Bogan, Henry 72 X
Brashers, John 121 3 X
Brashers, Sam’l. X
Brashers, Zadoc X
Brashers, Absolom 107 1 X
Brashers, Elizabeth 2
Brashers, Sam’l, Jr. 185 X
Braham, James’ heirs 512
Brazil, Willis X
Baldridge, Wm. 3 X
Bogan, Wm. X
Bogan, John X
Britt, Jesse 50
Bogan, Wm, Sr. 100 2 X
Bogan, James X
Barry, Wm G. 24 X
Bogan, Sylas X
Britt, George M. X
Britt, George X
Brashers, Isaac 75
Creasy, Bennett M. 12 1 X
Cook, Nicholas X
Cavier, Washington X
Churchwell, Richd. X
Creasey, Bird S. X
Creasey, Ambrose X
Caldwell, Joseph 180
Churchwell, Ephraim X
Cary, Francis X
Cherry, Daniel 239
District 1 – page 78
Name Town Lot/# Acres # Slaves between 18 & 50 White poll
Davis, Thomas G. 1 X
Davis, James X
Deaton, Jackson X
Deaton, Joseph X
Deaton, Randolph X
Edwards, Jesse W. 30 X
Eason, Shadrick 100
Farmer, David X
Fox, A. 2 TL
Gardner, Jane 86
Gardner, William 205 TL X
Gardner, John 20 X
Gardner, James 20 X
Gilly, Thomas X
Gilchrist, Daniel 380
Hassell, Enoch 257 4
Hassell, Isaac 196 3
Hassell, Amos T. X
Hassell, Nath’l G. X
Hassell, Daniel X
Hany, Hataway (?) X
Hancock, Joel 10 2 X
Holland, Mastin 12 X
Higginbotham, Caleb 100 X
Higginbotham, Wm. G. X
Hutchins, Mark X
Holland, Jesse 35 X
Holland, Wm. X
Holland, John R. 100 X
Holland, Benj. X
Holland, F. C. 2 TL X
Hutchins, Mark X
District 1 – page 79
Name Town Lot/# Acres # Slaves between 18 & 50 White poll
Hutchins, Eli, Jr X
Hutchins, Thos. X
Harris, Samuel S. 48 X
Higginbotham, Pullin S. X
Hawkins, Rolin T. X
Hay, Thos. 1001 TL X
Jones, Allen X
Jones, Richard X
Jackson, Sarah 10
Jones, Wilie X
Jackson, John H.
Jackson, Henery X
Jeter, Thos. J. 360
Joy, William G. X
Kelly, Thomas X
Kelly, Joseph 25 X
Kelly, Ephraim 88 X
Kirk, Jas. 1792 TL X
Kendal, Ephraim 5 X
Keaton, Robert 602 TL 1 X
Kendal, Georg 375 3 X
Lafferty,Clinton H 40 X
Lawson, John X
Lewellen J. and Johnson 640 X
Langston, Elisha (no tax) X
Martin, Jas. 35 2 X
Mcdaniel, Mick X
Mcdaniel, William X
Montgomery,  William 1 X
Moody, John 63 X
Moody,  Joshua 27 X
Mahan, Jas. 100 2 X
District 1 – page 80
Name Town Lot/# Acres # Slaves between 18 & 50 White poll
Newman, Adam 60 X
Newman, Samuel 20
Owens, Henry X
Ownsbee, Thomas C. X
Philips, Lemuel 1177 TL X
Philips, John X
Philips, Samuel B. X
Price, Robert X
Perkins, Howard X
Patton, William X
Polks heirs 100
Rogers, John 106 X
Rogers, William X
Roach, Stephen 1
Raymond, David B. X
Ross, William B. 6
Stephen, Fore 1 X
Stephens, John 73 X
Shannon, Alex 150 1 X
Sparks, John F. X
Shannon, Samuel X
Shannon, Jas. X
Seares, John X
Shoat, Nicholas 175 X
Stephens, Georg 222 X
Sparks, Samuel 228 9
Samuell, A. W. 80 2 X
Swanson, Peter 150
Shoat, John X
Turner, James X
Turner, Rueben X
Thomas, William X
District 1 – page 81
Name Town Lot/# Acres # Slaves between 18 & 50 White poll
Wetherspoon, J. T. 346
White, Edward D. 115 3 X
Wyatt, William X
White, Isaac L. 223 X
Warring, J. T. 1 1 X
White, John 85
Williamson, Thomas X
Wright, William 100 X
White, Joseph 85 X
Wright, James 20 X
Welch, Edward L. X
Welch, Zacheriah 38 1 X
Wyatt, Reuben 80 X
White, David X
Watson, Robert X
Waters, John X
White, Joseph B. 35 X
West, Isaac Sr. 1221 TL 5
West, Isaac Jr. X
White, Daniel 182 X
White, Johnathan 157 1 X
Young, John X
Zacoheriah,Georg 84 X
Gilchrist, Daniel 380 X
Polks heirs 158 X
White, Hiram (no tax) X
Napier, Ricd C. 234 X
Porter, Thomas J. 360 X
District 2 – page 82
Name Town Lot/# Acres # Slaves between 18 & 50 White poll
Adkerson, Joseph 354 X
Brown, William 966 4
Boak, William S. X
Baker, Johnathan X
Blount, John G. 572
Campbell, Georg W. 640
Caswell and Grundy 317
Colier, Amos 8 X
Colier, Henry 17 X
Colier, Green Wm. X
Colier, Moses R. X
Cowdn, Jas. H. X
Coody, Willis X
Carter, Joel 54 X
Cotham, Elijah 160 1 X
Cherry/Clurry, Daniel 25
Carter, John X
Crawley, William X
Crawley, Dow X
Dixen, Wallace 984
Davis, John 30
Dismukes, Elisha 288
De/ismukes, John W. X
Dickerson, William 659
Duncan, Jas. X
Duncan, John X
Eaton, Joseph X
Fisher, Martin P. 545 2 X
Fisher, Shirod 84 1 X
Fisher, Charles X
Fisher, William 8354 TL 3 X
Fisher, Sylvanus heirs 704 TL X
District 2 – page 83
Name Town Lot/# Acres # Slaves between 18 & 50 White poll
Finch, Thomas X
Finch, John X
Fisher, Micheal X
Forgerson, Andrew X
Forgerson, John X
Forgerson, Jas. X
Gathangs, John X
Gathings, John X
Graham, David X
Greer, Jas. 97
Hargraves, John X
Hamlett, William X
Henrey, W. F. X
Henry, William 1 X
Hughs, J. P. X
Isler, Jesse 207 X
Jarmon, John 91 X
Lewis, John A. 288
Lindsey, Green L. 9 X
Love, Charles J. 70
Murphy, Mark 313 X
Murphy, Clement 80 X
Murphy, D. B. X
Murphy, Harmen 66 X
Murphy, Clinten C. X
Murphy, Barthol Jr. X
Murphy, Daniel D. 6 X
Murphy, Daniel M. X
McClaran, Daniel 217 2
Moore, Garrett X
McClannahan, Jas. X
McClannahan, David X
McClannahan, John X
McClannahan, Robert 36 X
McDaniel, Edward X
McGavock, Jacob 50
McWherter, Francis X
McMahan, Thomas X
Powers, Mrs. 10
Plunkett, Ellison X
Plunkett, Bentley F. X
Plunkett, Lewis X
Pearsey, John H. 30 X
Pettigrew, Jas. M. 10
Rushing, Isaac Jr. X
Raney, Marthew 50
Rowe, Sarah 25
Rowe, Hamton X
Raney, David 160
Raney, William X
Rushing, Jacob X
Roberts, Martha 36
Smith, Thomas X
Sutton, Samuel 91 X
Sringer, David X
Smith, John X
Smith, Jas. X
Smith, Wesley X
Smith, Henry 25 X
Smith, Templeton, X
Staples, Richard G. X
Stigall, William P. 1 X
Tribble, Absalem 225 X
Trice, Harrison 260
Vanleer, Samuel 2
Wyatt,Solomon X
Wyatt, Elijah X
District 2 – page 84
Name Town Lot/# Acres # Slaves between 18 & 50 White poll
Wyatt, William X
Wyatt, John 40
Wyatt, Livenia 30
Wyatt, Daniel 153 X
Wooten, Elisha X
Wooten, Elijah X
Webb, John 100
Wallace, James and Martin 512
Young, John X
Yarborough, Wm. 297 2 X
Yarborough, Joseph 77 X
Yarborough, Jas. X
Yarborough, Aquilla 30 X
Yarborough, Henry X
District 3 – page 86
Name Town Lot/# Acres # Slaves between 18 & 50 White poll
Ashcraft, Thomas 39 3
Almend, Charles X
Brashers, Zarga 50 X
Brashers, Bassel 400 X
Brashers, John R 32 X
Brock, Oliver, X
Brock, _____ X
Bennet, Mary 100 1
Bennet, Thomas 14 X
Brashers, Jesse A X
Brount, Elias X
Brown, H H 267 X
Bird, William X
Barber, Calvin X
Bennet, Jas heirs 25
Caraway, Laborn X
Chester, Isaac X
Davis, Lewis 2 X
Dempsey, David X
Fryer, Henry 116 1 X
Fryer, Sarah 1
Funderburk, David B 50 X
Fisher, Abraham 90 X
Gidcombe, Clark X
Griffin, William C X
Goodwin, John X
Goodwin, William L X
Garrett, John X
Haley, Coleman X
Harvey, Charles X
Hensley, Joel (no tax)
Horton, Sherod (no tax)
Horton, Alfred (no tax)
District 3 – page 87
Name Town Lot/# Acres # Slaves between 18 & 50 White poll
Heorald, Abraham 266 X
Iglehart, Michal 670 4 X
Liles, Ephraim X
Lewellen, William C 108 2 X
Lowery, Robert 1 X
Laseter, Levina 61
Lewellen, Isaac 632 X
Lacy, Calvin 132 2 X
Luten, Lemuel 100 6
McFerson, Alx X
Morgan, William H X
McGuire, Patrick 720
Montgomery, Hugh X
Noreat, Nicholass X
Perry, Daniel C X
Payne, George X
Pounds, Leroy 32 X
Raymond, David B X
Rushing, Holden X
Rushing, Enoch X
Rushing, Richard 300 4 X
Rushing, William 100 1 X
Rushing, William G 50 X
Rushing, Asa X
Rushing, Isaac X
Rushing, Burrell 40 X
Rushing, Phillip 100 6
Rushing, Malecie X
Saint, Thomas X
Saint, Stephen X
Saint, Benjamin X
Shepherd, William 100 2 X
Stegall, John 1/2 X
Swink, John X
District 3 – page 88
Name Town Lot/# Acres # Slaves between 18 & 50 White poll
Shepherd, John 1 X
Savage, Drury 50
Savage, William X
Savage, Jas X
Saint, John 50 X
Saint, Isham heirs 132 2
Shephard, Joseph 80 1 X
Tudor, Benjamin X
Tyson, Abraham heirs 640
Ussery, Abner 1 X
Veal, William X
White, Reubin 285 3 X
Welch, Nicholas, 50 1
White, Stephen 24 X
White, Elijah 1 X
Williams, Noah 20 1 X
White, Cornelius X
White, Even 174 1 X
White, Albert 182 3 X
Yarborough, John C X
Pettigrew, Jas M and Cory 94 9 X
District 4 – page 89
Name Town Lot/# Acres # Slaves between 18 & 50 White poll
Adams, David 48 X
Alston, Jas 3 TL X
Boren, Thomas F X
Boren, Frances 4
Barnett, William X
Barnett,  (no name given) X
Branstutter, John X
Burton, A H X
Brown and Jennings 1 TL
Carter, John 100 X
Coats, Lotha 1 TL
Douglass, Joseph 218 3 X
Denison, Stephen 44 X
Derryberry, M C X
Derryberry, A J X
Daniel, Allen 24 1 X
Doherty, W F 100, 3 TL X
Davis, Edmond X
Denton, Samuel 1 TL
Doherty, Jas 77, 5 TL
Doherty, Thomas J 1 TL X
Davis, Elisha 130
Davis, John 10
Epperson, ______ 100 X
Fredrick, John S X
Gray, Jessee X
Graves, George 115
Gravces, B H 27 X
Graves, Balam 70 X
Graves, Wilie X
Graham, Charles 155 X
Graham, R C 89, 1 TL X
Graham, Richard X
District 4 – page 90
Name Town Lot/# Acres # Slaves between 18 & 50 White poll
Graham, Hiram X
Goodwin, Ephraim X
Garrott and Taylor 1 TL X
Herrold, William X
Hill, Richard 50 2
Hopkins, Thomas 110
Herron, William X
Ivy, Benjamin X
Ivy, Kinchin 59
Ivy, Marshal X
Ingram, Larkin X
Johnson, Jacob 23, 3 TL 3 X
Jackson, William 57, 2 TL X
Jarman, Wm’s heirs 2 TL X
Jones, R A X
Jones, Middleton 1 TL X
Jackson, Benjamin X
Kennedy, Henery 40 X
Loughlin, Richard X
Low, Aaron X
Low, Theophilus X
McGlouphlin, Samuel X
McKy, R M X
Moore, Nathaniel X
Mays, Abraham 100 1 X
Mays, William 10 X
Molary, P H 28, 4 TL X
McClure, John’s heirs 2 TL
Morule, Jacob 240 X
Nance, Thomas X
Newton, John 168 X
Porter, William G X
Pettigrew, J M and C 7 TL X
District 4 – page 91
Name Town Lot/# Acres # Slaves between 18 & 50 White poll
Rains, John 10, 1 TL X
Riggs, Joseph X
Renshaw, Abraham X
Rains, W S 1 TL X
Reubotem, William 20 X
Spuce, L P 1 TL 1 X
Sorrels, Walter 1 TL
Streat, Sarah 1 TL
Smith, Henry X
Sulevan, John X
Shoemaker, Street X
Taylor, Jesse 2 TL X
Welch, Jas 30 X
Welch, Richard X
West, Henry 35 X
West, John X
Whitesides, Joseph X
Whiteside, Robert X
Wallace, Jas X
Washburn, Eli 16 X
White, Robert T 10 X
District 5 – page 92
Name Town Lot/# Acres # Slaves between 18 & 50 White poll
Arnold, Ephraim 326 2
Anderson, John 113
Box, Edward 90
Box, Robert 280
Brody, Charles 494
Brody, George 25
Brodie, Jas X
Brody, Eli X
Boren, Abner F 1 X
Boen, John X
Bryant, William X
Bowman, Simion 70 X
Brodie, Charley S 227 2 X
Boen, Thomas X
Burrow, Matthew 15 X
Chidders, E H X
Coapland, Simeon X
Davis, John 235
Darr, William X
Easley, James X
Easly, John 250 3 X
Gibson, Manuel 10 X
Hopkins, Thomas 1236
Harmon, Jacob, Sr 100
Harmon, Jacob, Jr X
Harmon, John X
Harmon, Michal 140 X
District 5 – page 93
Name Town Lot/# Acres # Slaves between 18 & 50 White poll
Heath, Charles X
Harris, Thomas 50 X
Harris, Jas 15
Harris, Meredith 5 X
Harris, George X
Hale, Robert A X
Hilliard, Robert X
Hill, John P 70 X
Hill, Elijah 84 X
Hill, Dutton X
Hill, Campbell X
Hamilton, Jas Sr 600 1
Harris, George W X
Harris, Joseph X
Howel, Asa 142 X
Jennings, Docter 2
Jennings, Wilie 333 X
Johnson, Jeremiah 7 X
Jackson, Patsey 80
Jennings, Hiram 172 X
King, Gillum X
Lewis, William X
Lewis, Levy T X
Maxwell, Elizabeth 20
Maxwell, Wesley X
Menzies, William J 800 5 X
Menzies, William 75
Menzies, Archibald X
McMurry, Robert 40 X
McMurry Jas X
Morgan, Simon X
Newman, John X
District 5 – page 94
Name Town Lot/# Acres # Slaves between 18 & 50 White poll
Ogwin, Daniel 43 X
Ogwin, Tayler X
Ogwin, W K X
Pearce, George X
Rayburn, Mary 25
Story, Danl 100 X
Story, Samuel 130
Story, Gideon X
Smith, John R X
Smith, Isaac S X
Still, Adrew 546 X
Snody, Alanson X
Stone, William 38 X
Stotts, Andrew 25 X
Storm, W H 412 2 X
Thomas, Jesse 58
Thomas, Joseph X
Tubb, Sarah 16
Tubb, Lemuel 50 X
Tubbs, Jeremiah X
Tubbs, William X
Veach, Abjah X
Westerman, John 100 X
Walace, Samuel F 25 X
Washburn, Eli X
Williams, Thomas X
Williams, David X
District 6 – page 95
Name Town Lot/# Acres # Slaves between 18 & 50 White poll
Alexander, Martin (no tax) X
Allen, Samuel X
Akin, Lott X
Balanger, Aron X
Balkan, Nicholas X
Balkam, Abraham X
Brodie, Charles 83 X
Baker, Samuel (no tax) X
Balkum, George 180 X
Brody, Charles 83
Conrod, William 145
Williams, C X
Cagle, Paul X
Davis, Thomas X
Dodd, George 1 X
Dodd, Manly X
Douglass, Martin X
Dodd, William C X
Davy, Jas X
Fullerton, William A 157 X
Farlingson, Robert X
Floid, Petella X
Fullerton, Robert Jr X
Fullerton, Nathan 70 X
Fullerton, Erasmus 1020 2 X
Gibson, Susan 40 X
Gibson, Stephen X
Johnson, Joseph X
Jones, Lewis X
Kenedy, Alford 60 X
Livingston, John X
Ledbetter, Hamilton 4 X
Miller, Jas X
District 6 – page 96
Name Town Lot/# Acres # Slaves between 18 & 50 White poll
Miller, Matthew 10 X
Menzis, John C 102 6 X
Nicholds, Margaret 100
Odle, Randolph X
Odle, Thomas 25 X
Ross, Hugh N X
Stirs, Narmon X
Steal, William X
Peacock, Ann 285 4
Steal, William X
Settles, William F 70
Steel, Miner X
Smith, Anderson X
Smith, Evin X
Shephard, Wm B 1000
Shephard and Childers 1000
Tubbs, Jannus X
Tubbs, Susanah 21 3
Thornton, Presley X
Taylor, Stephen X
Volver, Benjamin X
Woods, Henry X
Walker, Adam 300 2
Walker, John 75 X
Walker, Samuel X
Walker, John S X
Walker, John C S 108 1 X
Wesson, William X
Weeks, Francis X
Weeks, David X
Walker, Thomas X
Wesson, Hubbert 95 2 X
Wesson, Alfred

Land was often the single most valuable item that a person would own.  It was also a way that the state or government would raise money.  If you have any tax records that you would like to submit for Perry County, please contact your Perry County TnGenWeb coordinator.


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