Contributed by Denise L. Cozart

William Pillow to Joshua Cozart
Registered May 7th, 1850
Madison County Deed Book 13, pages 520-521
Madison County District 9
In 1871 this area became Crockett County Civil District 1

Tennessee State Library & Archives:
Madison County, microfilm roll #7
Transcribed by Denise L. Cozart
July 2002


It is not clear just where this land was located in respect to Joshua’s other property north of the South Fork of the Forked Deer River. A reference point in the deed below was “Nicholas Long.” His land was the starting point or boundary for these deeds: Samuel Lancaster to Anthony H. & F. L. Cozart, 1847-48; William Pillow to Joshua Cozart, 1850; Thornton E. Cozart to Anthony H. Cozart, 1852; Elizabeth Cozart to Joshua M. Cozart, etc., 1854. In a deed registered July 1870 when William H. Marlow and his wife Mahulda Cozart sold the land, the deed situated the tract in Madison County, District 9. (See July 1870 deed.)

In Joshua’s will, he bequeathed this tract to his wife Elizabeth. Joshua died in 1851 when he about 75.

In March 1854 Elizabeth, about age 69, sold the property for twenty dollars to two of her children and a son-in-law: Joshua M. Cozart, Mahulda Cozart Marlow, and William H. Marlow. See deed recorded March 1854.

Joshua’s last will read:

Secondly: I give and bequeath to my beloved wife Elizabeth Cozart, during her natural life or widowhood, my tract of land on which I now live and stock of all kinds on it or belonging to me; also my farming utensils, household and kitchen furniture; together with all my slaves except my slave – named Green.

Thirdly: After the decease of my beloved wife my tract of land to be equally divided by a North and South line between my son Joshua M. Cozart and my daughter Mahuldy Cozart. I also give and bequeath to my son Joshua M. Cozart my slaves – Hester and her son John. And likewise to my daughter Mahuldy my slave – Martha, also to her one hundred dollars to be paid over to her by Executors as soon as collected out of the cash notes now in my hands.

The land in this deed was measured in links, poles, and acres:

1 pole = 16 1/2 feet
1 link = 7.92 inches
1 mile = 320 poles = 5,280 feet
1 acre = 160 square poles = 43,560 square feet
1 square pole = 272 1/4 feet
640 acres = 1 square mile

[page] 520

William Pillow
To: Deed – 184 acres
Joshua Cozart

State of Tennessee, Maury County, I, William Pillow, have this day bargained and sold and do hereby convey to Joshua Cozart and his heirs and assigns forever, for the consideration of five hundred and fifty-two dollars to me in hand paid, a tract of Land in the State of Tennessee, Madison County, containing by estimation one hundred and eighty-four acres, and bounded as follows, to wit: Beginning at the North East corner of a tract of land of 925 acres, granted to Nicholas Long (of which this is the location interest;) thence South with the East boundary of same 150 poles 17 links to a … bush, hickory, two post oak & black oak pointers, being the North East corner of McKinney Long’s lot; thence West with his North boundary, passing George W. Long’s corner, all 196 poles to a stake and two maple black oak and dogwood pointers; thence North 150 poles 17 links to a stake, maple and black oak pointers, the North boundary of the original grant; thence East 196 poles to the beginning To have and to hold the same to the said Joshua Cozart, his heirs & assigns forever. I do covenant with the said Joshua Cozart that I am lawfully seized of said land, have a good right to convey it, and that the same is unencumbered. I do further covenant and bind myself, my heirs and to warrant and forever defend the title to the said land to the said Joshua Cozart, his heirs and assigns against the lawful claims of all persons whatever, this 2nd day of April 1850.

William Pillow Seal

State of Tennessee
Maury County

Personally appeared before me, Wm E. Erwin, Clerk of the County Court of Maury County, the within named William Pillow the bargainor [bargainer] with whom I am personally acquainted and who acknowledged that he executed the within deed for the purposes therein contained. Witness my hand, at office, this 2nd day of April 1850.

Wm. E. Erwin, Clk

I, Thos. W. Gamewell, Clerk of the County Court of Madison County, do certify that the State Tax has been paid on the within deed.

Thos. W. Gamewell, Clk
By Jno. M. Parker, _.C.

State of Tennessee
Madison County

I, William W. Gates, Register of said County, certify that the foregoing deed and Clerk’s certificate thereon was filed in my office this day at 10 o’clock A.M. and noted in Minute Book No. 2, page 83.

Witness my hand, at office this 7th day of May 1850.

W. W. Gates

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