Vanderbilt Alumnus Magazine
October 24, 1924

Francis Perry ELLIOTT (Engr. ’80-’82), well known author and teacher, and a former resident of Nashville, died August 13 in Tuscon, Arizona.  He had been confined in a hospital there for a year and a half and his death was not unexpected.

He was born in Nashville on July 29, 1861 and received his early education in the public school, and his secondary education at Montgomery Bell Academy before entering Vanderbilt University.  He was a teacher and a superintendent of public schools in this state and in Mississippi for nearly 20 years, and for 13 years was Principal of the Jackson (Tenn.) high school.  He was head of the Literary Department at Belmont College in Nashville from 1880 to 1886, and was Headmaster of the Castle-on-the-Hudson for two years.

After this time he devoted himself entirely to literary pursuits.  He was connected at different periods with Harper & Bros., managing editor of the Home Magazine, the New Age and The Great Southwest.  For the past 20 years he has divided his time between New York and Keokuk  Iowa, and spent a part of the summer two years ago at Monteagle, Tenn., where he renewed many acquaintances.

Mr. ELLIOTT is the author of several novels, among these being The Haunted Pajamas, a and of several short stories and other articles.  He was a member of the Episcopal church and Royal Arch Mason.

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