Submitted by Donna Davenport

J. J. Birdsong
To Deed
Jas. H. Davenport

State Tax – $ 1.35
County – 67 ½
Clerk – 25
Due – $ 2.27 ½
Reg. Fee Paid – $ 1.75

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I, J.J. Birdsong of Madison County and State of Tennessee have this day bargained and sold unto James H. Davenport of the Said County and State a certin tract of land in Madison County Tenessee in Civil District No 16 for and in consideration of the sum of Thirteen Hundred and fifty one Dolars to me in Hand paid the recipt. Where of is hearby acknowledge and bounded as follows beginin at a Stake at Z. H. Bannett South West Corner on J M Simpson East boundary line thence East 114 poles to a sweat gum at John Umpstend South East Cornen Thence South with J N Barnett line 81 ½ poles to a Stake with a Black oake Past Oake pointing thence west with J J Birdsong line 114 poles to a stake thence North with J M Simpson line 81 1/5 poles to the beginin containing Fifty Six Acres more or les the said J J Birdsong Binds himself his ? and assigns to ? and forever defend the wright and titl to the whole described tract of land againest the lawful clames of all persons whatsoever

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I have this day signed my name and affixt my Seal this the 29 day of July 1873
JJ Birdsong (seal)

State of Tennessee

Madison County

Persenally appeared before me, P.C. McCecuah (?), Clerk of the County Court of said Counyt. The foregoing named bargainer, J.J. Birdsong with whom I am persenally acquanited, and acknowledge that he executed the foregoing Deed, for the purchases therein contained.

Witness my hand, at office, this 16th day of February, 1874

P.C. McCecuah (?), Clerk

State of Tennessee

Madison County

I, H. C. McCutchen Register of said county hereby cerify that the foregoing deed with Cerk’s certificate thereone was files in my office for Registration this day at 12 O’clock PM and so noted in Min-ute Book No 5 page 312, And the same was duly Registered in Deed Book No 32 page 598

Witness my hand at office this 24th day of November 1874

H.C. McCutchen Register

?(appears to be a title) W.H. Briton

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