REECE – Frank Reece and Anna Eggers Family

Son: John I. Reece(1853-1918/1919) married Sarah E. Maples (b. 1857). John was a farmer. Sarah was descended from Rev. L.L. and Amanda (Brown) Maples. Amanda was a descendent of Colonel Jacob Brown, who founded the Nollichucky Settlement, which was the second settlement in Tennessee. Served as a soldier of the Civil war. They were married in Johnson county in 1875 and had fourteen children; eleven sons and three daughters. One son died in infancy.

Son of John and Sarah: Brazilla Carroll Reece: born on the 22 December 1899, in Johnson County TN. Brazilla resided in Butler, TN. Merchant and lumber dealer. Earned his B.A. in 1914 and was a teacher at New York University. Served in WWI and was a 2nd lieutenant. Honorably discharged in 1919. Elected to Congress upon his return to Butler. He was a Republican and a Baptist.

Joseph I. Reece Son of John and Sarah Reece was born in Johnson county on the 15th of October, 1883. Joseph’s life was devoted to educational work. He received a B.A. in 1908 from Carson and Newman College and earned his masters degree by 1910. He married Bertha Hendricks on the 28th of December, 1908, in South Carolina, daughter of Mathew and Mary (Looper) Hendricks. Mr. Reece was a baptist and a republican. They had at least one son, Josef b. 1921.

James L. Reece: Another son of John and Sarah. Was a teacher and eventually ran one of the largest stores in Butler. He married on the 24th of March, 1912, Elsie Crosswhite, a daughter of Mrs. Kate Crosswhite. He was a republican and a baptist.

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