DELOACH, Samuel Carter

Posted by Javan Michael DeLoach on Fri, 26 Feb 1999
Surnames: DeLoach, Arnold, Arrendell, Garrison, Moody, Williams

Samuel Carter DeLoach, the son of Nathan and Margaret Atkins DeLoach, was born in the Siam Community of Carter County, Tennessee on 1 April 1844. He married his childhood sweetheart, Margaret Louisa Garrison, daughter of John and Eliza “Dicey” Loving Garrison. He was named after Samuel Powhattan Carter, a Civil War hero from Carter County who is the only U.S. military officer to hold the ranks of Army General and Navy Admiral.  Samuel and Louisa moved to Campbell Holler in Johnson County in about 1890. Their home and small farm was located at the mouth of the holler. He was a farmer, a carpenter, and a Baptist minister. Samuel preached at the Sugar Grove Baptist Church in nearby Butler. He was also a minister at the Pleasant Home Baptist Church near Laurel Bloomery. He was among a number of church members who built a new church when the first one was destroyed by a storm in 1893.

Samuel and Louisa’s home was a small, four roomed house, in which they raised their six children. Margaret, 25 May 1867-4 Jan 1916, married first David W. Campbell and second Millard Filmore Moreland. William Valentine DeLoach, 12 Mar 1870-21 Mar 1929, married Easter Elizabeth Grindstaff. Sara Fine “Sally“, 29 Jul 1874-17 Sep 1827, married John Linville “Jack” Church. Celia Abbie, 23 Jan 1877-15 Aug 1928, married Johnny Alvin Heaton, and they lived with Samuel and Louisa for several years with their children. Julia, 1 Oct 1879-13Jul 1910, married Winfred A. Chambers. Their youngest son, Joseph Alexander DeLoach, 6 Dec 1884-28 Feb 1961, left home in about 1905 and went to Oregon, where he worked on a cattle ranch near Dallas, Oregon. After several years there, he returned to Johnson County. At the age of 28, he met and married Dove Cleo Williams Arnold, 15 Aug 1894-2 Dec 1988, the daughter of David W. Arnold and Josephine Williams. They moved into the house with Samuel and Louisa, where their twelve children were born. Following the death of Samuel and Louisa, they inherited the small farm. Joseph and his family left Johnson County in 1933 and moved to Washington County, Tennessee. The property is now owned by the Stamper family.

Behind that small, four roomed house, there is a small hill which overlooks the entrance to Campbell Holler. This lovely site was chosen by Louisa to be the burial place for her husband Samuel, and she was later laid beside him.

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