Index & Minutes – Methodist Episcopal South Church 1879-1893

wpa-project-smallIn 1942, the Works Progress Administration gave their Historical Records Survey papers to the Tennessee State Library & Archives (TSLA). Included in the collection was the “Historical Records Survey of Tennessee Churches, 1785-1942,” manuscript #1072 at TSLA. The introduction and finding aid is available online at the Tennessee State Library and Archives website.

Included in the collection were the records of Methodist Episcopal South Church, Dekalb County, Tennessee.  The records come from the microfilm collection “Historical Records Survey of Tennessee Churches, 1785-1942”, manuscript #1072 at the Tennessee State Library and Archives.  In 2015, former Dekalb County Coordinator, David Johnson, took digital images of the TSLA microfilm images.

Thanks to David’s efforts, you can now access the index and the minutes to the Methodist Episcopal South Church in the TNGenWeb Collection at the Internet Archive.

Please note: Since the minutes pages are images of a transcription of the original records, you will see that their page numbers at the top of each page do not match the page number in the index, for any of the names. This is because the transcribed page lengths do not end with an original page. You will occasionally see a number in parentheses at the beginning of a line, which is the original page number, written where the original page changes, and you must look for that when using the index images. The first page number in parentheses on the minutes pages in this set is (1). Pages 2 through 5 of the minutes were not on the microfilm, and blank pages were inserted there.


March 10, 2018