Gordon H. Turner, Sr.

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News! -The History of Scotts Hill, TN by Gordon H. Turner, Sr. to be reprinted by Christmas 2007.

The late Gordon H. Turner, Sr. (1898-1990) was born and grew up in the Scotts Hill area, he taught school there, he almost never lived more than a few hours away from Scotts Hill, and he lived there over 20 years after retirement, during which time he served three terms as mayor of Scotts Hill. For many years he collected stories, genealogies, and photographs of the area and area families with the goal of writing a history of his home community. Below is some of that history. However, the heart of the book is the hundreds of annotated photographs (probably 200 pages) and extensive genealogies for Austin, Clenney, Duck, Eason, Scott, Swift, and other families (100+ pages). I cannot reproduce this material here. Anyone interested in Scotts Hill families must try to look at an original copy of the book.

 - David Donahue

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