Little Old Kegley Cemetery

Also known as Old Kagley, no church at this location for several years. Located at the corner of Lamb Rd. and Six Mile Road. This is just south of 3632 Six Mile Road. Six mile Road is TN Route 336. This listing starts at the top of the cemetery next to the access drive. The survey was done down the hill with the higher row numbers closer to Lamb Road.

“Methodist Church and cemetery located about 1 mile east of Chota on the six mile road to Maryville. Ground for the cemetery given by the Kagley’s near 1800.” The old church was across the road from the cemetery in what is now a stand of pines.” — WPA Cemetery Survey book done in the 1930’s.

Information in ( ) is known from other sources by the submitter. The description for some of the graves as “Cut Stone” is for a flat stone which has been squared off but no data was ever inscribed.

This cemetery contains approximately 124 graves with 12 graves marked with only a “cut stone”, 27 Graves with a Fieldstone, and at least 4 unmarked graves.

The locations of two graves listed below are not known for certain.  They are listed in the WPA Survey book and are probably two of the broken off stones in Row 6.  They are grand children of Joseph and Mary Kagley.

  • Mary Jane Kagley – b. Apr 15, 1879 d. May 24, 1889 – dau of J.A. and E.L. Kagley (from the Blount county marriage records the parents would be Joseph A. Kagley and Evalinda Keller Kagley)

Also there is a section where local history says that several black men were buried that died working on the railroad in this area. Several small stones are visible here but no pattern or any with writing. This area is next to the access driveway behind the graves for Donna Bookout, Georgia Anthony and below the large trees.

  • GARDNER, Susannah, Willie D., Earnest R., Annie E. and Ellen are all said to be buried here–Graves unmarked.

This data based on a fresh survey of the cemetery with reference back to earlier surveys.  Submitted by Wendell and Vega Hensley, Maryville TN. Updated January 1, 2012.

RowLast NameGiven NameBirthDeathParentsAdditional Information
7AndersonDavid H.February 11, 1922October 30, 1980son of Frank and Lula Matheson AndersonN/A
7AndersonEtta F(aye)September 27, 1926February 26, 2006dau of James and Ethel HaneyN/A
7AnthonyGeorgia LeeFebruary 1, 1946October 22, 2000dau of George and Mary Irene Littletonpreviously married a Jensen
4BakerEugeneSeptember 29, 1946October 6, 1946Son of Mr and Mrs Alvin BakerN/A
5BlairNellie MaxieOctober 4, 1910May 5, 1912infant dau of James and Ina Downey BlairN/A
4BlevinsClaude F.October 21, 1921May 29, 1923son of Frank and Cora Gardner BlevinsN/A
10BookoutDonna SueDecember 26, 1966April 2, 1986dau of Winston and Wilma Burchfield BookoutN/A
2BoringJackie RayMay 26, 1948January 23, 1997son of Roy and Vola Crisp BoringSP5, US Army, Vietnam
6Broken StoneN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
6Broken StoneN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
6Broken StoneN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
10Broken StoneN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
10BuchanonBrandon JayMarch 6, 1986March 26, 1988N/AN/A
1BurchfieldJune EvelynAge 65(October 23, 2004)dau of Madilyn WilkersonN/A
3ClarkPaul DavidAugust 13, 1924November 3, 1927son of Walter and Zona Gardner ClarkN/A
3ClarkWalter, Jr.August 20, 1934August 25, 1934son of Walter and Zona Gardner ClarkN/A
1CrispAllieMay 06, 1892February 18, 1945dau of James H. and Matilda Carroll LaN/A
1CrispArmintaAugust 24, 1850May 30, 1927dau of Samuel and Priscilla Jones CharlesN/A
2CrispBertha J.March 5, 1935dau of Charles and Gaynell Miles ChambersN/A
1CrispCharlie B.June 29, 1880October 15, 1952son of Isaac and Arminta Charles CrispN/A
1CrispEthel A.June 25, 1916February 19, 1928dau of Charlie and Allie Law CrispN/A
1CrispIsaac C.August 14, 1857(March 04, 1937)son of Mansel and Sarah ?? CrispN/A
1CrispLloyd(June 22, 1920)(May 18, 1996)son of Charlie and Ida Law CrispNo permanent marker
1CrispLuther JoeOctober 13, 1963October 30, 1963son of Lloyd and Loretta (Chambers Crisp)N/A
1CrispMelvia LorettaMay 10, 1930December 3, 1996dau of Robert and Minnie Swaney Chamberswife of Lloyd Crisp
1CrispMyrtle M.November 10, 1913October 14, 1929dau of Charlie and Allie Law CrispN/A
1CrispSamuel , SGT.April 16, 1886March 4, 1920son of I.C. and A.C.N/A
2CrispWillard O.June 21, 1923September 16, 2001son of Charlie and Allie Law CrispN/A
4CrowderEttaOctober 18, 1902December 13, 1924dau of Bill and Susan Baumgardner Long1st wife of Ott Crowder
4CrowderEvaSeptember 10, 1912September 19, 1981dau of Thomas & Catherine Hearon Boring2nd Wife of Ott Crowder
6CrowderMartha J.August 28, 1918April 19, 2004dau of Samuel and Frances Kagley Crowderunmarried, Nickname Marthey
6CrowderMary F(rances)May 04, 1887October 5, 1968dau of Isaac and Martha Long KagleyN/A
4CrowderOtt H(arrison)July 22, 1897January 12, 1973son of William and Rachel Rasor CrowderN/A
6CrowderSamuel R(ight)February 26, 1876June 3, 1946son of Joseph T. and Sarah Jane Howard CrowderN/A
1Cut StoneN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
1Cut StoneN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
1Cut StoneN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
1Cut StoneN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
3Cut StoneN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
5Cut StoneN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
6Cut StoneN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
6Cut StoneN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
6Cut StoneN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
7Cut StoneN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
7Cut StoneN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
7Cut StoneN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
3DowneyVerna MaeJuly 27, 1921July 11, 1923dau of Ottie "Bud" and Ocie Boring DowneyN/A
4EverettElizabethNovember 26, 1912November 26, 1912infant dau of (William) Leonard and Carrie (Long) EverettN/A
3Fieldstonehas had a layer of concrete or plaster applied to it. This layer has chipped off over the years and the only writing yet visible shows Sept then below that 1869
2Gardnerinf son of JB (Charley)April 14, 1883April 14, 1883son of John Bartley and Tressie Waller GardnerN/A
7KagleyA(bsolom). F(ranklin).September 29, 1842July 5, 1921son of Joseph and Mary Gardner KagleyGiven Initials only on stone
3KagleyA(lfred). H. A.November 03, 1849January 15, 1933son of Solomon and Luvenia Baumgardner KagleyNickname was Alf
7KagleyBeulahMay 05, 1890December 03, 1890Infant dau of A.F. and E.R. KagleyN/A
7KagleyEliza R(ebecca)January 09, 1850January 9, 1909dau of George and Sarah TaylorN/A
6KagleyIsaacJuly 15, 1862July 11, 1931son of Joseph and Mary Gardner KagleyN/A
7KagleyJessie G.April 02, 1878February 27, 1880Infant dau of A.F. and E.R. KagleyN/A
8KagleyJohn F.June 9, 1902July 21, 1904Infant son of G.R. and M.E. Kagley (George Russ and Margaret Emmaline Gardner Kagley)
6KagleyJosephFeb 26, 1813December 16, 1893son of John G. and Mary J Gardner KagleyN/A
7KagleyJulia A.May 05, 1875October 13, 1879Infant dau of A.F. and E.R. KagleyN/A
8KagleyLaura M.March 9, 1911February 5, 1913Infant dau of G.R. & M.E. KagleyN/A
6KagleyLucy (Ann)April 06, 1873September 11, 1893dau of James Houston and Sarah Hannah Morton Blair2nd wife of Isaac Kagley, death date from WPA Survey
9KagleyLuther LeonNovember 4, 1915May 12, 1916son of G.W. and Ida KagleyN/A
3KagleyMargaret I.August 10, 1846December 23, 1931dau of David and Nancy Thompson GardnerN/A
6KagleyMary (J.)February 11, 1817November 14, 1891unknown GardnerN/A
10KagleyNellSeptember 24, 1922June 2, 1977dau of Ed and Sarah Jane Nuchols Yearoutwife of Lloyd Kagley
8KagleyOthoApril 9, 1903January 2, 1928son of William Whitehead and Margaret Jane Simerlyraised by the Kagley Family
7KagleySarah A.November 08, 1863June 03, 1870Infant dau of A.F. and E.R. KagleyN/A
4LongLarueOctober 30, 1904February 7, 1909dau of William H. and Susan Baumgardner LongN/A
5LongLloydMay 24, 1920May 24, 1920Infant son of Kenneth and Hazel Kagley Longstillborn
5LongMildredDecember 22, 1918December 23, 1918Infant dau of Kenneth and Hazel Kagley LongN/A
4LongSusan E.May 24, 1866November 4, 1936dau of Cooper and Rebecca Rhyne BaumgardnerN/A
4LongWilliam H.February 08, 1865September 8, 1941son of James and Mary Keller LongN/A
9McCroyAlmaFebruary 10, 1894July 15, 1913dau of John and Lucy Blair McCroyN/A
5McGheeEmilyJanuary 16, 1855February 14, 1908dau of George and Sarah Taylorwife of J. B. McGhee
5McGheeJames B.August 31, 1853December 27, 1921son of John and Margaret Campbell McGheeN/A
8McMillanSarah A.October 02, 1876August 1883dau of Silas and M.E. McMillan (Missouri Ellender Kagley)
4MilesBettyMarch 13, 1930November 1, 1995George and Bonnie Holder Crowder2nd wife of Hubert Miles
4MilesCarolynAugust 10, 1933N/AN/AWife of William Raymond Miles
4MilesEllaNovember 23, 1909June 9, 1944William and Rachel Rasor Crowder1st wife of Hubert Miles
4MilesEmett LeeNovember 12, 1934January 25, 1938son of Hubert and Ella Crowder MilesEmett and G.R. are separate stones on a common base
3MilesEric E(dward).June 10, 1969July 4, 1989son of John and Darlene Martin MilesN/A
4MilesG. R.July 12, 1928July 12, 1928son of Hubert and Ella Crowder MilesEmett and G.R. are separate stones on a common base
4MilesHubertJuly 25, 1906April 25, 1981son of Raymond and Rosa Chambers Milescommon base for his and both wives headstones
5MilesJames R.April 29, 1933December 16, 1997son of Hubert and Ella Crowder MilesN/A
5MilesVirginia R.August 11, 1936dau of Leonard and Vadie Kirkland EidsonN/A
4MilesWilliam R(aymond)February 16, 1931April 22, 1997son of Hubert and Ella Crowder MilesN/A
9MortonG(ranville) A.November 05, 1847July 5, 1925son of William H. and Celia Herrin MortonN/A
9MortonKatherine E.Jun 11, 1836September 26, 1917dau of Joseph and Mary Gardner KagleyN/A
11PayneLauraJuly 11, 1930November 11, 2002dau of Sam and Stella KellerN/A
6PayneSarahJun 18, 1874November 24, 1964dau of James and Nancy Simerly3rd wife of Isaac Kagley, married a Payne after Ike's death
11PayneWallaceMay 13, 1925August 12, 1993son of Wesley and Lilly Taylor PayneN/A
10QuiettJulia GenevaInfant Dau of Mr and Mrs Dennis (Barbara Anderson) QuiettN/A
5SimerlyLoumonaDecember 28, 1901April 17, 1902InfantN/A
5SimerlyOthoJanuary 21, 1900January 16, 1902InfantN/A
10SparksHeadstone onlyN/AN/AN/AN/A
10SpradlinColumbusDecember 28, 1910September 4, 1995son of Ben and Martha Maggard SpradlinN/A
10SpradlinDella L.May 24, 1915June 8, 1986N/AN/A
10StrangeRogerFebruary 9, 1941June 12, 1995son of Lee R. and Gracie Lee Moyer StrangeNo Permanent Marker
5TaylorGeorgeJune 30, 1802Jul ?, 1868N/AN/A
6WhiteheadHarold B.N/AN/AN/AN/A
6WhiteheadShirley A.N/AN/AN/AN/A
1WillocksIva(Jun 28, 1912)(Jul 1912)Infant dau of M. A. "Doc" and Bertha Crisp Willocksno dates on stone